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All You Need to Know about Middle Child Syndrome

Middle child syndrome” may not be a formal mental health diagnosis but it can sum up a middle child’s experiences pretty well. Middle children can feel neglected, which can lead to some distinct personality traits. Like all children, middle children will have unique needs that may be compounded by their birth order. For instance, they ...

Hassan Javed

Online Privacy

Guiding Children to Make Informed Decisions About Online Privacy Settings

In the contemporary, rapid-paced digital world, kids are growing up in an environment where their non-public facts are only a faucet or click away from being visible. As responsible mothers, fathers and guardians, it’s our primary responsibility to provide guidance to help them make knowledgeable selections about how they take care of their online privacy ...

Salman Rahat

How Much Do Homeschool Tutors Cost? Finding a Right Homeschool Tutor for Your Child

The epidemic changed how people throughout the world viewed schooling. Parents came to see that educators are actual superheroes. The study also found that more parents are becoming interested in homeschooling, which is another unexpected little treasure. Prior to the pandemic, there were around 2.5 million homeschool students enrolled in kindergarten through high school, according ...