16 Signs You Are An Attractive Woman

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Have you ever seen a beautiful lady before? What were your reactions to her? Starry gazes, right? That is to show you how attractive she looked. When you walk into a room and everyone looks at you, the first glance is to know who came in, and the second glance is to appreciate your looks. First of all, being attractive appeals to the eyes before everything else. While that is a fact, it doesn’t mean that is all there is to it.
That is why we will be discussing 16 signs you are an attractive woman.

Having the power to be charming and alluring is sometimes not an obvious sign of a woman. Some of the obvious signs of attractiveness are getting favors often, always getting attention even when you don’t do anything to warrant it, and people just wanting to talk to you for no reason. Most people don’t even know when they started talking to you; they are just drawn to you.

Being attractive is more powerful than what people give it credit for. There are two types of attractive people. One is the type that doesn’t believe she is attractive. The other type is the one that is aware of and embraces her attractiveness. The first type talks about a lack of acceptance due to ignorance, while the second type talks about both knowledge and acceptance.

If you don’t think or know you are attractive, these 16 signs of an attractive woman will enable you to know if you are attractive or not.

16 Signs You Are an Attractive Woman

The female species will always attract the male species; that is the law of nature. Everything about being attractive is to be desirable, and that means to the right person. There are two types of attractiveness: one is physical attractiveness, and the other is spiritual attractiveness. These two sum up all 16 signs of an attractive woman. Let’s dive in to see which signs you exhibit or elicit. You don’t have to express or elicit all the signs, but the more you do, the better.

A. Physical Attractiveness

Physical attractiveness is mainly about your outward appearance. While there is no true set standard for beauty, beauty is mostly in the eyes of the beholder, as a popular saying states. Physical attractiveness is most often what is seen at first contact, not your eloquence or intelligence. Let’s move on to the physical aspect of the 16 signs you are an attractive woman.

1. Unconscious attention

Getting other people’s attention is one of the 16 signs you are an attractive woman. Whatever you say or do attracts other people’s attention, even your laughter. People look at you and pay attention to whatever you say or whatever you do, and most times for no peculiar reason.

No matter how much you try to hide yourself or prevent attention, you still get it. People notice your absence and your presence more than you think.

You might say to yourself, I’m not going to this event; I just want to snuggle with my pillow and read some good books. I just know nobody will notice whether I am there or not. You might be shocked when people start coming to your house one after the other just to make sure you are alright. Those who can’t come may call you on the phone to ask why you were absent. Trust me, you would prefer to go to the event after all.

2. Starry gazes


Rafael Henrique, Pexels

Starry gazes are the most common sign in the 16 signs you are an attractive woman. If you are physically attractive, you will most likely notice people looking at you with stars in their eyes. You might feel so self-conscious that you had to ask if there was any dirt on your face and body. Most times, people who stare at you may stare at you, forgetting that their mouths are hanging open, while others may quickly recover and shut their mouths close.

You might notice random strangers staring at you from a bus, car, cafe, or anywhere as long as you are within the visual field. It is hard not to notice starry gazes; most times, you might prefer to stay indoors to avoid awkward stares. Most physically attractive women who are oblivious to their physical attractiveness may even think the starry gazes are for someone else and not them.

You can be physically attractive and yet be ignorant about it for many reasons, but that doesn’t diminish your attractiveness in any way. Your naivety might even attract more starry gazes.

3. People want to be around you

You must have noticed that, out of nowhere, you just find people around you. Not so much that it feels like you are being mobbed, but you find one or two people talking to you out of the blue, even strangers. This is an obvious sign out of the 16 signs that you are an attractive woman.

For instance, you visit a new place and find out that, in a short amount of time, everyone is already your friend. It takes you nothing to make friends, even when you make no effort at all. Your smile alone is an encouragement to those who want to be around you to come closer. And that brings us to the next point.

4. Your smile is contagious

One of the telltale signs out of the 16 signs you are an attractive woman is a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile that draws people to you like a bee to a beautiful flower or like a moth to flames. Having a beautiful smile automatically makes people smile at you, and that is for no reason at all. Have you ever smiled at someone and the person smiled back at you like a reflex?

The person might not have smiled back at you because he or she knows you, but for your smile alone. Smiles are the first sign of attraction you get from anyone. That attraction might be admiration and not chemistry. Smiles are natural indications of attraction.

5. People love you for no reason

This sign makes you more favored than others. People just love you, and if you ask them why they like you, they may not have any strong reason why they like you. For instance, if you walk into a place you are not familiar with and you need to get something done, walking up to anyone might be your next line of action.

The person not only answers your questions but also goes all the way to get you all the things you need, and because of that person, your purpose for going to that place is accomplished.

The person might not even know why he or she helped you, just that he or she took a liking to you for no reason. Most times, this liking cannot be explained in clear terms, just that he or she likes you.
Which brings us to the next sign.

