8 Sneaky Signs He Pretends to Love You

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Often, in our desperate desire to love someone and be loved back by them, we tend to overlook some red flags that depict signs he pretends to love you. In their pursuit of self-interest and a desire to be in a relationship, certain men resort to feigning affection for their partners, using them as mere tools for their own benefit.

Love is a very beautiful and powerful emotion. When we spend years together and grow as a couple, it becomes even more intense, although it may change over time. In some cases, especially when you aren’t married yet, some men, instead of coming out plainly to say they don’t love you anymore, pretend to still be in love with you for their selfish reasons.

If you’re seeking signs that indicate he may be pretending to love you, then this article is tailored to cater to your needs. Here we’ll be discussing 8 signs he pretends to love you-you probably had not paid attention to. I hope you enjoy going through it.

Signs He Pretends to Love You

A man pretends to love you if he fails to stick with future plans with you, cannot make sacrifices for you, is insincere with his words, disrespects you, is unmindful of small details about you, undermines your self-esteem, and doesn’t respect your opinion.

Let’s break it down.

1. He Refuses to Stick to Future Plans

Sticking to plans made earlier goes a long way to show that he loves you and is willing to make the relationship work. If your partner fails to keep future plans, this could be a sign he pretends to love you. This could become evident in various ways.

For example, if you had previously discussed moving in together or getting married, but your partner now seems to avoid or delay such conversations, this could indicate a lack of commitment. Similarly, if you’ve made plans for a future vacation or event with your spouse, but he consistently cancels or alters the arrangements at the eleventh hour, it could be a clear sign he pretends to love you.

In some cases, your partner may not even realize that their actions reflect this behavior. They may be afraid of commitment or concerned about the future of the relationship, but they do not want to confront such sentiments immediately. Alternatively, they may be actively delaying commitment in order to keep their options open or maintain control over the relationship.

2. He Rarely Makes Sacrifices

Sacrifices are a crucial part of a relationship, which makes it more romantic. A partner who truly loves you will always make sacrifices to make you happy and comfortable. However, if your partner rarely or sporadically makes sacrifices for you, then it could be a sign he pretends to love you.

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires mutual sacrifices from both partners. Remember that one-sided sacrifices can create an unhealthy dynamic. If you feel like you’re the only one constantly making sacrifices, then it may be a sign he pretends to love you.

When faced with such a situation, pause and reconsider the dynamics of your relationship. Taking the time to have a sincere discussion with your partner becomes essential to tackle any concerns or problems that have surfaced. Prioritizing open and honest communication will help you both understand each other’s needs and strive for a healthier and more satisfying relationship.

3. He is Insincere with His Words

If your partner often mentions the word “I love you,” but their actions do not match their words, it may be a sign he is pretending to love you, which you’ve probably not realized yet. He can’t possibly say it at will, and find it very difficult to exhibit some actions that would confirm his words.

Genuine love is demonstrated through consistent actions and efforts to back up one’s words. If your partner truly loves you, he will go above and beyond to show that his words align with his actions. If you notice your partner is good with words but never deems fit to show you love through his actions, then it’s a glaring sign he pretends to love you.

4. Disrespect

Mutual respect is fundamental in healthy relationships. Any relationship without respect may not last. Your partner will respect you if he loves you. When he lacks respect for you, it can be a clear sign he pretends to love you.

If you are experiencing this behavior from your partner, communicate openly with him about your concerns. Approach the subject calmly and without accusation, and give him the opportunity to speak up as well.

If it’s a marriage relationship, you may want to work with a couple’s therapist to address any underlying issues and strengthen your communication and connection as a couple.

5. He Doesn’t Care About Your Life


Recognizing whether someone truly loves you can often be determined by their actions and behavior towards you. If your partner no longer demonstrates interest in your endeavors, it may be a bad sign he pretends to love you.

There might have been a time when he genuinely cared about the small details, such as how your day unfolded or your plans for the weekend, but now he rarely remembers to ask.

If you discover such signs he pretends to love you in your man, then you’re advised to tread cautiously. Try to find out why the new development occurred or initiate such conversations with your man and see how he reacts.

It may be that he no longer feels the vibes you first started with, or he’s so engulfed with other responsibilities that he no longer remembers to show some care. If that’s just the case, you may easily resolve it via conversation.

6. He Forgets Small Details About You

Keeping in mind the details of people and things we love is a natural human tendency. If he forgets little things about you and doesn’t even care to try, it could be a sign he pretends to love you. Although that may not always be the case because most men don’t pay much attention to things they don’t count as important like birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

Yet, if he doesn’t even notice when you change the color of your hair, have a new hairstyle, or haircut, then something could be wrong.

Everyone deserves a partner who genuinely cares about getting to know them. If you find yourself in a relationship where your partner lacks this curiosity and effort, it may be necessary to reassess the authenticity of their love and consider having an open conversation about your needs and concerns. Watch their responses and know the next action to take.

7. He Makes You Feel Less of Yourself

When your partner always talks you down, criticizes you, and never sees any good in anything you do, it may be a great sign he pretends to love you. If he negatively impacts your self-confidence just by the way he speaks to you, then that relationship may not be worth it, especially when there is no marriage union yet.

Your mental health should be your utmost priority. Don’t let anyone drive you into depression with their inhumane actions and inactions. If you notice this sign he pretends to love you, then it’s time to get a grip on yourself.

Patiently, and respectfully employ every good means to make your relationship work, if it’s a marriage union. You may start by letting him know how his hurtful words affect you.

8. He doesn’t Respect your Opinion

Mutual respect is very key in any relationship. Relationships are two-street things. If both partners are not in unity, they’ll never come to an agreement. If your partner does not seek your take on a thing or respect your opinion when you give one, then it could be a sign he pretends to love you. That may not be true all the time, because a wise partner could reject your opinion because it wasn’t the right way to go at the moment.

If he does everything without consulting you for any advice or input, it’s likely he doesn’t value your input. That goes a long way to show he doesn’t respect or regard you. If you are currently going through this sign that he pretends to love you, then it’s way past time you appraised your relationship and looked for solutions to smooth everything out again with your spouse.

There will always be a way to make everything work again if there is love in your relationship. The first step to making something work is through conversation. Discuss your concerns with him and see his reaction. If he truly loves you, he’ll at least try to fix something for the good of the relationship. After all, relationships are about making compromises. It involves mutual efforts to see that everything is working as expected.

If you noticed these signs as a single, it’s likely he’s not the right person you should settle with, especially if he’s not making efforts to change after you’ve let out your concerns. He may say the right words, but his actions speak louder. If he pretends to love you, he’s not worth your time and energy. You can do better than a fake lover.


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