First Date Signs He Wants A Relationship-10 Obvious Signs

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It was just a few months after finishing high school and I was waiting to sit for precollege exams in respect to seeking admission into the university, when Kachi and I met. We met in a tutorial center and it was just chemistry at first sight.

We started becoming closer when he would always find it exciting to teach me mathematics. I hated mathematics and wished I would never sit for it. Kachi was my savior and he took his time to always teach me each formula after each of the tutorials.

Kachi was handsome, intelligent, smart and fun to be with. Our relationship was growing as he would make time to still visit me at home to put me through some things. I started noticing his interest in me after our first date. He kept coming closer, engaging me in meaningful conversations. He asked for my opinion on everything.

That was how our relationship kicked off in full bloom. It became very obvious we were into each other when he invited me for more dates after our first. That was how he officially made his intentions known to me—that he wanted me to be his girl. Kachi was one of the best guys I met. He was open and gave me uncountable reasons why he wanted more than just a date.

It is always fun and exciting on the first date, as it’s always a chance to meet someone new, share deep things and have deep connections.

It’s not hard to know when a guy needs more than just a date with you. Everything about him will spell it. It’s natural to ask or wonder where the relationship is headed after the first date. Questions like, Does he want me? Is he gonna come back? What does the future hold for us? Are we meant to be together? It can be very frustrating if you’re not sure of his motives, especially when two of you have known each other for a period of time and it still seems as if things aren’t yet taking the right turn.

Knowing these signs, deciphering them early will give you clues and clear signs about his next steps. And also know if you’ll be emotionally committed.

You just started dating a guy, and you like him, but you don’t know where the relationship is headed or how he feels about you. You’re looking for hints or signs to be sure about him; this article will help break down every sign and hint that you need to be sure he wants you.

Every serious guy will always drop hints or clues that will be a guide to assure you he wants a relationship with you. Join me as we explore these signs and subtle hints that he wants to go deeper than just a date with you.

These are the first date signs that he has an interest in you and wants a relationship with you:

1. He Engages You In Meaningful Conversations

One of the first date signs that he wants a relationship is that he will engage you and bring up meaningful conversations. A man who has an interest in you will ask deeper and more open minded questions.

He will ask about your personal life, your likes, interests, hobbies and also share his personal life with you. He will show a keen desire to know everything about you. This shows commitment and a personal relationship.

This shows that he is looking far beyond just mere interaction but thinking about the future. This won’t be far from him talking about marriage as each conversation will connect to the other. A man who’s ready to be with you, will comfortably ask these questions because he has an interest in you and wants to be emotionally connected.

2. He Gives You His Quality Time And Undivided Attention


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One of the obvious signs that he wants a relationship with you is that he will make time for you. He will prioritize his schedule with you and plan to hang out and go for activities together. This means that he’s willing to put more effort into building a strong bond with you that will translate into a lasting relationship.

He is also genuine and values your presence when he gives you his undivided attention and maintains eye and body contact during your hangout. This also reflects when he’s with you and drops his smartphone just to focus on you.

3. He talks About The Future Plans

A potential sign he wants more relationships with you is that he talks about the future and makes plans for the future with you both. When he talks about the future with you, about settling down in marriage, shares his visions and goals with you and makes plans for vacations or events he wants to attend with you, it shows that he’s thinking about a long-term relationship.

When a guy brings up future plans, it demonstrates that he sees you as a part of his life and wants to continue building an emotional connection with you. It also means that he’s willing to make meaningful plans and commitments with you. This is an important aspect of building a healthy relationship.

4. The Relationship Is Peaceful And Respectful

A man who wants more with you in a relationship will treat you with respect and love. Respect and trust are two of the pillars of a healthy relationship. This can be known on your first date.

Observe how he treats you during the first date and how he treats others too. Does he genuinely treat you with respect or is he toxic? Does he respect your opinions, boundaries, and comfort? Does he also consider your feelings and treat you kindly? Pay attention to these details.

A man who treats you nicely and respects your feelings is obviously building a meaningful connection and relationship with you. This reflects in you having peace anytime you’re with him.

5. He Introduces You To His Friends And Families.

Another promising sign that he’s got a future with you after the first date is that he confidently introduces you to his family and friends.  This shows that he is very serious about you and wants to spend the future with you.

No guy would want to introduce his girlfriend to his family and friends if he didn’t want anything serious to do with her. It shows that he wants to integrate you into his cliques and social circle.

It also means he’s proud to have you in his life and doesn’t want to take chances. This means he values you and also wants his friends and family to know you’re part of his life.

6. He Says It Openly

A man who has an interest in you will not hide it for long. He will be so comfortable saying openly that he wants a relationship with you. He will not feel shy about declaring his love for you if he likes you. He wants more of you and wants to have a lasting relationship with you if he constantly tells you that he loves you and proves that he wants to be with you.

A man who wants more than just a date will not find it hard to declare his interest. This will foster more intimacy between you both.

7. Share Laughter And Play With You

If he constantly makes you laugh, smile, play with you, cheer you up, or lighten you up, especially when you’re sad, it means that his heart is with you and he wouldn’t want to see you down.

Everybody wants to be with someone who will always make them happy and can be a shoulder to cry on when they’re down. Laughter is often considered the universal language of connection. It is a positive indicator if he makes you laugh on the first date and plays with you.

A man who wants the future with you will create those happy memories and experiences. It shows he’s always ready to keep you happy and build an emotional connection.

8. He Shares His Vulnerabilities

A potential sign he wants to be with you for a relationship is that he is open and vulnerable with you. This means that he trusts and values your relationship. These vulnerabilities can include sharing his ugly past, his fears, insecurities, weaknesses, addictions or personal struggles with you.

When a guy does this, it shows that he’s willing to be emotionally intimate with you and wants to build a deeper connection. It shows openness and transparency.

Even though it isn’t too important to delve into personal matters on a first date, a certain level of openness and sharing one’s vulnerability can indicate a genuine interest in building a relationship with you.

If he comfortably discusses this with you, including his family upbringing, visions, goals, or past experiences, it’s a sign that he’s willing to let you into his life, share his life and build the future with you.

9. He involves You Into His  Future Plans

If he discusses everything with you, including you in his future plans, his goals, visions and other deep discussions, then it’s a subtle hint that he desires to have a deeper relationship with you than the first date.

If he intimates you about every one of his plans and movements, for every trip he will make, then it’s a clear sign that he’s envisioning a future that includes you. These subtle hints can reveal his desire to explore a deeper connection beyond the first date. Pay attention to these.

10. He is consistent

If he’s consistent both in his words, communication and care after the first date, then it’s a sign that he wants a further relationship with you. He will always be consistent and available, both emotionally and physically.

He would want to know more about you. He will give you emotional and moral support. He is consistent with your schedule and he’s always ready to assist. He doesn’t fail to keep his promises.

He will use every opportunity to talk to you and know your daily schedule. He calls every minute to ask about your daily routines—about your breakfast, lunch and dinner. There won’t be long periods of time or excuses when you’re involved. He invests his time in building with you, as you’re now his priority.


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