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Why Does My Crush Avoids Eye Contact With Me? – 9 Possible Reasons

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How can we define a crush? A crush is someone you have immense love for or sexual attraction to. For the purpose of this article, we are considering the love aspect of a crush. When a person has a crush, he or she will try to do everything possible to ensure the crush notices him or her.

Have you ever been in that awkward situation when you have a crush on a fine guy or lady and have been trying to get their attention to no avail? You try to catch their eyes; you time it so perfectly that your eyes glimpse each other but immediately your crush turns his or her eyes away. Gosh! You get so angry and frustrated.

I remember one time in high school when I had a crush on a senior. I can laugh over it now but it wasn’t so funny then. I was terribly shy and in a junior class then, so I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to meet with him but I was so determined to get him to notice me. What did I do? Eye contact!

I would look his way every time he was around me. I focused on him and looked so steadily that I wasn’t aware of my surroundings anymore. I was so intent on meeting his eyes and I didn’t care whether anyone caught me. What happened? One time he turned around and caught me staring; he stared right back at me and I embarrassingly turned my eyes away. That was the end of my crush.

This article is for anyone who wants the answer to the question, “Why does my crush avoid eye contact with me?” If that’s you, welcome; this is the right place to be.

In this article, we will discuss why my crush avoids eye contact with me. The answers will help you understand your crush and know how to respond later. Let’s get right to it.

Please note that this discourse will be written from the first-person point of view.

Why Does My Crush Avoid Eye Contact with Me?

One common thing with crushes is that, at some point or another, a person’s crush will avoid eye contact with him or her. One of the ways to get someone’s attention quickly is by looking at them and catching their eyes. Below are several reasons why my crush might avoid eye contact with me.

1. My crush doesn’t notice me

Sometimes, your crush might not even notice you. He may be oblivious to who you are and the eye contact you’re trying to make.

In some cases, he may be a figure of power, such as your CEO, a politician, head of service, principal, or boss at work. If true, the only thing that comes to the mind of your crush about you is that you are to give a report, interview people, make a presentation, or do some work. He or she might not be thinking of anything personal about you, not noticing you or liking you back.

One thing you should know is that everyone is attracted to power, position, and authority. A person who occupies any of these positions is bound to be crushed. He or she is a poster crush figure. Sometimes this person knows this and, as such, doesn’t try to make eye contact with anyone because he or she doesn’t intend to be distracted.

Another angle to this is that people make eye contact all the time and your crush might just feel it is random eye contact. They might not think it a big deal and just move on with their lives. Thus, my crush avoids eye contact with me because he doesn’t notice me.

2. My crush doesn’t feel the same way as me

One reason why my crush avoids eye contact with me may be because he is not interested in me. He doesn’t feel the same way I do, so he doesn’t want to encourage me.

Most times, when this happens, he must have seen the way you act around him and figured you have a crush on him. Of course, you might think you’re being discreet but there are always subtle signs you give off that would tell him you have a crush on him.

If he is not interested, he will respond using negative body language, such as not smiling at you, not engaging in a conversation with you, or pointedly ignoring you. He will avoid your eyes at all times.

3. My Crush Also Has A Crush On Me

Alexander Wendt, Pexels

Now this is the twist. What if my crush also has a crush on me? That means he is also feeling the same way I am.

When my crush has a crush on me, he will also avoid making eye contact with me. He might not be sure if I will notice him, or he might not know what to do, or he may be feeling insecure. Whatever the case, he will also avoid eye contact with me.

How can you tell if your crush has a crush on you? He or she will be occupied with making a good impression of himself on you, acting nicely and kindly to you, acting all flustered around you or giving you a nice smile when you meet each other.

There’s this guy I knew who had a crush on a lady. The lady usually has some business in his office and he will always make sure to be around when she comes. He will try to make her feel comfortable, act all flustered around her and behave extra nice around her. The funny thing was, she also had a crush on him. It was a very funny situation.

4. My crush is afraid of messing things up

There’s always something about crushes that makes a person feel confused, giddy, and clumsy. It’s possible that your crush has noticed you trying to get his or her attention and is confused about how to act and what to say.

He might be wondering whether to say hi, ask how you feel, compliment your looks, or comment on something good that happened to you. That can be a lot to some people so for this reason, your crush might avoid making eye contact with you.

When he notices your steady gaze on him, he quickly averts his eyes and turns his attention to something else. He will also ensure this “something else” holds his attention for as long as you are within the vicinity.

Therefore, my crush may avoid eye contact with me if he is afraid of messing things up.

5. My crush may be feeling insecure

There are many reasons why a person may feel insecure. Either because he feels he is not good enough, has an imperfect face or body, hasn’t achieved great success, or comes from a not-so-great family and others.

Whatever the reason, insecurity can make your crush avoid eye contact with you, especially if you are above his league in position, wealth, education, or career milestones. Making eye contact with you would make them feel exposed or embarrassed, so they avoid it. Thus, my crush may avoid eye contact with me if he feels insecure.

6. My crush doesn’t want to lead me on

One reason why my crush avoids eye contact with me may be because he doesn’t want to lead me on. He may be a gentleman who doesn’t want to play games with me or raise my hopes. This might be the same for you.

That lady or guy may be in a serious relationship and doesn’t want to encourage anything with you. This act, to me, is far better than for him to play along only for you to find out later that he or she is in a relationship or married. So to protect me from heartbreak, my crush might avoid making eye contact with me.

7. My Crush is Shy

Cottonbro studio, Pexels

My crush may avoid eye contact with me because he is shy. Shyness is not hard to notice. When you notice your crush is overly self-conscious when you’re around him or her, looks confused, acts clumsy, says the wrong things, feels nervous, smiles sheepishly when your eyes meet, blushes at compliments, just know that he or she is shy.

If this is the case for you, then you’re in luck. Shyness is quite easy to overcome and your crush might just meet your eyes confidently the next time.

8. My Crush Has Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is defined as the intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. This fear affects every area of the sufferer’s life, including school, work, and personal activities. A person with social anxiety finds it hard to make and keep friends. Then how can he or she make eye contact with you if you are crushing on him or her?

People say “the eye is the window to the soul,” so a socially anxious person may be afraid to make eye contact because, in his or her mind, there’s judgment in your look. This might be the reason my crush avoids eye contact with me.

9. My Crush Doesn’t Know What To Do

Oh well, this might just be the case—your crush does not know what to do. It might not be that he is shy, anxious, insecure, or any of the other reasons we’ve examined above.

Sometimes your crush might not have enough experience with the opposite sex to know what it means when someone makes eye contact with them. They might misinterpret it for other reasons, like something on their clothes, their teeth, or any other thing. So they catch your eyes and look away. On the other hand, they may understand your eye contact but don’t know what to do about it.

Bottom line 

There are many reasons why your crush avoids eye contact with you and this article has examined nine of them. From this article, you have seen reasons such as not noticing you, not feeling interested, having a crush on you, being afraid to mess things up, being insecure and shy, not wanting to lead me on, being socially anxious, and not knowing what to do. I hope you’ve got the answers you require, which will further help you decide what to do.

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