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Negativity About Network Marketing – 5 Mindsets To Overcome

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Many people have developed negativity about network marketing, probably because it involves a lot of rejection. Some even mistake it for pyramid schemes. Network marketing has many sides; many people have become millionaires as network marketers. One of the biggest drawbacks of network marketing is working with a group of teams that has a negative mindset about network marketing. In network marketing, you can operate with a large team of marketers. In a team filled with people with a negative bias, the chances are that negativity will be passed down the line.

Understand that negativity is a choice; you either turn your back on the negative energies surrounding network marketing, or you keep wallowing in negativity without making progress! I believe you want the former.

Most of the businesses you are seeing today that are making significant progress didn’t rise to that level by a smooth sail. Negative and positive situations filled their process of becoming, including rejections. What matters most is how you deal with negativity because it is inevitable.


You will bang a huge success in network marketing if you understand it correctly, imbibe good leadership qualities, cultivate a positive attitude, and build a strong team with zero negativity.

Negativity about networking can stop you from enjoying the benefits of the business. It results in negative efforts and, of course, a negative outcome. it is almost impossible for people with a negative mindset not to join your team. However, you need to be observant and handle them the right way.

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Some Negative Mindsets People Have About Network Marketing

Negativity About Network Marketing#1 – What If I Get Rejected?

Some people dread rejection in network marketing, making them lose confidence in approaching people to purchase their products. Rejection is a common experience in businesses, not just network marketing alone, especially when you have just started.

However, if you must become successful as a network marketer, you shouldn’t let the fear of rejection stop you from venturing because you may lose a big opportunity.


Negativity About Network Marketing#2 – What If No One Buys From Me?

This mostly happens when you are not solving people’s problems. So far, if you are meeting specific needs, especially basic ones, you will surely get customers. That may take time, especially when you are just starting.

You cannot ascertain if people will buy your products and services just by mere assumptions. However, you’ve got to equip yourself with the right selling skills before launching. Engaging in training to boost your marketing strategy.

Negativity About Network Marketing#3 – What If My Friends And Family Do Not Patronize Me?

New network marketers and businesses usually mistake seeing everyone, including families and friends, as ideal customers. That is a negative mindset, and I’m sure you do not want to experience the pain of getting a ‘no’ from your trusted friends or family members.

Find your target audience. When you know your target audience and direct your marketing ability on them, you’ll start noticing a significant turnaround in your business.

Negativity About Network Marketing#4 – I Cannot Convince My Customers

Some folks dread network marketing because they perceive it difficult or stressful to persuade customers to patronize them. They feel it’s not something they can do.

Well, if you have enough customers interested in what you have to deliver, then there may not be a need to spend time persuading people to join the business. That is why you must focus on generating traffic and leads. Build an online community of followers that will be loyal to your brand; this way, you will feel more at ease at converting potential customers.

Negativity About Network Marketing#5 – Network Marketing Is A Scam

Many people fear joining the network marketing industry because they mistake it for a scam. That is one of the most popular negative mindsets about network marketing. That is probably due to many scams they have experienced in the guise of Pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Pyramid schemes are not pure MLM. It doesn’t involve exchanging products and services like you would in real network marketing.


Network marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry. Network marketing uses independent salespeople to promote goods or services. It employs the direct selling business model. The marketing agent is paid a percentage of the sales made by all of their subordinates. Some nations have placed limitations on this arrangement, often in the wake of high-profile instances of widespread fraud. Ensure to promote only legit products and services from reputable companies.

Best Ways to Tackle Negativity in Network Marketing

Dealing with negativity about network marketing is crucial to the success of any network marketing business. In this article, I will be sharing practical ways to banish negativity in network marketing.

Master The Basics

If you are not well informed about network marketing, you may find it difficult to teach others. Ensure you have mastered what it entails before you start on it. That will help you know your right from your left and not be controlled by negative comments from people.

Don’t Be Tempted To Accept Just Anyone

Resist the urge to accept just anyone into your team. Being optimistic about growing your team shouldn’t make you accept every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Your business will suffer a major setback if you fill your business with people that have a negative mindset. Ensure you get to know the kind of people you are enrolling into your team!

