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How To Not Appear Desperate To A Woman in 7 Simple Ways

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In the relationship world, how to not appear desperate to a woman is a key ingredient every man must know in any relationship. This is more like a school of learning where every man is expected to be enrolled before going into any relationship with a woman.

However, being desperate means having a great need or desire for something. In this context, the topic refers to a man who is overager, anxious, presumptuous, and willing to be with a woman to avoid being alone.

In this article, we will learn and relearn how to not appear desperate to a woman and signs that show a man is desperate.

How To Not Appear Desperate To A Woman

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Appearing desperate can be a turn-off for every woman. If you want to avoid being desperate for a woman, here are some tips to consider:


Communication is the foundation of every relationship. It’s what keeps partners on the same page and feeling like they are solving problems together rather than against one another.

For you not to appear desperate, be sincere and honest about your intentions, but be cautious of overwhelming a woman with constant messages or excessive attention. Find a healthy balance between open communication and giving her the space to reciprocate.

Communication in a relationship requires the two parties to maintain consistent communication.


Self-confidence means that you have a certain level of trust based on how you built yourself up. Your self-confidence is attractive and shows that you value yourself.

Focus on your positive qualities and engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself, because every woman wants to be with a man who has confidence in himself.

3. Independence

Don’t become overly reliant on someone else for your happiness or validation. Maintain your own interests, hobbies, and friendships. This will showcase your independence and demonstrate that you have a fulfilling life beyond seeking a romantic partner.

Furthermore, your happiness must not rely on or depend on a person but rather create your happiness yourself; that is, make yourself happy even before you go into a relationship.

4. Take It Slow

Avoid rushing into a relationship or pushing for commitment too soon. Allow the relationship to develop naturally, and give the woman space to get to know you better.

Every woman has different times and ways of adapting to a relationship. Being patient will help you know how to not appear desperate to a woman.

5. Respect Boundaries

It’s vital to respect a woman’s boundaries. Avoid being too pushy or clingy, as this can make you look desperate. Pay attention to her reactions and responses, and be mindful of her comfort level in the relationship.

Further, don’t make a woman do what she doesn’t want just to please you; respect her privacy and take note of her principles so that you won’t cross the bounds.

6. Pursue Personal Goals

Focus on your own personal growth and aspirations. Set goals and work towards achieving them. Women are often attracted to individuals who are driven and ambitious.

Working on yourself daily will help you become a better and more acceptable man to a good woman.

7. Maintain Other Relationships

While it’s natural to prioritize a romantic interest, don’t neglect your friendships or family relationships. Balancing your social life demonstrates that you have a well-rounded support system and won’t rely solely on the woman for your emotional needs. The essence of maintaining other relationships will help you know how to not appear desperate to a woman.

10 Signs Of A Desperate Man

Being desperate does not start with just a day; it’s a gradual attitude one keeps repeating in a relationship, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Nevertheless, this can be overcome if only you learn how to not appear desperate to a woman by knowing these signs of a desperate man:

1. He Talks Too Much

When a man seems to do all the talking all the time, it’s possible he is desperate or needy to remain at the forefront of your attention.

Talking too much is also a sign that he may be intimidated by you or that he doesn’t want to give you a chance to express yourself. Such a man becomes the speaker and the listener at the same time, because the woman’s opinion or view is not welcome.

2. He Wants The Relationship To Move Faster

Sometimes, when men are desperate for things to move faster, they become even needier and needier, trying to dominate all of their partner’s time and attention to accelerate the process.

This man’s attitude and actions look desperate in the sense that he is getting married within a short period of courtship. The desperate man will spend every single day with a new girl for weeks and never know basic information about her that normally should have been covered in the first few dates.

Although finding love is based on each individual relationship and some people move quicker than others, the desperate man will move so quickly with things like intimacy and sex that he will turn a woman off with his frantic desire for a relationship.

He is not ready to follow marriage procedures like counseling, reading books on relationships, and listening to relationship talks.

3. Always Threatening To Break Up

When a guy is constantly threatening to break up with a woman, there is a very strong possibility that he actually wants the very opposite thing. In his mind, threatening to break up with the lady will make her think about the potential of losing him.

More or less, he wants to force her back to her senses and make her stay with him. When a man keeps on threatening a lady, it is a sign of desperation, which every man must learn to overcome by knowing how to not appear desperate to women.

4. He Never Gives The Partner Any Space

Guys who are severely needy are desperate for all of her time and often for all of her space as well. If he is constantly smothering and freaks out whenever she is not around, even for a little while, that woman is definitely dealing with one desperate compadre.

5. He Seems to Enjoy Arguing

When a guy seems to really enjoy arguing with his partner and even goes as far as to constantly start little fights, he’s desperate about the situation and is trying to somehow temporarily gain the upper hand. He is never tired of arguing, even when he is wrong.

6. He’s Constantly Doing Too Much for the Partner

Guys that seem to always do a little too much for their partner are probably doing it out of needy desperation to be with her, or at the very least as a focal point of her attention.

Whether it’s jewelry, weekend getaways, or simply checking in on you and surprising you with your favorite things, it could indeed be that he is actually scared of losing you or wants things to progress quicker. The desperation of a man can go to any extent to do anything for a woman.

7. He’s Never Introduced Her to His Family or Friends

If weeks and months go by and he has never taken the time to introduce her to his family or friends, something is definitely off in the equation. It’s possible that he is desperate for her attention now but plans on a long-term relationship with her.

A man will always give one excuse or another reason they don’t want to introduce the lady to their parents.

8. He’s Not Comfortable Around Her Family

When you have a man around your family and he just never seems to be comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s up to no good. In fact, until they’ve spent some time around each other and gotten to know each other a bit, both parties may feel some discomfort.

The man gives an attitude or excuse why he doesn’t want to visit her partner’s family; in fact, some don’t want to be recognized by their partner’s family.

But, as the relationship progresses, if he never seems to open up to them or feel comfortable in their presence, you’ve got yourself a major red flag on your hands. It’s a neon sign that he’s desperate for them not to get to know the real him.

9. He’s Extremely Jealous

It’s a clear and immediate red flag that a man is seriously desperate and needy. He becomes instantly and extremely jealous when his partner is out of his sight. If he is that way from the very beginning of the relationship, it is a sign that he will likely get worse.

10. He Always Blames The Partner For Everything

Speaking of the men who never apologize for anything, even when they are actually wrong, some extra-needy men take it a step further and actually blame the woman for every single bad thing that happens.

These guys are typically so desperate to always be right and look macho to their friends that they will even go out of their way to find things to blame on their partner. There is nothing that is done that looks right to the man; such a person sees their partner as always wrong.

Final Words

In the school of relationships, the acceptance of a woman’s proposal doesn’t end there; rather, it requires so much effort and your sincerity in building the relationship that it will help you know how to not appear desperate to a woman.





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