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How to Make Marbleized Ornaments

Marbleized ornaments

Marbleized ornaments are perfect and you can be creative with them. It is one of the most beautiful decorative ornaments people love because it always captures their attention. For one to create a marbleized ornament, he must undergo processes that involve craftsmanship and creativity to make a masterpiece worth looking at.

People know how special marbleized ornaments are because of the processes involved in making or creating them. Hence, marbleized ornaments make the perfect decorations for anyone’s home and they are highly sought-after gifts for any festive season, especially during the Christmas season.

In this article, we will talk about how marbleized ornaments are made (that is, the creation process) and the advantages and disadvantages of marbleized ornaments.

How Marbleized Ornaments are Made

Before you proceed to doing this, here are items you would need to get this done:

  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Plastic cups
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Bowl
  • Ceramic ornaments (unfinished ones)
  • Paintbrush

With these, you are good to go with your production.

Method 1

  • Start by adding a small cup of paint to each plastic cup and make sure the water is able to get a runny mixture of paint.
  • The next thing to do is pour liquid starch into the bowl and use the pop stick to turn it so you can create the marble look.
  • Now you can put the unfinished ceramic inside the paint and liquid starch. Do it until they are submerged. Detach and hang the Ornaments to dry.

Method 2

  • Pull the cap off the glass ornament and set it aside.
  • Add the paint; making use of Martha Stewart paints will make a beautiful color.
  • It’s time to choose the first color to paint.
  • Tilt your ornament to the side, then try to squeeze a small amount into the opening.
  • Allow it to drop down on both sides and into the bottom. If you want a color that dominates, add another small drop.
  • In the next step, you can now add the second color. Try to squeeze it onto a different section of the ornament you are making use of. You can add a third shade if you want to but try squeezing it onto a black area. You don’t need too much paint to make this happen. At first, it will look like all is enough, but once you keep shaking and tapping, you will see it is enough to cover what you want.
  • If you want to use your fingers for the paint, you can grab a piece of paper or towel and fold it up. Place it on the opening of that ornament and shake it. Shake it until it goes around in all directions.
  • It is time to dry your marbled ornaments. When you are done with all these, rest your ornaments on top so the wet paint can dry off. Give it time to dry and dry completely.
  • Once it has dried up, get your ribbon, cut it according to how you want, and make yourself something beautiful to hang.

Types of Marbleized Ornaments

There are different types of marbleized ornaments and they come in different colors, sizes and shapes.

  • Globe Ornaments: Globe Ornaments are those standard Christmas balls made of acrylic and plastic.
  • Finials: The decorative elements you’ve seen on roofs, gables, architectural buildings and domes inspired this ornament. Finials have long, tapered points on one end and are always available in any range of sizes wanted. There are some finials that have a round bulb, while others are shaped like eggs.
  • Christmas Ornaments: This is mainly used for Christmas trees for festive colors and celebrations.
  • Decorative Vases: These cases are used to beautify homes and offices. For example, colorful flower vases.

Advantages of Marbleized Ornaments

Here are the advantages of marbleized ornaments:

  • It is resistant to cracking or breaking.
  • They are durable and are made from high-quality materials.
  • Marbleized ornaments are beautiful and one-of-a kind.
  • They are long-lasting yet relevant.
  • They are in different colors, sizes and shapes.
  • They are the type of gift you can give to someone—friends, loved ones or a family member.

The Disadvantages of Marbleized Ornaments.

Marbleized ornaments, of course, have disadvantages. Here are the disadvantages of Marbleized ornaments:

  • Marbleized ornaments are too difficult to clean because of the pattern used in making them.
  • They are too expensive if, at all, the marble ornaments are of high quality.
  • These ornaments can also get broken if handled without care. Reasons it should be handled with care.
  • Due to their high quality and cost, finding these ornaments in the local market is rare.
  • Marbleized ornaments are meant only for indoor and not outdoor use; this is because they might not deal with outdoor conditions.
  • Marbleized ornaments are heavier, unlike other ornaments.
  • It is not suitable during the winter.
  • They do not fit into all kinds of decorations because they do not belong to the generic ornaments.

Use of Marbleized Ornaments

1. For home decoration

Marbleized ornaments can be used to decorate homes and make them stand out as a as a luxury. It gives a home a good shape and look when used as a colorful and fitting ornament.

2. For Filling of Vases

Marbleized ornaments can be used to fill vases and make use of them as a decorative element in a room.

3. For office decorations

You can make use of marbled ornaments as your side table or desk office decor. It gives your office a professional look and makes your workplace beautiful too.

4. Use as Wall Decoration

Marbleized ornaments can be used as wall decorations. It can be used to create a spark and a unique display.

5. Book Shelf Decoration

Making use of marbled ornaments to design your bookshelf gives it a special touch and gives you motivation to study. It also makes your shelf look attractive at first glance.


The creative masterpiece behind marbled ornaments can not be overemphasized. It is unique and, overall, an excellent choice for any decoration used for it. Marbleized ornaments are timeless and unfading in beauty.

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