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16 Cool Signs of a Confident Woman


Have you seen a woman who can have an intelligent conversation with you while looking you straight in the eye? That is a confident woman. Confidence is a state of complete trust and certainty. Being confident means being sure of oneself to be able to carry out tasks. It simply means you are sure of your capabilities.

A confident woman is brave enough to face realities and change them. The signs of a confident woman are boldness, assertiveness, positivity or optimism, adaptability, independence, resourcefulness, resilience, and discipline amongst others. She is someone who does not settle for less. She devotes herself relentlessly to growth and development.

A confident woman may come off as proud and arrogant but she is not. She is someone who strives for excellence, regardless of the challenges involved.

A confident woman is graceful in her approach while being hard when and where she needs to be. The signs of a confident woman are very obvious and you will be able to identify them anywhere after reading this article.

Signs of a Confident Woman

A Confident Woman is a very attractive woman and her ability to stand out makes her more exquisite. The following points are the signs of a confident woman, they will help you know a confident woman when you see one.

1. She’s Bold

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Being bold is one of the most outspoken signs of a confident woman. Women have been taught to be humble so much that their humility is often mistaken for invisibility. A confident woman cannot be hidden because she carries with her an aura of authority.

It’s not that someone who is bold is always right, on the contrary, being bold makes it easier for you to face your fears. Bold people don’t have time to camp around their misfortunes, they analyze their faults and enforce corrections.

2. She’s Assertive

A Confident woman can properly communicate her thoughts without being offended or offending others. Instead of silently taking offense, a confident woman speaks up respectfully when she is wronged and she can even speak up for others. Silently taking offense only allows negative energy to grow, which is something a confident woman does not permit. This is one of the most challenging signs of a confident woman worthy of emulation.

3. A Confident Woman Is Positive

The world can do without negative energy. Being positive or optimistic helps a woman be able to stand up and move on, no matter the circumstance.

A confident woman is very aware of reality, even when it is not favorable but with this awareness, she is hopeful of change, hopeful of her future and determined to work hard to effect that change.

4. A Confident Woman Has Clarity

Clarity is nonnegotiable for a confident woman. Clarity of purpose and pursuit is a garment a confident woman adorns herself with. She knows what she needs to do and goes ahead to do it. She is not confused about her personality or the roles she should play.

5. She is Disciplined

Nothing outstanding can ever be achieved without discipline. Discipline is one of the sure signs of a confident woman. A confident woman is guided by rules she sets for herself that help her achieve her goals and focus only on her priorities. A confident woman is a good time manager. She can set goals according to their importance and achieve them.

6. A Confident Woman Has Values

Values are beliefs one upholds. A confident woman is guided by her values and these values help her maintain a good standard of living. For example, a confident woman is moral.

This value of morality speaks in her behavior, fashion, profession, relationships, and everything else. This sign of a confident woman helps her easily identify what is good for her and what is not.

7. A Confident Woman Has Self Worth

One of the signs of a confident woman is that she knows her self-worth. She doesn’t think less of herself, she has healthy self-esteem. A confident woman cannot be pushed around by anyone.

She is never taken for granted because she is very capable and valuable. In the world of male dominance, a confident woman can compete and be on par with her male contemporaries.

She is aware of her self-worth and guards her self-esteem so it will not be trampled on or destroyed. She is not defined by what is generally believed by others, nor does she define herself by her situation. A confident woman defines herself based on her future and where she wants to be.

8. She’s Uniquely Vulnerable

Vulnerability is the strength of a confident woman. A confident woman is uniquely vulnerable, this means that she is aware of her weaknesses and turns them into her strengths. Her unique vulnerability makes her compassionate toward others.

The knowledge of her self-worth does not in any way erase her vulnerabilities but it helps her channel them to good use. One of the good signs of a confident woman is how comfortable she is in her skin and how she accepts her flaws.

9. Independent And Self Reliant

One of the most outspoken signs of a confident woman is her ability to rely on herself more than others. She is very independent and goes all out to do her best. She is never in a hurry to depend on others.

A confident woman is not afraid to take responsibility for her mistakes because she knows that mistakes are just another opportunity to grow. She takes responsibility for her life and lives courageously.

Although there may be times when she might not be able to carry out certain tasks and would have to rely on experts, she gladly receives the needed help. The combination of her independence and getting support from others makes her more courageous in pursuing her goals.

10. Adaptability

A sign of a confident woman is adaptability, she can adapt to different situations appropriately. A confident woman can adapt to change easily and take the necessary precautions. Generally, not all situations or circumstances are suitable but she takes strategic actions that help her achieve her aim.

A confident woman is flexible and open-minded. In the face of unforeseen circumstances, she can focus on providing solutions rather than being carried away or overwhelmed by them.

Her flexibility makes it easier for her to adapt to pressure while remaining calm and collected. All the signs of a confident woman take practice to perfect.

11. She Is Resourceful

A confident woman has different means of providing solutions. She is skilled at creatively solving problems. This makes her unfazed by challenges because she is sure of her ability to solve them.

12. She’s Emotionally Mature

Women are generally said to be emotional and according to science, women are more emotionally developed than men. A confident woman can control her emotions effectively and can apply logical thinking when necessary. She is therefore more immune to emotional abuse than someone who allows everything to get to her.

A confident woman can control her response and maintain her composure in any situation and under any form of pressure. This does not mean she is not able to express her emotions, being emotionally mature means she can analyze her emotions.

Analyzing her emotions helps her understand them and effectively control them. This is one of the signs of a confident woman that gives her an edge over others. She never lets her emotions control her.

13. She’s Accountable

Accountability has a way of exposing your weak points and forcing you to work on them. A confident woman, regardless of being independent and self-reliant, is subject to mentorship and accountable to her superiors.

For a confident woman to know the right things to do, she needs to be taught and that’s where mentorship comes in.  Being accountable to someone higher than her makes her more responsible and quick to make corrections.

14. A Confident Woman Regularly Assesses Herself

Although self-assured, a confident woman evaluates herself regularly to know what and where she can improve on. This evaluation helps her grow and boosts her confidence in herself.

15. She Is Authentic

Of all the signs of a confident woman, her authenticity is the foundation of everything she portrays. She is true to herself and to those around her. She accepts her faults and works on them. This builds people’s trust in her and gives her more chances at success. Her ability to be genuine helps her to be in the best position to render help to those in need of it.

16. A Confident Woman Has a Never-Give-Up Attitude

The never give up attitude is expressed by every confident woman, no matter the race, tribe, or color. A confident woman always picks herself up whenever she falls. It is not an easy thing to do but it’s attainable.

A confident woman is aware that disappointments are inevitable and she mentally prepares herself not to be affected by them. She is always on the go and even when she encounters setbacks, she can overcome them all.

This attitude has positioned a lot of women in the “Hall Of Fame”. Naturally, women are faced with different challenges both professionally and domestically.

These challenges can easily burn a woman out but a confident woman never gives up on herself. She perseveres and ultimately moves, even when she is told she cannot.

Final Words

In just a few words, a confident woman is an intentional woman. She believes in herself and delivers solutions with accuracy. She is someone who does not waste her time on what she cannot change but strives to change what she can.

A confident woman has good body posture and exudes authority wherever she goes. She is graceful in her strides, distinct in her approach, and precise in her actions. Being confident involves a lot of reassurance and reassuring a woman of her creative ability will boost her confidence.

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