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The Importance of Asking for Help: Avoiding Burnout in 2023

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Institutions have started to recognize burnout now that more employees are experiencing extreme stress and fatigue in their workplace. Microsoft’s Work Trend Index report states that 60% of workers between 18 and 25 years old are merely surviving or flat-out struggling with burnout. However, burnout is not limited to this age group alone. Employees of all ages may experience severe fatigue, feelings of negativity, and reduced productivity due to overworking in high-stress work environments.

While your work environment is not within your control, you can manage your susceptibility to burnout by asking for help. You can learn how to approach people that can reduce your risk of burnout through the following tips:

Learn how to adjust your workload by talking to your boss

Extreme workloads often cause burnout. If you think that your daily responsibilities are too much to handle, you can effectively prevent burnout by discussing this dilemma with your manager and figuring out how to properly address your tasks together.

Given that this is a serious matter, you must schedule a proper meeting with your boss. You’ll have to prepare for the discussion by identifying specific work projects or deadlines that are too much for one person to handle. You can also opt to offer solutions that can help lighten your workload. By discussing your work concerns together, you and your boss can find ways to adjust your workload without burdening the team.

Hire a professional who can help with your workload

If you’re the boss of your department or business, you can adjust your workload by delegating tasks to other staff members. However, keep in mind that you might increase your current staff’s risk of burnout when you add more tasks to their long list of responsibilities.

You can protect your own well-being without increasing your staff’s risk of burnout by hiring an administrative assistant for your other tasks. The administrative assistant job description by LHH points out that these professionals can aid managers in creating and maintaining file systems, managing accounts, performing bookkeeping, and accomplishing administrative tasks. Administrative assistants can even prepare reports, handle communications tasks, and answer correspondence for you, allowing you to focus on more intensive and important tasks.

Work with a life coach who can boost your work habits

There are cases when you cannot adjust your workload or delegate tasks to others. In this case, you may benefit from working with a life coach. These wellness professionals can build your skills and provide useful advice so that you can improve your career as well as other aspects of your daily life.

To illustrate, a resource on life coaches by Verywell Mind shares that these professionals can guide you in identifying your ideal career path, implementing the changes that you need to make for your goals, and boosting your daily motivation. The article even highlights studies proving that life coaches can effectively help enhance goal attainment, self-efficacy, and leadership skills. By getting life coaching, you can address specific factors before they cause burnout.

Address your stressors with a mental health professional


A research study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health revealed that one out of five American adults had a mental illness in the past few years. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for professionals in the corporate world or in high-stress industries to experience extreme stress levels, anxiety, or depression.

These mental health conditions can cause burnout, as much as burnout can lead to mental illnesses. So before it’s too late, you need to seek help from a mental health professional that can use techniques and provide solutions that can address your stressors. For instance, therapists can help you combat the effects of burnout through cognitive restructuring exercises, while psychiatrists can use talk therapy techniques and administer medications for necessary cases.

Find a support network that you can rely on

Your burdens at work will seem lighter, especially if you can seek support and assistance from reliable individuals. These people can guide you in dealing with negative thoughts about your work or even motivate you during stressful times to help you avoid burnout.
You can start by seeking help and support from colleagues that you trust. These professionals will understand your hectic schedule and tasks, making it easier for them to empathize with you or even offer solutions that can lighten your workload. However, if you don’t trust your colleagues, it’s best to reach out to your family and friends during these difficult times. Your loved ones can offer words of wisdom about your career or simply serve as a listening ear to help you unload any issues that you encounter at work.
Though you are responsible for your job, it’s okay for you to reach out for help whenever work gets too stressful. Your work responsibilities will definitely be easier to manage once you learn how to delegate your tasks or seek support outside of work.

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