15 Physical Signs He Just Slept With Someone Else

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Guess you have been looking out for the physical signs he just slept with someone else. Have you been having suspicious feelings about your husband or boyfriend? Are you feeling cheated? Is he acting distant lately? Perhaps his body language has confirmed all your fears.

Though determining whether he is cheating or not can be difficult, here are some signs he just slept with someone else to look out for: He becomes overprotective of his phone, he displays aggravated behavior, he spends more time outside the house, he keeps depriving you of sex with him, he smells different from how he used to, and lots more.

It’s natural to be concerned about his new behaviors or changes, and to wonder, “What if I confront him and he denies it?” or “What if it’s all in my head and not real?” Worry less because we’ll help you gain more clarity. In this piece, we’ll dig more into the physical signs he just slept with someone else.

Warning Signs He Just Slept With Someone

While it’s important to approach these suspicions with sensitivity and an open mind, there are certain physical indicators that can point towards infidelity in your husband or boyfriend. Let’s explore some of the common physical signs that he just slept with someone else

1. He Acts Defensive When You Ask Him Questions

You may notice your partner’s new character and behavior, and due to how worried you are, you try to ask him about his new changes, but instead of him answering you, he suddenly acts very defensively.

It could also be that he is going through a rough phase of his life at that moment. However, if such a defensive attitude continues and he is not willing to explain things to you or make you see the reason why he is bothered, then it might be a sign that he just slept with someone else and he’s trying to hide it from you.

2. He Gets Too Exhausted Unlike Before

It can be very easy to discern an untrustworthy partner when he is always unusually exhausted. If he keeps telling you that he is very exhausted and can’t have sex with you or play with you, then it’s a sign.

When he’s having an affair outside, it gives him an added workload because he has to drive to the place, gist, and lots more, and also perform his normal duties at home also which makes him more exhausted

3. He Becomes Physically Distant


This sign can be very noticeable in marriage, especially if you are a woman who loves kissing, petting, cuddling, hugging, and him carrying you on his legs. His body language will confirm whether he is cheating or not, even when his lips say otherwise.

Note when he no longer wraps his arms around you, he no longer touches you, he no longer kisses you, and sometimes even when he does, he looks very irritated, he no longer tells you how much he loves you, and he no longer cuddles you.

4. He Becomes Overprotective Of His Phone

Formerly, his phone was always accessible; you could use it to watch movies, play songs, and lots more. At times, you even take his phone without his permission, and he doesn’t seem to get anything out of it.

Presently, he’s always with his phone and won’t let it rest even for a minute; he takes his phone with him when going to the bathroom, and even when he’s sleeping, the phone is under his pillow so that you can’t get it unless you raise his head.

Or anytime his phone rang, he always ran to pick it up before you. Most times, he prefers to put it on silent to avoid running up and down. He drags his phone with you when you’re trying to help him convey a message sent to his phone.

5. He Lies Concerning His Whereabout

Previously, he told you about his every movement and why he stayed late at work; you knew all his friends and you all hung out together. However, there have been some recent changes.

He tells you he’s going on a trip, and a friend of yours calls to tell you that she saw your husband in a shopping mall. He now keeps his location and outings to himself and only tells you he’s going out.

There’s every tendency that the reason why he keeps his location from you is that he is sleeping with someone and he doesn’t want you to get a clue about the location.

6. He Lacks Sexual Interest With You

This is one obvious sign among the 15 physical signs he just slept with someone else: He no longer cares about the quality time he used to spend with you. He always comes up with excuses like “I’m very tired,” “I’m not in the mood today,” “I’m very busy, can’t you see,” “I want us to take a break,” “sex is not food,” and lots more.

Men naturally can’t hold themselves for a long period of time, especially when their partner is around them. If your husband suddenly loses interest in spending time with you in bed, it’s likely he’s shifted his interest from you to someone else.

7. He Smells Different Than Usual

You should know how your man smells. If your man suddenly smells different from what he used to, then there is a problem somewhere. He may smell awful, perhaps due to the stress of the day or the smoke he passed by.

However, if he smells like girly lotion, another woman’s perfume, or anything feminine that is not the usual fragrance of his body, then it’s possible he just slept with someone else.

