Factors to Consider When Assessing Dumpster Rental Companies


Are you considering trash bins for rent to help you clear out a commercial space, rental property, or your own home? Dumpster rentals are handy and keep your home and outdoor areas clear and safe while doing a renovation, moving, or clearing out a part or the entirety of your home or building. However, choosing the right company is imperative to ensure you have a seamless and worry-free rental process.

Here are some factors to consider when assessing dumpster rental companies.

The Size of Dumpster You Need

Most rental companies offer a variety of sizes when it comes to dumpsters. If you look on a dumpster company’s website, you should be able to see what sizes of rentals they offer and how much each size can hold. Knowing how much you have to dispose of will help you avoid choosing too small a dumpster—and possibly overloading it—or too large a dumpster and spending more than you need to.

How Long You’ll Need to Rent the Dumpster

Will you be able to dispose of all your trash in a weekend or are you looking at a more time-intensive project? Knowing how long you’ll need the dumpster will also help you compare prices and figure out which dumpster rental company is the best option.

Prices and Extra Fees

While you shouldn’t choose trash bins for rent on price alone, you do need to be aware of costs when making a decision. In addition to knowing what each size of dumpster costs and how long you get to keep it for, you should also look into additional fees. Some companies charge extra if you go over the weight limit, if you dispose of prohibited items, or if there is something blocking their haulers when they show up to retrieve the dumpster.

Level of Customer Service

Though you will likely not be able to tell how good of customer service a company has from their website alone, you can get a good idea by reading online reviews and asking those in your circle if they’ve ever worked with the rental company. You can also call and ask some questions to get a better idea of how well their staff communicates.

Where They Are Located

Locally owned companies with locations near you are almost always the best option. Not only will this facilitate delivery and retrieval times, it will also ensure that the money you pay them stays in the community and helps with the local economy.

How They Dispose of Your Trash

Are you worried that your trash will just go straight to a landfill? If so, make sure you inquire about the company’s disposal methods and if they are safe for the environment. You can ask specifically if they recycle or have other green policies in place.

How to Choose a Company with Trash Bins for Rent

Ready to get your project started? If you do your online research and ask around, you can find several companies that fit your criteria. To make a final decision, call and ask the staff a few questions and go with the company you feel offers the best customer service.

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