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South Africa McDonald’s Menu


McDonald’s is a well-known fast-food restaurant brand in South Africa, offering a broad variety of burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, McFeast meals, Big Mac meals, chicken nuggets, and other delectable foods that are quick and easy to eat.

In addition to their traditional offers, they have recently begun to offer healthier options in response to their consumers’ evolving demands and tastes.

South Africa McDonalds Menu 2024

The cost of items on the McDonald’s South Africa menu varies depending on what you choose and how much you order.

The Big Mac costs R60.50, while the Big Mac Sharebag Meal costs R262.10. The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is available for R72.90, while the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Combo costs R239.90.

You can also enjoy McRoyale® Meals and McFeast Deluxe Meals, which range in price from R39.90 to R76.00.

If you want to eat Sushi meals, be sure to check out the most recent Ocean Basket menu. Here is a list of the most recentSouth Africa McDonalds Menu.

McDonald’s Milkshake Menu

If you’ve ever desired the creamy bliss of a McDonald’s milkshake, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll delve into the alluring world of McDonald’s milkshakes and reveal the truth about their prices.

Whether you’re a frequent McDonald’s customer or just want to try a frozen treat, understanding the price dynamics will make your next visit more enjoyable.

What sets McDonald’s milkshakes apart?

McDonald’s milkshakes are known for their creamy, velvety smoothness. Whether you like traditional vanilla, rich chocolate or a burst of strawberry, each sip transports you to a world of delicious flavors.

Decoding McDonald’s Milkshake Prices

McDonald’s serves milkshakes in a variety of sizes to satisfy varied desires. The pricing structure takes into account the size you select, with larger alternatives costing slightly more.

McDonald’s occasionally provides special or seasonal milkshake tastes. Due to unusual ingredients or restricted availability, some may have a minor price premium. Keep a look out for these pleasant treats. Let’s Dive into the Prices:

Small Indulgence, Big Flavor

  • Small Vanilla Shake: $2.49
  • Small Chocolate Shake: $2.49
  • Small Strawberry Shake: $2.49

Middling Marvels

  • Medium Vanilla Shake: $2.99
  • Medium Chocolate Shake: $2.99
  • Medium Strawberry Shake: $2.99

Large Delights for the Ultimate Treat

  • Large Vanilla Shake: $3.49
  • Large Chocolate Shake: $3.49
  • Large Strawberry Shake: $3.49

Big Mac Prices

A Big Mac cost roughly $2.50 in the early 1980s, but by 2021, it had risen to around $3.80, demonstrating how times have changed. The current price of a Big Mac in South Africa is R60.50.

It is a popular burger on McDonald’s menus throughout South Africa and the world. It includes two 100% pure beef patties, Big Mac sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, all served on a sesame seed bun.

It has 563 calories per 219 gram serving, 33 g of fat, 26 g of protein, and 44 g of carbs.

Chicken Nuggets Prices

A 10-piece chicken McNugget at McDonald’s in South Africa costs R64.75. It comes in a variety of sizes, including four, six, nine and twenty-piece variants.

It is famous for its crispy breading and tender white-fleshed chicken on the menu. These chicken pieces can be enjoyed as part of a meal or as a snack, with a variety of sizes available.

One serving of Chicken McNuggets includes about 12.6 grams of fat, 14.3 grams of carbs, and 15.8 grams of protein, for a total of 238 calories. While Chicken McNuggets are a great and quick option, please consume them in moderation.

Hash Brown

McDonald’s Hash Browns are known for their crispy exterior and soft, potato-filled interior. They are offered as a side dish for breakfast sandwiches or as part of a breakfast combo meal.

A serving of Hash Browns includes about 150 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein. For those who enjoy fast meals, Hungry Lion’s menu in South Africa is the ideal option.

While hash browns can be a pleasant and quick option, it is critical to examine their nutritional value and balance them with other meals in your diet to maintain a balanced lifestyle.


Are there any unique McDonald’s menu items in South Africa?

Yes, McDonald’s in South Africa offers special foods based on local preferences. You may come across regional specialties and limited-time products that highlight the diversity of South African flavors.

Can I customize my McDonald’s order in South Africa?

Absolutely! McDonald’s in South Africa allows customers to customize their orders. You can change the components, adjust the portions or even invent new combinations to suit your tastes.

Are there any vegetarian options on the McDonald’s menu in South Africa?

Yes, McDonald’s in South Africa offers vegetarian options such as veggie burgers and other meat-free dishes. Explore the menu to find a range of vegetarian options.

How often does McDonald’s in South Africa add new products to their menu?

McDonald’s in South Africa often releases limited-time items and seasonal promotions to keep the menu fresh and intriguing. Stay tuned for announcements on new and inventive creations.

Can I order McDonald’s online for delivery to South Africa?

Yes, many McDonald’s restaurants in South Africa provide online ordering and delivery options. You can easily order your favourite McDonald’s meals and have them delivered to your door.

Are there any healthy options on the McDonald’s menu in South Africa?

Yes, McDonald’s in South Africa offers a number of healthy options, such as salads, grilled chicken, and other products designed for customers looking for a complete meal.

How can I locate the most recent McDonald’s menu offers and specials in South Africa?

Stay up-to-date on the latest McDonald’s menu offers and promotions in South Africa by visiting the official McDonald’s website, downloading the McDonald’s app, or following McDonald’s social media accounts. These platforms frequently provide current offers and limited-time specials.

Can I use reward programs or discounts on McDonald’s orders in South Africa?

Some McDonald’s restaurants in South Africa may offer loyalty programs or discounts on orders. To optimize your savings, ask your local McDonald’s about various programs and discounts.


McDonald’s is a worldwide famous fast-food company that has been in business since 1940. It was founded in San Bernardino, California, and has since grown to over 38,000 locations in more than 100 countries, making it one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, not just in South Africa but globally.

In addition to its regular goods, the company offers options for people with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian and vegan options, as well as options low in fat and calories.

They committed to sustainability and minimizing their environmental impact by purchasing ingredients sustainably.

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