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10 Signs of Depression in Men (The Remedy)

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We often overlook depression in men and focus more on depression in women. Men can have mental health problems and be depressed, but they are less likely to notice the signs right away and get help in time.

Depression refers to feeling down and morose for an extended period. Depression in men can be very dangerous and lead to suicide if not treated quickly, especially if the person doesn’t get enough medical care.

Symptoms differ between men and women when it comes to depression. It is worse in men because they are more likely not to talk about it or seek medical assistance.

This article will talk about the warning signs of depression in men that you should know about to keep a young man from dying too soon.

Signs Of Depression In Men

1. Anger, Irritability, or Aggression

Being angry about tough situations is normal, but depression is a cut above, and it is a condition that needs to be taken seriously. Some people are able to make light of anger tantrums, as shown in depressed men. It ought not to be so.

Depression in men could lead to angry outbursts, a loss of temper, and getting irritated over little things. These signs are not normal. They are being induced by depression. Urgent medical attention should be sought when this sign shows up.

Aggression may soon start to set in, and before you know it, it will start to manifest as being physically abusive and violent. This is a great sign of depression in men, and it shouldn’t be treated with less concern.

2. Feeling Anxious or on the Edge


Feeling anxious and restless are signs of depression in men. If, as a man, you often feel anxious and restless over every little thing, that could be a sign that you are depressed.

If this continues over an extended period of time, you need to make sure you don’t let those feelings stay. You should seek medical attention and advice.

3. Physical Aches or Pains

Depression also causes physical discomfort and pain. Even if you haven’t been hurt, depression can cause you to have constant headaches, back pain, and other physical pain.

The chemical imbalance caused by depression affects the body and each part of it. With the change in your lifestyle, you might even get diarrhea, which could upset your stomach.

General physical discomfort is a possible sign of depression in men that shouldn’t be overlooked. Take care of it if symptoms persist.

4. Withdrawing From Family and Work Life

Depression interferes with your daily activities, including family, work, and relationships with other people. It makes it difficult for a victim to make an attempt at their daily activities.

When depressed, you might lose enthusiasm and the right motivation for what you do. Over time, you are likely to put your mind to things that will make you avoid responsibilities. And may begin to develop an interest in unusual things, or begin to ignore your family and friends.

You may find it difficult to expend energy on anything. Soon enough, you may forgo maintaining good hygiene and lose your job. Finally, you’ll be forced to retreat to the confines of your room and keep your life smaller.

Finding it difficult to keep up with family engagements, work activities, and daily routine activities could be a sign of depression in men. If discovered, immediate medical help should be rendered.

5. Engaging in High-risk Activities

Depression in men could make them engage in high-risk activities and extreme sports. Some examples are riding a bike, skating, racing cars, driving recklessly, and having unsafe sexual behavior.

Such behavior can be a sign of depression in men, especially when combined with the use of hard drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. The victim should be confined and immediate help sought.

6. Excessive Drinking and Drug Abuse

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Another sign of depression in men to watch out for is excessive drinking and drug abuse. According to a report from CDC, men are more likely to binge drink than women. And, excessive drinking poses a significant risk to men’s overall health and safety.  Excessive drinking and the use of hard drugs are deeply connected with depression. Men often use them as a means to forget their sorrows, but it makes everything worse. We compiled a list of unhealthy lifestyles to avoid for every day better living.

These negative lifestyles do more harm than good to victims of depression. It takes them deeper into depression and can lead to a fatal accidents, health challenges, and then death.

This is a strong sign of depression in men to watch out for. If a friend or family member notices, they should get the person medical help and help with recovery right away.

7. Thinking Proves Difficult

One common sign of depression in men is the inability to think straight. You can’t engage in a mind-twisting game. Thinking becomes difficult.

You might feel distracted and restless there, losing focus. Moreover, your thoughts might turn negative. You might find your mind regularly tilting towards suicidal thoughts.

These are dangerous signs of depression in men, and you will have to take them seriously. If you experience such a thing or know someone who does, seek medical help ASAP.

8. Change in Sleep Patterns

Depression causes a hormonal imbalance inside the body, which changes the sleep pattern. It usually results from the brain not having the right environment to function properly.

Changes in sleep patterns are a sign of depression in men. When a man is depressed, he may lose sleep, have trouble sleeping, or change the way he sleeps. This is unhealthy, and letting it continue will reduce the quality of life.

9. Overwhelming Stress

Stress can be both a trigger and a sign of depression in men. Men may be more likely to report symptoms of depression as stress because it is a more social way of expressing that something is wrong.

Research has shown that stress that lasts for a long time can lead to depression and other mental health problems in men. When a man constantly complains of stress, it could be a sign that he is depressed.

10. Harmful Thoughts

Sometimes, people with depression begin to loathe themselves. They are extremely hard on themselves due to their faults or mistakes.

Many men feel hopeless and guilty for things that have happened in the past. In the most severe cases, some men nurse harmful thoughts of hurting themselves or even turning to suicide as a way out.

Never ignore when someone, especially a man, is trying to talk to you about their emotions. If they reveal suicidal thoughts, find them the necessary help they need immediately.

How To Deal With Depression In Men



Meditation is a great key to dealing with depression. It doesn’t take away the depressing thoughts. Rather, it helps to distance you from those negative thoughts so you can track them. That will help you discover that you are separate from those negative thoughts and don’t have to play along.

A good way to start is to meditate and ponder on good things. The Holy Bible is a treasure trove of good things to ponder. You can start with the book of Psalms. Once you begin meditating on the Bible, it won’t be long before those depressing thoughts vanish.

Psychotherapy & Medication


Every symptom differs in severity, and in a way, it may be beneficial to seek professional help and treatment. Other treatments for depression are psychotherapy and medication. There are some other things you can do as well.

Psychotherapy is helpful. It involves going outside and talking to someone. Getting your thoughts out of your head and sharing your pain with someone sympathetic and encouraging—someone who can help you feel better and see your problems from a different perspective. Such a person can be a professional psychotherapist or a friend that really cares and has what it takes to help you out.

Someone who can provide you with sound advice and solutions while also assisting you in better managing your emotions.


Exercise, diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also help you come out of that depressed state. A daily dose of antidepressants could help that sad and tired heart feel better.

In conclusion, depression is treatable. However, you have to first recognize those depressing thoughts to get the right treatment.


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