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21 Beautiful Ideas to Decorate Christmas Tree

christmas tree decoration

There is no need to repeat the same Christmas theme each year. Here we bring you numerous ideas through which you can decorate your Christmas tree.

From Barbie-themed to Candie-themed, Coastal and snow-covered, these Christmas tree-theme ideas are sure to make your home all the merrier.

No matter what you choose, we’ve rounded up some beautiful Christmas tree decoration ideas just for you.

Let us delve directly into them.

Different Ideas to Decorate Christmas Tree

1. Coastal Christmas Tree Decoration

valeriya, pexels, 19051372.jpg

This is a nautical-inspired tree and it is a great way to infuse natural texture and a soothing color palette into your space.

2. Simple And Minimal Christmas Tree Decoration

When it comes to holiday decorating, sometimes less is more. You can decide to keep it minimal with a wood bead garland, white clay ornaments, warm white string lights, and baubles.

3. Barbie Pink Christmas Tree Decoration

christmas, pixabay, 8457894_1280.jpg

I know what’s going through your mind; you are probably thinking, Pink for a Christmas tree? Yes, of course and it won’t go wrong.

Forget classic red and green; pink is a wonderful idea for decorating a Christmas tree and you should try it out. Remember,  we are exploring new ideas to decorate Christmas trees. Go overboard with pink baubles: light, dark and glittery.

4. Glamorous Barbie Christmas Tree Decoration

If you’ve got your sights set on a Barbie theme, don’t limit yourself to pink baubles! You could decide to use a theme with a surge of glitter, feathers, bows, ribbons and nearly every shade of pink you can come across.

5. Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Not all Scandinavian-inspired trees have to appear sparse. You could include a mix of paper ornaments, clip-on candles and colorful baubles.

Christmas Tree Decoration Inspired By Nature

You could even decide to make your Christmas tree decoration simple and sparse; this beautiful tree draws on the beauty of nature. To recreate this trending style, use pinecones and dehydrated fruit (like oranges, cranberries, and apples) and make a garland from popcorn.

6. Friendship Bracelet Christmas Tree

Well, if you are a big fan of wonderful friendships like I am, friendship bracelets are fun and trendy and are an excellent idea to decorate your Christmas tree.  You could create a friendship bracelet garland by stringing together round pieces of foam and large pieces of plastic.

7. Dark and Moody Christmas Tree

Have you observed that interiors are getting darker and moodier and so are Christmas trees? Swap the classic red and green baubles for darker hues, like forest or hunter green, burnt orange, burgundy and black.

8. Christmas Tree, All Shades of Green

tree, pixabay, 7675897_1280.jpg

You could elevate neutrals, like gray and white, by layering in green baubles, ranging from light to dark. This flocked Christmas tree appears well-decorated but still elegant.

9. Nut Cracker Christmas Tree

You could choose an iconic nutcracker theme by filling an artificial tree with large red and green ornaments, drums and oversized nutcrackers.

10. Silver and Gold Christmas Tree

natalie bond, pexels, 320378-14686112.jpg

Exuding a sophisticated style, this Christmas tree theme features a combination of mercury glass and shimmering metallic ornaments in gold.

11. Candy Land Christmas Tree

It’s no new knowledge that children are fascinated by candies. Children will love filling every tree branch with sweet treats. A few ideas include wooden candy canes, squishes and even filling clear ornaments with small figurines.

12. Christmas Tree Covered In Tinsel

Adding charm and shine to your tree by filling every sprig with tinsel would not be a bad idea. Layer the arrangement with multi-colored ornaments in a slew of shapes and sizes for visual contrast.

13. Dried Citrus Christmas Tree

Now we see that dried citrus has a wonderful use. With the use of twine and dehydrated citrus, you could create your own colorful garland, which works well if you’re going for a nature-inspired Christmas tree theme. Set your tree in a woven basket to play up its rustic flair.

14. Gorgeous Green Christmas Tree

A magnificent tree is dressed with green garland, ribbons and ornaments for a monochromatic theme. In addition to this, wrap your gifts in a matching green hue.

15. Rustic-styled Christmas Tree

For this theme, dot an array of jingle bells on long pieces of burlap ribbon and hang them vertically on the tree to embrace a rustic style.

16. Christmas Card Tree

Remember all the favorite Christmas cards you’ve gotten in the previous Christmas holidays, including those of the members of your family? Display these cards from past Christmases by turning them into a Christmas tree garland for an instant upgrade. To finish the look, use a large ribbon as a topper.

17. Black and White Christmas Tree

A combination of black, white, and green can never go wrong. Deck out this Christmas tree with striped ribbon, polka-dot baubles, and a glitzy tree topper.

18. Blue and White Christmas Tree

Oh, how beautiful, A Christmas tree decked in white and blue decorations! The blue color you decide to go with can come in any shade you choose. White and blue baubles, blue ribbons, white and blue Christmas bells, and a magnificent star tree topper.

19. Gold Christmas Tree

How about making a clear statement this year? Then go for a glitzy gold Christmas tree theme. To achieve this look, use a simple flocked or white Christmas tree and top it with oversized gold stars and metallic ball ornaments. Add a Moravian star tree topper for the finishing touch.

20. Collected Memories Christmas Tree:

How beautiful memories can be. This Christmas season could be a time you spend reflecting on a Christmas tree theme. To do this, you need to prepare well ahead of time by pulling your oldest ornaments out of storage or asking family members to send you some of theirs.

Add ornaments from your parents or grandparents and spend an entire day decorating the tree, telling stories about the ornaments as you go. It would give you a surge of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

21. Sparky Jewel Tone Christmas Tree:

Here, you create a tree that’s luminous but serene. Use a  Christmas tree ribbon in a variety of jewel tones and it will provide rich-looking color, while silver glitter ornaments add sparkle. The result is a sophisticated Christmas tree that quietly shines.


The Christmas season is a refreshing time to spend with your family, your friends, and most importantly, yourself. Decorating Christmas trees allows you to create a merry and joyful environment for the ones you cherish.

And as you do this,  you also get to spend time with yourself and reflect on a lot of things.


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