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How to Make Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments


Many people love good ornaments, especially the ones they make themselves. During the Christmas season, ornaments are created to make the season colorful and memorable.

Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments are those types of Christmas Ornaments made by coating the inner part of a clear glass to give it a beautiful design or outlook.

In this article, we will be discussing how to make polyurethane glitter ornaments and other methods, including the best glues for making ornaments.

Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments

The crafters for these glitter ornaments always want to know the best liquid glue to make use of. They are people who have made use of polyacrylic for their glitter ornaments and they love it, Not only that, they also make use of polyurethane, which lasts in any ornaments they make.

Glitter ornaments are exceptionally beautiful yet simple but they took hours to be made. They are the most handmade ornaments but they are being made in different ways.

Method 1

Here are a few ways to achieve this method:

  1. Get to fill a 30-millimeter syringe with polyurethane.
  2. Now push in the string into the top of your ornaments
  3. Swirl the polyurethane around until it is fully coated and tip the plastic ornament upside down on a cup to drain the excess.
  4. After about three minutes of draining, you can now pour glitter into the ornament with a small funnel.
  5. Swirl the glitter around until it is fully covered with glitter. For the inside, take a paper towel and cover the top, then shake to coat the top thoroughly.
  6. When you are done with the formal, place your glitter Christmas ornaments upside down again on a cup to dry for not more than forty minutes before you add ornaments to top back on.
  7. You can hang your ornament.

Method 2

This particular method makes use of more glitter than one would expect but the results it gives are worth it. For you to get beautiful results at the end of your production, make use of these items and ingredients:

  1. Extra-fine glitter.
  2. Small cups: You use to mix and drain adhesive.
  3. Clear ornaments (plastic or glass).
  4. Bows, although they are optional.

For you to get the best results, you need to make use of extra-fine glitter whenever you are making your homemade ornaments.

  1. Add one tablespoon of polyurethane and turn it around inside the ornament. Make sure you empty the container.
  2. Make sure to position the ornament on top of the plastic cup.
  3. It’s time to make a funnel out of it.
  4. Add enough glitter to coat the inside of the ornament.
  5. You should spin the ornament now to get an even coating.
  6. Empty remaining glitter back into the container.
  7. Set it aside and let it dry overnight.

The Adhesive Method

Under Adhesive, some of the best glues that can be used for glitter ornaments include:

  • Elmer’s Clear School Glue:

This particular adhesive thickness takes time to consume before coating the inside of the ornaments. This has been tested with glue at full strength and also at half strength, which was diluted with water, and the final results were all the same. But it is always easier to coat the ornaments with the half-strengthened mixture.

Another one is that, at both full strength and half strength, the finished ornaments had “thin” signs in their glitter coverages. The glue here only works with ultra-fine and fine glitter; chunky and heavier glitters will not stay stuck to the ornaments.

If you study the above so well, you will observe that immediately after the glue has dried, you’ll begin to experience some loss on the walls of the ornament. This has been found to be true with both full-strength and half-strength adhesive.

  • Mod Podge (Gloss) and Elmer’s Glue-All:

These made provision for virtual identical results in our testing; we lumped them together and ranked them. The full strength and half strength have been put to test and there’s more success with the full strength options, although the half strength is still accepted.

Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue-All are all decent options when it comes to making glitter ornaments, but none of the two ranked among the most highly rated options.

Advantages of Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments

  • It makes the glitter smooth and helps it stick to the ornaments.
  • The glitter can be in any color, shape or style, depending on how it is customized to fit one’s personal choice, style or holiday theme.
  • It takes a creative mind and time to make beautiful glitter.
  • It is not so easy to fade out. It lasts longer than expected.
  • The cleaning is so easy, as long as the color is sticking and glittering. This makes it look more beautiful and ensures it maintains its color.
  • The Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments are hard to break and this is one the reasons it is an acceptable option for many families, because children too can play around with them.

The Disadvantages of Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments

Like they always say, “Whatever has its advantages also has its disadvantages.”

The advantages of Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments has been explained, the disadvantages are here now:

  1. The process of making these ornaments can be very messy if one is not careful with it.
  2. Making the glitter stick so hard to the ornament can be a difficult one if it is not done well.
  3. The process of making this ornament takes time and can sometimes be draining. You will need to apply all the different coats of polyurethane and wait until they are all dried up before you proceed to the next step of adding your glitter and other things that need to be added.
  4. There’s a time when the glitter will fade away, and what may lead to this is too much handling and water.


Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments gives room for an outstanding and creative way to add a spark to one’s holiday fun. Despite their advantages and disadvantages, the ornaments, no matter what, can still be handled properly to retain their beauty and help them last longer.

Finally, it is vital to observe the pros and cons of each item before one can make use of it. Research can help you get quality items for the ornaments you want to make. Polyurethane Glitter Ornaments are really creative and beautiful yet time-consuming.

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