Who is Pregnant on Chesapeake Shores?

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Who is pregnant on Chesapeake Shores? Meghan Ory of Chesapeake Shores is expecting her third child with her husband, John Reardon.

During the final season of the Hallmark Channel series, the actress was pregnant.

She revealed that she had hyperemesis gravidarum while working on the show’s final episodes.

Meghan Ory, a Hallmark Channel actress, had a difficult time recording the final episodes of Chesapeake Shores.

During the final season of the show, the actress was pregnant and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). HG is a pregnancy syndrome that causes severe nausea and vomiting.

Meghan Ory, star of ‘Chesapeake Shores,’ was pregnant during the final season of the show.

Since 2016, Ory has played Abby O’Brien on Chesapeake Shores. The sixth season of the sitcom, which is now airing on Hallmark, is its final.

And, regrettably for Ory, working on those final episodes may have been more enjoyable. In a July instagram post, she announced that she was carrying both HG and COVID-19 during filming.



(@officialmeghanory), Instagram

“After six seasons, #chesapeakeshores has come to an end!” “I started this season with #hyperemesisgravidarum and finished with #covid—it’s been a wild ride!” she wrote.

According to the Mayo Clinic, HG is a severe form of morning sickness that can result in dehydration and weight loss. Patients with the illness may require hospitalization and treatment with IV fluids and drugs.

Ory is not alone in her battle against HG. The disease has also affected Kate Middleton, Amy Schumer, Jana Kramer, and Kelly Clarkson.

Ory thanked the Hallmark Channel cast and crew for their support. Ory, 40, and her husband, John Reardon, who stars on the Canadian TV sitcom Hudson & Rex, previously welcomed a boy in 2018 and another kid in 2019. She was grateful for the assistance of her Chesapeake Shores family, as well as her husband and their nannies, during her pregnancy.

“Thank you so much to our amazing cast and crew for having so much patience with me while I tried not to barf on anyone,” she wrote in a blog post.

“Thank you to my incredible husband, @johnny_reardon_ for holding down the fort and being my rock—and our two, yes, two, Nannie’s for all their support.” With both mom and dad on TV shows, two Nannies were required!”

The show ‘Chesapeake Shores’ is coming to an end.

Chesapeake Shores’ last episodes are presently running on Hallmark. So far in this season of the family drama, viewers have witnessed Abby’s blossoming romance with billionaire Evan Kincaid (Robert Buckley), her father Mick O’Brien’s (Treat Williams) increasing reliance on prescription painkillers, and her brother Connor O’Brien’s (Andrew Francis) recovery from a heart attack.

Though fans are disappointed, Hallmark decided it was time to conclude the story of the O’Brien family.

“We are so proud of Chesapeake Shores, a show that has captured imaginations and was reaching a natural conclusion, and we decided to wrap up the show on a high note in the sixth and final season,” the network wrote in response to a fan’s question about why the show was ending in late March.

Chesapeake Shores Season 6 premieres Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel until October 16.

FAQS: Who is Pregnant on Chesapeake Shores?

Which actress is actually pregnant on Chesapeake Shores?

Meghan Ory, a Hallmark Channel star, has revealed that she was pregnant during filming Season 6 of ‘Chesapeake Shores.’ Scary Situation. A difficult circumstance. Meghan Ory spoke out about her experiences while filming the final season of Chesapeake Shores, and it turns out she had two health scares.

In Chesapeake Shores, is Sarah pregnant?

Mick and Megan meet in the exciting season conclusion of “Chesapeake Shores.” Sarah and Kevin’s baby is born, and a week of festivities brings the O’Briens together for the final time.

What happened to Margaret on Chesapeake Shores?

I questioned one of the people working on the show about it, and they claimed they only recast because Raylene Harewood received a role in a play in Toronto and wouldn’t be able to do both the play and the show, especially given their production schedule.

Will Trace be back in season 6?

“We never see Trace again.” He’s off-discovering himself and such. And he’s no longer on the show, so I wish him well.” But will we hear anything about him as the series winds down? “Not really.” Metcalfe left the drama at the start of Season 5 (Ricardo Hubbs/Hallmark Media).

Which Chesapeake Shores season 6 actors are expecting?

Meghan Ory reflects on a rough start to the final season of Chesapeake Shores. The Hallmark actress, 39, recently revealed on Instagram that she was pregnant with her second child while filming Season 6 of the popular show.

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