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Jess Chesapeake Shores Weight Gain: Uncovering The Truth About The Rumor

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Jessica Chesapeake Shores weight gain was really a trending topic last year on the internet. Yet, Laci J. Mailey didn’t come out publicly to clear the air on the trending gossip. So for many who still need an answer on the topic, your answer is here.

Who is Jess Chesapeake Shores?

Laci J. Mailey is a Canadian actress known for her role as Jess O’Brien in the popular Hallmark Family drama titled Chesapeake Shores and her role on the TV series Falling Skies. She was born on November 15, 1990, in a town called Fruitvale in British Columbia, Canada. She attended her primary and high school education in British Columbia. After high school, she proceeded to Vancouver Film School and later furthered her education in New York and Los Angeles.

The topic, Jess Chesapeake Shores weight gain, was the trending gossip that was all over the internet after the release of season 6 of the Jess Chesapeake Shores series. Most families believed she was pregnant along the line. This was because she appeared bigger, especially in season 6.

Regardless of the talks, Laci refused to clear the air and has been living some sort of quiet lifestyle thereafter. Which explains why some people believe that it was pregnancy. However, it’s been more than a year already, and she barely posts on Instagram.

Was Jess on Chesapeake Shores pregnant, or was it just weight gain?


Well, it was obvious that she was not pregnant, but she seemed to bear on to the symptoms of pregnancy, so the speculation was hard to debunk, which is probably why she refused to say anything about it. The situation was obscure, but it is now crystal clear that she was not pregnant but rather showing signs of post-childbirth.

We can recall that she made it known in 2019 on her Instagram that she gave birth to a baby boy. But the rumor was in 2019, when her first child, Cassius, had already turned 4 this year. Although, in March last year, she tweeted a video of her husband and son looking at a cot with the caption, “baby girl.”

This means she had a baby girl. People thought she was going to have a third, but she was not. Rather, it was just a post-pregnancy effect, and yes, she gained weight. Many women like her pass through the same phase after pregnancy; the body may be bound to change, and for her, it is a weight gain.

Laci once posted a picture of her and her son with the caption ‘2’. For the anxious fans, they presumed it was because she was going to give birth to twins. Unfortunately, that was not the case, as it meant something entirely different.

Ever since she and her husband had their first child, Cassius, she has been living a mild internet life, as they rarely post or engage on all social media. It is obvious that she wanted a break to spare for her family, as she was ready to fully take up motherhood responsibilities.

Who is Laci J. Mailey, aka Jess of Chesapeake Shores’ husband?

The 33-year-old is married to Steve Bradley, and they have been married since 2016. The duo had known each other since childhood before they started dating and then entered into marriage. Steve Bradley and Laci J. Mailey are blessed with two children: the first, a girl named Undisclosed, and the second, a boy named Cassius.

Bradley is of English and Irish descent and spent most of his early years at St. Edward Catholic School before he switched to Queen Elizabeth. Laci spouse was born and bred in Newfoundland’s conception Bay south.

Steve is a videographer, photographer, and actor. He is also the head of video production at Vish in Vancouver, British Columbia, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He has also attended the Vancouver Film School. Steve seems to be doing well in his video production career.

A Brief on Laci J. Mailey and Steve Bradley’s relationship

Mailey and Steve first met at Vancouver Film School, where Steve was a senior student and Mailey was still a new student. They got to know each other, and they dated for years before they took the big decision. The couple got married on July 28, 2016, and they had their first child three years later.

In 2019, she had her first child, which was a boy. She was the first to post a picture of their baby bump and inform her fans that she had given birth to a baby boy named Cassius. Thereafter, they had a baby girl, but the details remained sketchy until now. She also got a tattoo of the picture of her baby boy on her chest.

Before they had their second, they never ceased to hide their joy, as she often posted her baby bump from time to time until she went to bed. Now it looks like the couple has decided to take a break from social media. It looks like they seem to be enjoying their new mild social media lifestyle.

The controversy over Jess Chesapeake Shores weight gain is correct, but for those who presumed she was late with her third fruit, it is a wrong assertion. Even though she has yet to come out to debunk the claim.

Jess Chesapeake Shores: weight gain or pregnancy?

It was not a pregnancy; it was actually a massive weight gain. She gave birth to a girl in March of last year. The same year, season six of Chesapeake Shores was released, which obviously meant she was only suffering postnatal effects, which caused her to increase her weight massively. The only person who was actually pregnant during the series was her co-star, actress Meghan Ory. Though she never refuted the gossip, we believe this has done more justice to these rumors about Jess Chesapeake’s weight gain or pregnancy.

The actress is currently taking a break from social media and having a lovely moment with her husband and two lovely kids away from social media gossips and rumors

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