Celebrate Your Small Wins

You don’t have to wait to hit it big before celebrating yourself and your team members. Appreciating your level can boost your energy and give you the enthusiasm you will need to push further, including that of your team.

You can achieve this by sending your team members a message of appreciation, congratulating them on a job well done. You can also send them appreciation gifts or pay for a meal.


Offer A Word Of Encouragement

This can go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere of relaxation and releasing all tension that a mistake or failure must have caused. Intentionally banish negativity by sending a word of encouragement to your team members today.

Seek For Mentorship

This is an effective way of tackling negativity about network marketing. You can achieve this by having powerful mentors around who could be your uplines and asking them for ways to tackle problems when they arise. Read books from the experts in the industry to see how they handled their difficult times.

Let Your Results Speak!

Don’t allow people, including family members, to discourage you with their negative attitude. You may encounter difficulties from people, especially when you have to leave a high-paying job to go into network marketing. During this trying period, resist that urge to exchange words or yell at them to prove your point. Instead, channel that energy into giving your business all it takes to make significant progress.

Learn to shut your critics up with results. Allow your results to defend you!


Build Your Passion In Network Marketing

You can’t motivate your downline to improve in this network marketing business when you lack motivation. You can’t market a product convincingly when you do not like the product or even the company. Therefore, to be effective and efficient in your network marketing business, the motivation and the interest in what you do must not be lacking.

Be Consistent

You can’t make it in the network marketing industry without consistency. You have to keep pushing yourself to make progress deliberately. Keep going even in the face of rejections. Network marketing is not a scam. Believe in it just like your normal business. You are bound to succeed in the industry with consistency and hard work.


Last Thoughts On Negativity About Network Marketing

Do not entertain any negativity about network marketing if you desire success in it. To smash those business objectives and get you the income goals you desire while, in turn, working with team members who are positivity conscious, then you need to be intentional about getting rid of all forms of negative mindset about it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Network Marketing Negative?

This is because people confuse network marketing with pyramid schemes, and because of this, they decide to stay away from network marketing entirely. In network marketing, you sell a company’s physical products at a desirable price, while in pyramid schemes, people exploit people to make money.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Network Marketing?

Network marketing growth can be slow, and it involves a lot of rejection.

What Is The Biggest Struggle With Network Marketing?

The biggest trouble in network marketing deals with persuading others to join your network. Lack of proper training or no training at all can also contribute to the trouble.

Is Networking Business A Sin?

Not at all! Here, you don’t exploit people to make money. You sell physical products for people to use at a designated price.

Why Are People Skeptical About MLM?

Many people think it’s a scam and they’d lose their money. Some people also confuse it with pyramid schemes.

What Is A Disadvantage Of A Network?

It is a long-term goal. Many get discouraged by this.

Is Network Marketing Good For Students?

Yes. It comes at a low expense. That means that students can also work without experiencing the tension of failing and losing a lot of money.

What Are The Weaknesses Of Direct Selling?

The bottleneck in direct selling involves reaching out to a wider audience. However, you can achieve this by organizing seminars, webinars, and conferences.

What Does God Say About Owning A Business?

“Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established” – Proverbs 16:3. When you share a business idea with God, He can equip you to accomplish it.

Is A Pyramid Scheme A Sin?

Yes. Here, people scam people to make money. Some people will end up losing because there is no product generating income. The pyramid scheme leverages the contributions of the downline.

Does Anyone Get Rich From MLM?

It is possible to get rich from MLM. However, statistics show that less than one out of 100 MLM representatives are successful or make any money.

What Is The Success Rate Of Network Marketing?

Statistics show that a minimum of 50% of MLM representatives drop out in the first year. A minimum of 90% of representatives leave within five years. By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out—which means at least 95% of representatives have dropped out.

What MLM Has The Most Millionaires?

Jeunesse Global. It has estimated earnings for the year at 10.2 million dollars. Kim Hui, a Chinese woman, is the double diamond director at Jeunesse Global.

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