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Negativity About Money – 8 Mindsets Keeping You Broke

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A poor mindset about money causes a lot of people to have a severe lack of finances. You cannot overemphasize the need to be financially free. Money is good. Money can solve many problems, and you get to live your dream life. Being financially independent is everyone’s dream, but sometimes people nurse some negativity about money, thus, slowing their journey towards financial freedom.

Most of the time, the way we think about money boils down to our experiences with money while growing. Sometimes, the ideas our family or the public have about money can affect our perception of money.


Permitting these thoughts to settle in can be harmful to your emotional health. They can slow down your journey to financial freedom. Here are some negative mindsets about money

1. I Can’t Afford This or That

Most people have this feeling about money; some even say it out loud to themselves or others. When you keep admitting that, you are configuring the atmosphere around you for lack. And you are not likely to get out of that financial mess. Our words and thoughts mold our lives. Because, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

2. Thinking the Desire for Wealth Implies Greed

When you desire to have more money, and your mind keeps telling you that you’re greedy, this can prevent you from increasing the price of any product you’re selling or requesting a raise in your salary. It’s a wrong mindset about money. Money is powerful, and you should never stop thinking about growing your income streams.

3. Fear of Losing Money


Businesses thrive when you make some investments to yield returns. Investing involves taking a risk, and most people refuse to take some financial risks because they’re afraid of recording losses. To multiply your money, you have to make investments. You only have to look out for the right investments.

4. I Can’t Be Debt-Free

Do you know that debts have a way of igniting negativity in your finances, giving you a feeling of “I will never be free from debt”? Negative feelings accompany a life of debt. It can be burdensome and leave you with no hope of being free.

5. Thought of “I’m Broke”

I don’t have any money; I’m poor. “I need money.” These thoughts saturate the mind; you’re always begging for money, living life at the mercy of people, and sometimes feel you can’t break free. Circumstances surrounding you keep telling you that you can never have money. Over time, this springs up some negativity about money in your mind, and you may end up settling for financial negativity.

6. No Need for Savings

The idea of “spend it all,” “you don’t need to save,” “let’s enjoy the money now,” and “tomorrow will sort itself out” is a negative mindset about money. If you buy on impulse or live above your means of income, you’ll end up spending all you earn and, in the end, have no savings.

Sometimes it could be a meager income with so many bills to settle. You may find it hard to set aside a little money for savings, and this could be dangerous because an emergency can come up, and you won’t be able to handle it.

7. Thoughts on “The Rich Cry Too”

You believe that when you have a lot of money, problems increase, and more responsibilities surface than you can handle. Therefore, you don’t want to be rich. When you entertain this negativity about money, you refuse to work hard.

8. I Cannot Be Rich

We often believe that some people are lucky or allowed to be rich. You assume you aren’t destined to be rich. You think money is hard to come by, and the feeling that you can’t be as rich as Mr. A or Mrs. B overwhelms you. Gradually, this negativity in our lives about money destroys every iota of desire to have money in abundance.

How to Overcome Negativity About Money

To deal with negativity about money, you have to position yourself positively. Be intentional about erasing every negative thought about money from your mind. There are several ways below to do that.


Always Affirm That You Are Rich 

Each day you stand in front of a mirror and speak positively to yourself. Tell yourself: “I am rich,” and “I can never be poor.” When you consistently do this, it helps to expel every negativity about money from your mind. 

Affirmations enable you to visualize yourself being wealthy. Your mind gets reprogrammed with regard to money, and you start thinking of ways to make more money. Positive affirmations attract positive energy around our lives.

Associate with Those Who Are Financially Stable

Make friends with the rich because discussions with them will help to alter your negative thoughts about money and set you on the pathway to financial freedom. See rich people as role models, don’t despise or be jealous of them. Know that you cannot attract what you attack. Tap into successful people’s mindsets about money, think like them, and apply every formula they use to make sustainable wealth. There are many books about success and finance to help you with that.

Positivity Thinking


Begin to have a feeling of abundance rather than a lack, and be committed to making lots of money. Wealth comes with a lot of commitment and hard work. Train your mind to start feeling prosperous and wealthy. These perceptions within you will condition your mind to start making more money.

Learn to Save and Invest


Set aside some money from your earnings, no matter how small, and save for a rainy day. You can throw the money inside a piggy bank. However, I’d recommend re-investing part of your savings into a legit and sound investment. Investments are the easiest ways to multiply your earnings. Don’t spend all your income and go into debt; have something you can fall back on during an emergency. You can increase the amount of money you save as you earn more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for A Raise in Your Salary 

Don’t be afraid to discuss a raise in your salary with your employer if you’ve earned it. Feel free to increase the price of your product or take that financial risk when it’s necessary.

Be Generous

“Givers never lack.” When you give, you get more; life has a way of paying back. Also, when you give back, consciously or not, you begin to feel wealth.

Educate Your Mind On How to Make Money

Read books on “how to make money” and practice what you’ve read consistently. I’ll recommend “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. These are mind-blowing books that’ll transform your mind positively and rid you of all negative thoughts about money.

Pay Back Loans Consistently

Draw out a simple but regular repayment plan on how to service your loans. You can take a year or more, but be consistent in your payments.

If possible, avoid taking loans; cut down on your spending. You don’t need to get those pairs of shoes, handbags, or wristwatches if you already have some. Do not make unnecessary purchases for future purposes. Live within your means, and you’ll hardly lack money.

Last Words on Negativity about Money


Forgive yourself for every money mistake you’ve made previously, and be intentional and positive about making money. Eliminate all negativity about money you’ve nurtured in the past because we need money to run our day-to-day activities.

Surround yourself with people that exhibit positive energy towards making money and more money. Think big, see yourself through the eyes of a millionaire, and consistently work hard to become financially independent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be free from having negativity about money?

See money as a good thing, have a strong desire to make money, and be wealthy. Read books on “how to make money” and make friends with people that are positive towards money.

How Can I Create a Positive Mindset About Money?

By constant affirmations. Tell yourself that you’re affluent and wealthy and can never be poor. Stop saying “I’m broke”, or ” I don’t have money” all the time. 

Can I Ever Be Free from Debt?

Of course. You can carefully draw out an achievable repayment plan according to your financial capability; follow it strictly. It may take a while, but you’ll surely pay up and be free from every debt.

Can A Negative Money Mindset Make Me Poor?

Yes! Harboring such a mindset can bring you two steps backward from gaining financial freedom. You don’t need to allow negative thoughts to settle down in you if you want to avoid being poor.

Do I Need to Make More Money?

If your current level of finance cannot take care of all your needs and wants, then you need to make more money. So basically, making more money continues infinitely. 

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