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9 Awful Things To Stop Doing Now!

Better living, Stop it

Everyone wants to make it big this year and has written numerous resolutions, goals, and visions. While all this is not bad, it is worthy to note that there are some habits that could stand in the way of fulfilling your aspirations.

In this article, I’ve outlined nine things to stop doing now if you want to make it really big and achieve your dream in life.

1. Holding On To Your Past

Stop looking and digging into your negative past, that’s not a nice place to go to. Of course, the past harbored many valuable life lessons. However, instead of focusing on what you could have changed, you should learn from it and use those lessons for your future personal growth.

Don’t let your past define you. Your identity lies in who you are today and who you want to become in the future. The negative past should be forgotten. Instead, we should keep our minds on our beautiful memories. Do not be haunted by the happenings of your past. Stop remembering the choices you should have made, the life you should have lived, the money you should have invested, etc.

The past is full of regrets, as well as beautiful events and memories. Remembering it opens you up to depression and regrets. Rather stay on the positive side of your past and reach for your goals.

2. Trying To Be Perfect

No one is infallible. We are all imperfect. There is nothing you can do about it. You might as well accept it and learn to be at peace with your unique imperfections. Stop setting unrealistic expectations. It opens you up to be caged in procrastination. Break off from the shackles of perfectionism. Instead of loathing yourself for not being perfect, rechannel your energy towards excellence in life.

3. Negative Thoughts


This is one key thing to stop doing now. Those negative thoughts in your mind should be cast off. You shouldn’t make yourself miserable by thinking badly about yourself. What you need to do is put your mind on the right track. The situation of your life is in direct proportion to the content in your mind. Your negative thoughts, if not stopped, would set you in for doom. Be optimistic at all times. Smash every form of negativity.

4. Pleasing People

Negative_things_to stop_doing

The “Peoleasing mentality” can be very disastrous. It is impossible to make everyone happy and keep your state of mind clear and peaceful. Rather than pleasing people, do what makes you happy instead. Life is too precious to waste on satisfying everyone you meet.
Remain yourself. Don’t leave yourself behind to please that person.

5. Trying To Be Right Always

Living in the belief that you are always right, means that you only keep people in your life who validate your beliefs. Each idea deserves to be questioned. Accept that your ideas are not always the best and that you may be wrong. Stay open-minded and be respectful of everyone’s opinions, you certainly have things to learn from people who cross your path.

6. Destructive Criticism

A study by Wake Forest University found that those who criticized were actually the most unhappy, less satisfied with their lives, and were more likely to be depressed. What you criticize in others actually reflects aspects of your personality that you do not accept. Learn to rejoice in others and be in fellowship with yourself. The key to getting there is to develop your self-confidence!

7. Being Too busy

This is one of the important things to stop doing at work. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be devoted to working but keep your mind open to other events around your even while working. Being too busy keeps you from the sweet part of life.

Do you always do things to keep yourself busy? This mania for always wanting to be active reflects a fear of emptiness, which you seek to fill with action. In fact, you prevent yourself from thinking about what is really distressing you. However, staying active will not solve your problems; on the contrary, it is a way of running away from them. Take the time, think about what makes you anxious, and deal with it once and for all.

8. Opposing Change

As soon as a change comes to destabilize your daily life, you become afraid? It is normal, that’s how you were made. It is a natural mechanism of adaptation that pushes us to want to avoid situations that represent a threat to our balance. It is quite normal to want to keep your little comfort, but it is also the best way to stagnate. Don’t lock yourself in your fears, don’t go looking for excuses.

9 Desire To Be Loved By Everyone


Your desire to be loved by everyone reflects a lack of self-confidence that pushes you to pretend to be a person that you are not. Indeed, your fear of judgment becomes so powerful that you want to please others at all costs. This need to be approved often forces you to make choices that satisfy your friends or relatives, to the detriment of your own will.

The result: others love you for what you are not. Stop thinking about what people want from you, and learn to live for yourself and not for others. Leave room for spontaneity and naturalness, and accept criticism. The only person you have to please is you.

Overall, life would be a lot easier and more pleasant to live if you do away with these habits.

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