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You Can’t Force Someone to Love You – Here’s What To Do

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Most times, letting go can be really hurtful. But sometimes it is better done, and in time too, to save you from further hurt. You can’t force someone to love you. Loving someone is one thing, and having the person love you back is another.

You can’t force someone to love you. Either the person is feeling you or not. Their actions will show you what their hearts and emotions are doing. When you discover he or she doesn’t love you, simply let go and move on with your life.

If a partner’s thoughts, mind, and feelings don’t align, they can’t possibly be in a relationship together. Their expectations and needs from each other would be very distinct and diverse. They’ll have serious incompatibility issues in a short while if they ever find themselves in a relationship.

Here’s What To Do in A Nutshell

Give them Space

You can’t force someone to love you. Let him/her want you and come to you on their own. If the person wants to go, let them go. Do not chase a girl as a guy, give them space, and let love be organic and natural. By doing so, you’re letting the person know that you are conscious of your self-worth. It proves that you have confidence in yourself too.

Sometimes, it can be in your best interest to let someone go. It’s good for your overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Learn to love yourself more and protect your mental health with everything you’ve got.

Build up your self-esteem. The higher your self-esteem is, the more difficult it is for someone’s rejection of you to make you feel downtrodden. It facilitates fast healing in cases of deceit and jilting, too.

Upgrade Yourself

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If you are big on self-development, you won’t see the need to run after someone who doesn’t value you. Focus on building yourself. Upgrade your pocket, career, looks, and mindset. Just make sure you are adding something to yourself daily. Visit the gym and build yourself up as a guy. In the process, you’ll learn to love yourself too much to get entangled in a draining, abusive, and one-sided relationship. You won’t be out there seeking people’s love. Self-love will be sufficient for you.

That’s when the table turns. The law of attraction sets in. Yea, confidence attracts. Success attracts, and love attracts. You can’t love yourself and not attract others. Naturally, you’ll begin to attract others, including those of the opposite sex. Suddenly, the girl you were struggling to get their attention before may now be the one running to you.

Why You Should Never Force Someone To Love You

We’ll also discuss some vital reasons why you can’t force someone to love you. So stay with us.

1. It is Demeaning

The first reason you shouldn’t force someone to love you is that it demeans you. It reduces your self-worth to nothing. When you force love on someone, they’ll devalue you, castigate you, and see you as a thrash.

Let’s say, for instance, that as a lady, you try to force a man to love you. In a bid to do that, you offer up your body cheaply, all on a platter of gold. Here are two things that may likely happen. He’ll either turn you down and send you out or sleep with you, kiss you, tell everyone, and cheat on you as he likes.

Do you see why you can’t force someone to love you? Please don’t you ever do that If you currently feel you’re in such a relationship, please, it’s not too late to correct that now. Kindly leave that relationship if it’s not a marriage partnership. If its a marriage relationship, do everything in your power to make the relationship work.

2. It is Draining

Love is about giving and taking. You get, you give. But when you’re only giving and never getting, soon you’ll be exhausted and have nothing to give anymore. Giving love without getting loved back is draining.

Even worse, it goes beyond that to affect your next relationship if proper care is not taken. It affects your mindset about love and makes you literally dispense hate. You wouldn’t believe it anymore when someone says they love you. You’ll think the person is like your ex.

It is a beautiful thing to love and be loved back. However, you can’t force someone to love you. One-sided love is draining and shouldn’t be managed. Walk out of that relationship before it drains the hell out of you, and take time to heal properly.

3. It Portrays You in a Bad Light

When you try to force someone to love you, you’re telling the person that you’re miserable, desperate, and lonely. The person will never see any good in you. You’re putting yourself in a bad spot, and you can’t escape being seen and treated that way.

There’s a popular saying that says, “Dress how you want to be addressed.” In other words, you would have to portray yourself as you want to be seen. If you portray yourself as being desperate and cheap, you will be seen as such. So skill up and portray yourself better.

4. It’s a Waste of Time

When you succeed in getting into a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you from the beginning, chances are he/she will still end up leaving you. You can’t possibly hold them down forever. The person will finally get bored and leave you.

You can’t force love. If it doesn’t come from a place of sincerity, naturally, reality will soon pop up. Your partner will realise sooner or later that it’s all an illusion. He or she wouldn’t be able to pretend any further than to call it quits with you.

You see the reason you can’t force someone to love you? The person will leave, and not with a piece of your broken heart. You’ll be left all alone again and much more miserable than when the person met you.

5. Makes You Feel Less of Yourself

The pain of rejection, after many years of relationship, is a lot to deal with. It can be suicidal and make the jilted partner feel hopeless and worthless. Your partner tells you lots of hurtful things that would make you doubt yourself and feel less of yourself.

Begging for someone’s love reduces your self-worth and makes the person in question see you as such. It also makes you feel less about yourself. You start to doubt your own worth and see yourself as unlovable or unlucky.

The Takeaway

You should never force someone to love you. The negativity it brings outweighs any positive signs you may be seeing now. Learn to love yourself first, and others will follow suit. You can start loving yourself right away. Focus on building yourself up, and let the love attraction be organic. Meanwhile, if you are in a marriage relationship, put in the work intentionally to provoke love. Don’t wait for love to happen in your marriage. Make it happen. Avoid using toxic phrases, submit to your husband as a wife; and love and cherish your wife as the husband, no matter what.

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