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How to Repost on Instagram: Ways to Reshare Content From Other Users

As an influencer or brand, you constantly have to post content and engage with your audience in order to stay on top of the Instagram algorithm, which can really tire you out at times. In moments like these, you can resort to reposting user-generated content. 

UGC is absolutely amazing since you can save a lot of time, effort, and resources that go into producing content in-house. The best part? It performs exceptionally well and boosts your engagement rates like anything. 

Incorporating UGC in your content strategy and plan is a very intelligent move. Here’s how you can repost content from various users and make it a part of your official profile. 

Ways to Repost Content on Instagram

There are multiple ways you can reshare content on Instagram, such as:

  • On the feed
  • On stories
  • Adding to highlights
  • Using third-party apps

Let’s discuss each of these methods in detail. 

On the Feed

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer a direct method or in-app feature to share someone else’s post on your feed. But there is definitely a way to do this and here’s how you can do it too. 

Make sure you have the creator’s permission beforehand to use their content on your feed and do not forget to give them the credits. 

  • So first of all, what you need to do is take a screenshot of your desired post.
  • You can either crop and resize the screenshot before uploading or do it while uploading to your feed. 
  • Create a post, resize the picture, and crop all the unnecessary elements out of your screenshot if you haven’t done it before. 
  • Apply filters if you want to.
  • Tag the original creator in the photo.
  • Write the caption and don’t forget to give credit.
  • Publish it on your feed.

On Stories 

Reposting someone’s content on stories is super simple because, thankfully, Instagram does offer this feature in the app. However, there could be two variations to this:

  1. Sharing someone’s story on your story
  2. Sharing someone’s feed post on your story

Story on Story

When you view someone’s story, depending on their permission, you can share it in your own story as well. If they have allowed story sharing, you will see a small paper plane icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. 

When you click on it, a pop-up will appear where you can choose to either repost it on your stories or share it privately with someone in the DMs. If you select the option for sharing it on your story, it will be automatically added to your story, and you won’t have to do anything further.  

If you have been tagged in a story, you will receive a DM. When you open the message, you can see a preview of the story. On top of that, you can see an option that says “post it on your story.” Upon clicking it, you can easily add it to your stories.

Feed Post on Story

Similarly, when you see someone’s post, you can see a paper plane icon below the picture, next to the like and comment buttons. If you click it, a pop-up will appear on your screen where you can choose to share it on your stories or send it as a message to someone privately.

By clicking on the share to story button, a draft of your story will be automatically created and opened, where you can choose to preview the shared post with or without a caption. You can write something and add other elements to your story, such as emojis, stickers, gifs, etc. 

If your story is ready, you can click on the post button immediately. Otherwise, you can edit it later in the drafts and then post it later at your convenience.    

Adding to Highlights

Since Instagram stories are temporary, they disappear after 24 hours. So Instagram introduced the “highlights” feature, where your stories become a permanent part of your profile.

To add a story to the highlights, click on the “plus” sign on the top right corner of your profile screen. Select the story highlight option and choose the story you want to add to it. Pick a cover photo for the highlight and give it a name. 

If you want to add a story to an already existing highlight, tap and hold it until a pop-up appears. Then select “edit highlight,” where you will be able to add new stories or delete older ones. 

Using Third-Party Apps

Since Instagram doesn’t allow directly reposting a post on your feed, you can use any reliable and trustworthy third-party apps to do that as well. Most apps allow you to repost on Instagram seamlessly. But this is something you have to be careful with and do on your own responsibility since there can be virus or malware risks involved. 

How You Can Use Reposting To Grow On Instagram

Considering to buy instagram followers is not the only way to grow on the platform. There are several other ways to do so but let’s keep that topic for another day. Right now, let’s dive right into how you can use reposting to grow your business and why it must be incorporated in your Instagram content strategy. 

Keep an Eye Out for Tags and Mentions 

One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram through reposting is to always keep an eye out for tags, mentions in comments or stories, and relevant hashtags and put them to good use. Share when someone tags you in a public post or mentions you in their stories. 

Research relevant hashtags and keywords and make it a habit to use them in your captions for stories and feed posts.  

When someone tags you in their posts or stories, do not take that opportunity for granted. People are more likely to trust word-of-mouth than your promotional content. Other people using your products or services and tagging you without any sponsorship is perceived as more authentic by people. So do not miss out on this golden chance!

Show Your Audience That You Value Their Presence 

People love being acknowledged, even if it’s for the smallest of things. But when it is by a brand or celebrity, they are over the moon. When you reshare their content on your page, it makes them really happy to know that you acknowledge and value their presence in your life. 

It is a two-way path that benefits both parties in one way or another. You get to showcase the authentic side of your brand, and they are glad to be acknowledged for even a small effort on their end. 

User-Generated Content

Getting UGC is an amazing thing to happen. People are automatically engaged with your brand and sharing content on their own. Be it a result of a series, a campaign, a contest, or a giveaway that you created. 

All of these are simple and easy ways of getting user-generated content and engagement. You do not have to buy instagram views or likes to showcase that people follow your content. UGC can bring in more people to follow you and become your potential customers. 

Key Notes

Don’t underestimate the power of reposting your audience’s content on your feed. Do it regularly and see the magic it brings to your brand.

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