6. People try to get your attention

Have you ever heard someone holla at you when you alight from a car or when you walk down the street? That holla is not only a sign that you are an attractive woman but also shows that the person wants to get your attention. Some people holla; others whistle and make some kind of sound just to get you to look in their direction.

This doesn’t mean you are scantily dressed or that only those who dress scantily or provocatively attract such attention. You can be modestly dressed and attract such attention.

People sometimes do silly things to get your attention, such as raising their voices to be a bit higher than normal while talking, stamping their feet in any rhythm, and so on, to gain your attention, even if it is for a little while.

7. People try to start conversations with you

After gaining your attention successfully, some may just smile at you, but some bold ones will walk up to you to talk to you, sealing your attention to them. Most times, they might not have much to say; they just want to talk to you and start a talking relationship with you.

8. People become antsy when you cry

This sign is expressed by people who care about you; being physically attractive also makes people worry about your worries and also makes people antsy when you cry. Although some people naturally hate seeing others cry, it doesn’t negate the fact that physical attractiveness has something to do with it.

Being physically attractive also makes people reflect on their own emotions and even respond to them. When you cry, especially in front of people who are drawn to you, you provoke their empathy and cause them to be antsy until you stop crying or the reason for your tears has been resolved, and that leads us to the next point.

9. People always want to help you

People might have been helping you in the past, and you probably didn’t know for certain what their reasons were. Sometimes, they do not have any specific reason why, but they just feel like helping to see you happy.

Physical attractiveness makes people just feel like lending you a helping hand, whether you need it or not. You just find out that when you talk about a certain need with someone, the person goes on to provide that need even though you would have been able to provide it at a later date.

10. People defend you

This is a very interesting sign. Out of the 16 signs, you are an attractive woman. People will always want to defend you if, at any time, you are accused of being judged by naysayers. This might come as unexpected, even from strangers, but it surely happens. If someone is dealing badly with you, like in the case of an abusive relationship, onlookers will likely come to your aid.

B. Spiritual Attractiveness

Spiritual attractiveness is more important than physical attractiveness. This is because you can be spiritually attractive without the need for physical attractiveness, but never the other way around. Any physically attractive woman without being spiritually attractive will be despised in the long run.

Spiritual attractiveness has to do with your behavior, what you think, how you think, what you say, and how you say it. All these are internal factors that indicate attractiveness. Let’s dive into them one after the other.

1. You are shocked when people notice you

A very attractive woman is mostly shocked at the kind of attention she receives from people. This is a very good sign out of the 16 signs that you are an attractive woman. You might even think the attention is meant for others and not for you.

2. You become shy when complimented

Compliments trigger three types of responses from a spiritually attractive woman. One is that you might feel very shy when someone compliments you.
Secondly, you might not believe the person complimenting you. Third, you might jokingly tell the person to stop complimenting you. All these show that you are not good at receiving compliments. You might even think you don’t deserve compliments, and that is because you don’t see yourself as anything special or out of the ordinary.

3. You are kind


Sam Lion, Pexels

Kind people attract lots of friends. This is not because they give out gifts, but because they are very empathetic towards other people. A spiritually attractive woman is a kind woman who can soothe people’s pain by speaking kindly to them or just listening to them.

Being kind is a very good sign of an attractive woman. Out of the 16 signs, you are an attractive woman.

4. You truly care about people

People will always want to be there for those who have been there for them. It’s a natural progression. A spiritually attractive woman is not overly mindful of her appearance when her help is needed. She is not someone who only cares about receiving from people and never giving back.

A spiritually attractive woman is one who truly cares; she wants to know how you are doing, how you are feeling, and so on. She is always there to help when she is needed. She just makes sure that those around her are all doing well. It is mainly because she does all these things that others always try to make sure she is doing well, not only because of her physical attractiveness.

Frankly, people want to always help out a physically attractive woman, but on getting close to her, if she is not spiritually attractive, she will be left alone. This is why there must be a balance between physical attractiveness and spiritual attractiveness.

5. You say the right things

This is a very reliable sign; it means you have thought about your words properly before uttering them. This is also a show of intellect, as it speaks of one’s intellectual capacity.

Saying the right thing at the right time is a good sign that, out of the 16 signs, you are an attractive woman. After getting people’s attention through your physical attractiveness, it is what you say that either keeps their attention locked on you or drives it away.

The more you say the right things, the more you get the right people in your corner. Mind you, the right things you say might not be what everyone likes; this is what differentiates you from a people-pleaser who just aims to please everyone, even to their detriment.

6. You try to be invisible

This is a very common sign out of the 16 signs that you are an attractive woman. A spiritually attractive woman does not like too much attention; she just wants to be invisible, but she can’t be. This is because no matter how quiet she is, people will seek her opinion, and that shows people are conscious of her presence.


An attractive woman is physically and spiritually attractive, and the 16 signs you are an attractive woman here will help you know if you are attractive or not. If you don’t exhibit some of the signs, that doesn’t mean you can’t. You can inculcate good habits that help you produce these signs.

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