Why do Guys Avoid their Crush? 16 Reasons Why Guys Avoid their Crush

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Do you know that it is possible for a guy to have a crush on you and still avoid you? Yes, this can be caused by so many reasons. However, trying to understand some of the reasons why guys avoid their crushes can be a difficult thing to understand because of how complex it is to understand human emotions and thoughts.

It can be a bit confusing when you sense that a guy likes you and then he suddenly withdraws from you. You are left with so many confused thoughts that you have no answers to. Do not worry, we will provide you with possible reasons why guys avoid their crush, and this will give you an insight into why the guy who has a crush on you might be avoiding you.

Why do Guys Avoid their Crush?


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Let’s find answers to this thought-provoking question and see reasons why guys avoid their crush.

1. Lack of Confidence

Are you aware that some guys do not have the confidence to express their feelings to a lady? Yes, if a guy who has a crush on you is trying to avoid you, one of the possible reasons why he might be avoiding you is because he is not confident enough to express his feelings to you. They might not feel confident enough to tell their crush about their feelings, maybe due to low self-esteem or because they feel that they do not measure up to the standard of the person they are crushing on.

2. Fear of Rejection

The truth is, nobody likes rejection and we react to rejection differently. Some guys react badly to rejection and this is why, when they have a crush on you, they prefer to avoid you. This is because they are not sure if they will get a positive response from you. Guys usually feel embarrassed when a lady rejects them, so in order to avoid this, they avoid whoever they crush on.

3. They do not want to ruin the friendship

If a guy who is friends with you has a crush on you and he avoids you, it could be because he is not sure of how you will handle the situation and would not want to get awkward between you after that. This might be one of the reasons a guy might avoid you when he has a crush on you. He does not want to ruin his friendship with you; hence, he is trying to avoid any form of discomfort that might occur if he makes his feelings known to you.

4. They are already in a relationship

Do you know that it is very possible that guys still crush on you when they are in a relationship? They might have someone they are already committed to and this means that they cannot be with you since they are already in a relationship with someone. This is one of the reasons why guys avoid their crush.

5. They do not think the girl is into them

One of the possible reasons guys avoid their crush is because they are unsure if the lady likes them or is into them. Guys want to be sure that a lady likes them before they express their feelings. This is because they want to know if they stand a chance to be accepted when they express their feelings. If a guy feels that a girl is not into him, he might feel like he will be wasting his time if he tries to express his feelings, so he might feel it’s best that he avoids his crush.

6. They don’t want to appear desperate

Sometimes guys might take a step back when they have a crush on someone in order not to be perceived as desperate or coming off too strong. They are afraid of being judged or being seen as being forward. Being seen in such light will not do well for their reputation.

7. Age Gap

Some people might say that age is just a number. Age might not be a significant factor for some people when making relationship choices; however, it’s a big factor for others. Some guys might have a set age range for the girls they can date.

They might consider some girls too young or too old for them to have a relationship with. He might be concerned about the difference in the level of maturity. This can make him feel discouraged about pursuing his feelings. So if a guy who has a crush on you is avoiding you, the age factor might be responsible for it.

8. Fear of commitment

What if he has a crush on you and doesn’t want something serious? Have you thought of that? It’s possible that this is the reason he’s avoiding you. Relationships are all about commitment. If a guy has a crush on you but avoids you, maybe he is not ready to be committed.

9. Fear of ruining professional relationship

Is that guy your co-worker at work? Oh, maybe the guy is even your boss at work? A workplace is a professional setting and everyone is expected to remain coordinated and formal. Some guys don’t like to mix business with pleasure. This is why when guys with whom you have a professional relationship have a crush on you, they avoid you because they are scared of pursuing a relationship that can ruin their professional relationship

10. Trauma from past relationship

Guys who have had unpleasant experiences in their past relationships may distance themselves from a lady even when they like someone. This is because they are afraid that their past experiences will come to play again and they do not want to make the same mistake again by getting into another relationship. He might consider avoiding you the best thing to do to protect his emotion and prevent further unpleasant recurrences.

11. They feel you are in a  relationship

The reason guys avoid their crush could also be because they feel that their crush is probably in a relationship. Maybe at one time or another he has seen you with a guy; he might assume that you are in a relationship and this may discourage him from expressing his feeling and make him start avoiding you

12. They feel they do not meet your standard

There are guys who would avoid their crush because they feel that they are out of the girl’s league. They feel like the lady has a higher standard and they cannot measure up to it. This feeling is usually due to low self-esteem.

13. They don’t want to get distracted or lose focus

Another reason guys avoid their crush is because they don’t want to get distracted or lose focus. This is because they may have more important things that demand their focus and attention and pursuing a relationship can make them get distracted.

This can be because he is prioritizing his personal development or achieving a set goal. So he may feel the need to avoid you so that he can give his full concentration to the things that he feels are more important to him at the time.

14. Worries about Compatibility

Guys can avoid their crush if they are worried about their compatibility with their crush. It’s possible that you like someone who you are not compatible with and realizing this early is important as it will save both parties from wasting their time in a relationship that can’t work.

Compatibility can be considered in different terms. It might be in terms of religion, life view, personal belief, political view, personal trait and even health. Guys will avoid their crush when they feel like they are not compatible with them.

15. He has difficulty expressing his emotion

Some guys are not very good at expressing their feelings and emotions, especially if it involves the opposite sex. They don’t know the best way to approach a lady or even the best words to use. When this type of guy has a crush on a lady, he will avoid her.

It might be that the guy has never had any previous relationship experience or dated anyone before. This means that they have never approached a woman to express their feelings. If this type of guy has a crush on you, he would need to summon much courage to tell you about his feelings. If he is someone who is not confident, he will avoid you. This is one of the reasons why guys avoid their crush.

16. He is not financially buoyant

Lastly, one of the possible reasons guys avoid their crush is due to finances. Some guys might feel they don’t want to pursue a relationship with a lady because they are not financially buoyant. This is why some guys avoid their crush.


Reasons guys avoid their crush are numerous and those reasons are usually personal to different individuals. The reasons why guys avoid their crush are influenced by different factors such as past experience, beliefs, expectations and insecurities amongst others. However, all of the reasons that have been mentioned above are among the common reasons why guys avoid their crush.


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