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Plastic Christmas Ball Ornament Craft

Christmas Ornaments

Plastic Christmas ball ornament crafts are a popular decorating idea used during Christmas. It comes with different designs or decorations which are usually in a rounded shape, although some have other shapes. It is most often in red because people believe it is a symbol of the blood of Jesus, who died on the cross of Calvary.

Furthermore, plastic Christmas ball ornament crafts are mostly used for beautification purposes during Christmas. There are different types and they are used differently based on your creative idea.

In this article, we will delve into the meaning of ornament craft, the type of  Christmas ornament craft and  ways to present plastic Christmas ball ornament craft.

Meaning Of Ornament Craft

The word ornament in this context means to beautify something. Ornament craft has to do with the use of different materials or equipment to design a plastic Christmas ball. Some of the materials used include:

  • Fabric: This is a decorative material used to cover your ornament.
  • Ribbon: This is used to decorate or tie an ornament to a particular thing, like a present.
  • Polycyclic: This is like paint applied to your ornament so as to make it more decorative and attractive.
  • Velvet: This is a light piece of material used to form a bow on your ornament.
  • Light: This is used around your ornament so as to keep it shining.

Types Of Christmas Ornament Crafts


When creating an ornament craft with a Christmas ball, there is a need to grasp knowledge on the types of plastic Christmas ball ornament craft. Therefore, the following are different types of Christmas ornament crafts:

1. Fabric Cover Plastic Ornament


This is one of the types of plastic Christmas ball ornament crafts. To create a craft on a Christmas ball, all you need is beautiful and attractive fabric and velvet. You start by using the fabric to cover the Christmas ball, and then make a bow using your velvet material, place it on one side of the fabric and see how exquisite your ornament craft looks.

2. Pom Pom Christmas Ornament


This is the combination of recycled trash to be used to create a Christmas decoration at home, in an office, or in an organization.

3. Glitter Clear Plastic Ornament

christmas balls on a white background

This is a type of ornament craft that is crafted with the use of polycyclic. In order to use this, all you need to do is cover the plastic ball with polycyclic, then use a ribbon to craft a design with it and place it at the very top of the ornament.

4. Embroidered Felt Star Ornament


This is another type of ornament that is also used for beautification purposes. This type of ornament is in the form of a star and can be placed on a Christmas tree to make it more attractive.

5. Candy Ornament

Christmas toys on the Christmas tree with a close angle

This is a unique ornament craft made to beautify a Christmas tree. It is a combination of different ornament crafts that are decorated and placed on different sides of your Christmas tree.

6. Mushroom

This is the use of velvet and twine to create this Christmas ornament. It looks like a traditional craft but can also be used to design a Christmas tree.

7. Rustic Tree Ornament

This is another type of ornament that is made attractive. To create this element ornament, all you need is wood glue, wood pieces and a painting to design the Christmas ball.

8. Wrapped Twine Clear Plastic Ornament


This can be achieved on a plastic ornament by wrapping a twine three times around the plastic ball to give you a different design.

9. Felt Ball, Clear Plastic Ornament

Transparent decorative ball with white and red decorations inside hanging in front of camera on background of other toys for Christmas tree

This type of plastic Christmas ball ornament craft requires the use of ribbon in order to craft a design at the top of the Christmas ball.

Ways To Present A Plastic Christmas Ball Ornament Craft

The aspect of how you should present your plastic Christmas ball ornament craft is quite technical, considering where, when and what type to present.

Furthermore, the way you present a Christmas ornament ball determines how people will cherish and value your ornament craft, irrespective of what you use in crafting it. The following are different ways to present a plastic Christmas ball ornament craft:

1. Decorate The Table

This is one of the most unique ways to present your ornament. The table can be your dining table at home, in a restaurant, in an eatery, etc., although your main aim is to make the table look different, unique and presentable to your guests or people who are to make use of it.

2. Decorate A Present

This is another way to present your ornament so as to make it look presentable and appreciable. You can place an ornament beside a gift when you want to offer a present to someone. To do this, all you need to do is tie your ornament to the gift with the help of a ribbon.

3. Add To The Plant

You can also present an ornament by adding it to your decorative plant so as to make it unique from every other plant. All you need to do is place each of them around the plant until you get a desirable result.

4. Hang A Wretch

This is traditionally done by joining different ornaments together, then tying them with a ribbon so as to place a wreath for more beautification.

5. Fill A Vase

You can also show how beautiful your ornaments are by placing different colors of ornaments on the vase.

6. Wrap With A Light

This is quite an extraordinary way to present an ornament with the use of a plastic Christmas ball. To actualize this, all you need to do is design a light around the ornament in order to ensure it keeps glancing as it is visualized.

7. Decorate The Compound

The fact about decorating your house is that the compound that surrounds it must not be left out. Therefore, you can also present your ornament by using it to decorate your compound.

Final Word

To become a good and exceptional ornament crafter, you must have a versatile knowledge of crafting on plastic Christmas ball ornaments based on what they are to be used for. Nevertheless, ensure to thoroughly examine this topic again for a better understanding.

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