Rebecca Siggers

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Rebecca Siggers

Holographic Stickers

How Holographic Stickers Can Elevate Your Branding Strategy

Introduction to Holographic Stickers and Their Popularity in Branding; In recent years, holographic stickers have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to elevate their branding strategy. These unique and eye-catching stickers not only add a touch of creativity and fun to products or packaging but also serve as a powerful marketing tool. So, ...

Five Tips on Creating a Happiness Blog 

Every day, readers scour the internet for that sparkle of joy to lighten their day. Happiness blogs have become sanctuaries for those seeking inspiration, positivity, and techniques for a contented life. Writing about happiness on a blog isn’t just selfless; it can also lead to personal fulfillment and financial success if done well. This blog ...


Revolutionising Procurement: Odisha’s Journey with E-Procurement and Tenders

In the realm of procurement, the state of Odisha has been a trailblazer, embracing digital transformation to revolutionize its tendering processes. With the advent of e-procurement platforms, Odisha has witnessed a paradigm shift, moving from traditional paper-based tendering to a streamlined, efficient, and transparent electronic system. In this blog, we explore Odisha’s journey with e-procurement ...