Such a new fragrance that comes off his attire might be pleasing, though heartbreaking, which is one of the 15 physical signs he just slept with someone else.

8. He Looks Guilty When There Is An Eye Contact

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This is another one of the 15 important physical signs he just slept with someone else. However, some men are so used to cheating that they don’t feel guilty about it and always have excuses.

However, there is a majority that still has that sense of feeling that they just betrayed their partner, especially if there is still an atom of love for their partner, which in turn shows when there is eye contact.

When you look them in the eyes, they may quickly look down, away, or stutter in their words when speaking, which is a sign of guilt and that they could have done something wrong. Dig deeper into the conversation with him, and try to find out what’s going wrong.

9. He Becomes Unusually Busy

This is one simple trick to tell whether your partner is sleeping with someone else or not. He now tells you how busy he is and how his workload increased; he now spends more time away from home than before.

Perhaps it’s true that he was promoted at work, which added to his workload and kept him constantly busy with one thing or another. But a wise man once said, “No matter how busy you are, you will always create time for your wife and your loved ones.”

However, in situations where he comes back late due to his busy schedule and he seems not to be interested in you or to spend quality time with you, in such cases it’s worth assuming that he might have slept and satisfied himself with someone else.

10. He’s Sweaty Or A Bit Wet When He Meets You

You may notice he always looks sweaty or a bit wet like he just took his shower. That is because when people finish having sex, they get wet and sweaty, which will propel them to shower or perhaps wash their face and hands and comb their hair.

This sign is one of the most definitive signs that he just slept with someone else. The smell of the soap he used to shower will still be very evident, including the body spray he used.

In some cases, he will give excuses like, “I went to the gym center after work.” However, don’t be carried away if it persists regularly; just know that it could be a result of lasting sex bouts.

11. He’s Always On Call With A Particular Person Especially When You Are Asleep

Most cheating men do this; he’ll always run to either the bathroom or the kitchen to answer the calls. And anytime you attempt to check his phone to know what he’s up to, he’ll end up accusing you that you are the one cheating; if not, you won’t be so suspicious of him.

12. He Becomes Too Conscious Of His Appearance

Looking pleasant in appearance is not bad at all, but this has become more abnormal than usual to the extent that he can spend up to 30 minutes just grooming himself, even when he is late for work.

Perhaps he now go shopping too often, buying new pairs of shoes and clothes, and goes to the salon every week to shave his hair and beard.

13. He Showers As Soon As He Gets Back From Work

Yes, some jobs are indeed very strenuous, which makes him very dirty and smelly all the time, which is why he rushes to take a shower immediately after he gets back.

However, if your partner’s job isn’t like that but you’ve noticed he always rushes to shower immediately after he gets back from work, that might be a sign that he just slept with someone else. Perhaps to cover up any deposit from the sexual act, which can be a lip gloss stain, a brown powder stain, and lots more.

14. He Becomes Abusive

Another obvious sign that he just slept with someone else is when he turns you into a punching bag,  no longer values you, and abuses you even in the presence of your children.

He tells you that you’re wrong or that you’re imagining things. He exploits your emotions. He uses your emotions against you or plays on your fears to control you.

15. He No Longer Calls You Pet Names

You may notice that he no longer calls you pet names if he used to; instead, he addresses you as Mama this or Mama that, and his love and affection for you have been disturbed and lowered. It could be a sign that he is seeing someone else

Last Words


It’s important to remember that physical signs alone cannot definitively prove that someone has slept with someone else. While there are some common signs that can indicate infidelity, such as a change in behavior or appearance, it’s also possible that these changes could be due to other factors.

It’s also important to approach the situation with sensitivity and compassion. Jumping to conclusions or accusing someone without concrete evidence can cause unnecessary harm to both parties involved. Instead, open and honest communication is key to addressing any concerns or doubts in a relationship.

Ultimately, trust and respect are fundamental pillars of any healthy relationship. If one partner feels the need to constantly monitor the other’s behavior or look for signs of infidelity, it may be a sign of deeper issues in the relationship that need to be addressed. It’s important to prioritize honest communication and work towards building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.



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