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10 Best Italian Fast Food Chains

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It is not an overstatement to say that Americans are in love with Italian food. From pizza to lasagna, tiramisu to spaghetti, Americans are not getting tired of that any time, any day.

Many people know Italy for its delicious meals. The taste has appealed to a lot of people in the States too. No matter the type of meal or snack they prepare, people do not detest or say no to it. It is always a sit-down meal in the restaurant. Italian food, to many people, is a popular choice.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top Italian fast food chains in the United States. Not only that, we will also discuss a few benefits of a few Italian fast food chains in this article. Read on!

Italian Fast Food Chains you Need to know

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1. Olive Garden

This is one of the highest-quality Italian-American food chains in the United States. It is owned by Danden Restaurant. Olive Garden, which has many locations in the United States, is known for its quality and extensive, inspired food menu.

It offers its consumers a variety of irresistible daily food and has never ceased to create a spark in the create your own pasta bowl, which gives the consumers room to make their own meal. Their packaging is always eco-friendly and top-notch.

Here are Olive Garden’s most popular deals: salad, unlimited soup, and breadsticks offer—it allows and makes the consumers enjoy as many of these dishes as they want. Their products include Italian-American cuisine: pasta, salads, chicken, seafood, bread sticks, and cakes.

2. Buca Di Beppo

Buca di beppo is an American restaurant chain specializing in only Italian-American food. Their food ranges from Italian-American food like Spaghetti, Meatballs, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna, ravioli, breadsticks, pizza, submarine sandwiches, salads.

Bucca Di Beppo employees range from 5,000 to 10,000. It was founded in 1993 by Phil Robert.

3. Bertucci

Bertucci, one of the American chain restaurants founded by Joey Crugnale in 1981, is a restaurant that offers pizza and Italian food. This restaurant grew during the 1990s, and they offer quality products such as; soups, pasta, pizza, desserts, and salads.

Bertucci’s has more than 40 locations all over the east side of the Mississippi River; their quality food and various options keep them in high demand. Not only do they have menus for adults, they also have children, which makes them stand out from the crowd and makes families love them the most.

There is a bad side story about Bertucci’s; even when the chain is still alive, it is not worth people’s hard earned money any longer due to its high price and too-decent food, whose recipe is not involved.

4. Marco Pizza

Marco’s Pizza was ranked 10th on the Pizza Today list of the top 100 pizza companies in the United States. It is one of the American restaurants that focuses on Italian-American cuisine. Their focused products are pizza and chicken wings. They are known for their use of authentic and fresh ingredients in their recipe.

Marco’s Pizza have a high standard and they represent the name with pride at all cost. Their commitment in using irresistible and quality ingredients and their sustainability and environmental responsibility speak for them the most. Marco Pizza is one of the most popular choices for people who enjoy Italian food.

5. Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Carrabba’s Italian Grill is also one of the best and highest-quality American restaurant and is owned by Bloomin’ Brands. It is mostly known for its Casual dining. Carrabba’s Italian Grill was founded on December 26th, 1986, in Houston, Texas, U.S.

The Carrabba’s Italian Grill menu is an interesting and evolving one. Its dish’s reputation is top-notch. Examples of dishes you can find there are: Tuscan-grilled steaks, pork chops, Chicken Bryan, etc.

6. Fazoli’s

Fazoli’s, founded by Jerrico, Inc in 1988, is a fast food chain that is widely known for its Italian-American cuisine. Their focus is on the menu of pasta dishes and sandwiches. Fazoli’s is recognized for its quick and friendly services, commitment and sustainability, and consistent packaging. Fazoli’s is also known for its quick and scrumptious meal.

7. Sbarro

Another Italian fast food chain is Sbarro. It was founded by Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro. Sbarro has shopping malls across the United States. There are different varieties of pizzas, pasta, and many other Italian dishes. Its menu does not exclude salad, sandwiches and different types of desserts, like tiramisu and gelato. Sbarro, as one of the Italian fast food chains, always has something for you.

8. Macaroni Grill

Macaroni Grill, one of the Italian fast food chains, is owned by Bloomin’ Brands. Macaroni Grill has locations all over the US and its extensive menu is one of the most inspirational dishes of all time. This is a fast food chain that gives its customers room to customize their own dish. With their high-quality maintenance and ingredients, commitment and environmental responsibility, Macaroni Grill is a good food chain to always go for. It is also known for its fast and jovial service.

9. The Old Spaghetti Factory

This family operated food chain has been in business for over 50 years now. The factory knows its onions and role when it comes to fun decorations yet outstanding ambiance. The Old Spaghetti Factory never disappoints when it comes to food. They are also known for their three-meal courses: an entree, bread that is freshly baked, salad or soup, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The Old Spaghetti Factory has over 40 locations in more than 12 states now.

10. Maggiano Little Italy

This Italian fast food chain was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1991. Maggiano Little Italy is just an amazing place to be, whether you are going out on a date, a meeting, a family get-together or even a reunion.

Maggiano Little Italy mastered the art of culinary skills and they are blowing minds with it. If you are searching for a fast food chain to complete your food confidence and famished self, Maggiano Little Italy should be your option. With their level of satisfaction assurance, you should let your taste buds be your guide.

The Benefits of Italian Fast Food Chains

1. Italian food gives you fresh and healthy pick

Italian food can be healthy if you know the type of food you should always eat. There are different kinds of Italian dishes that can give you what your body needs. Examples are: Vegetables, Beans, whole-grains, etc.  These have low calories yet have nutritional value.

2. Weight Loss

They are people who want to eat and who love to eat their best Italian food without being scared of losing their weight. You are free to eat food made up of leafy greens and vegetables; they have low-calorie ingredients in them. But you also need to be careful on how you take food or whatever you love to eat, because too much of everything is bad. Make sure you are not being a glutton.

3. Affordability

When you examine the history of Italian cuisine, you can agree that people from different financial backgrounds also take charge of eating the dishes. This is because the price is affordable and within one’s pocket.

4. The Exceptional Taste

People who eat Italian food will tell you how well they have craved the taste experience—that is the best part of Italian food.

5. The Dessert Experience

On the Italian food menu, you will find dessert. At any super Italian fast food chain, you can take a bite of a super piece of tiramisu. The privilege of doing this at another food chain is rare.

6. It Offers Diversity

Every town, region, street, language, and dialect have their own unique cooking styles and all are just outstanding. There are various kinds of local dishes and the ingredients for them are all worth giving a try. The diversity of Italian fast food chains is one of the reasons Italian cuisine is the center of attention.

The simplicity and originality that the Italian fast food chain offers are standardized and always exceptional. They are creative, outstanding and evolving in their dishes. The best of them all is that they have classes of food that suit everyone’s choice, regardless of your town, street or region.

In conclusion, Italian fast food chains are in the list of bestest, they do not just quench your hunger mood, facially and otherwise, but they also appeal to and satisfy your cravings at a friendly budget, have the best communicative skills, and have a conducive environment yet have your health in their minds to enable them to meet your demands and choices.

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