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“Content is king” is not a cliché. Content has radicalized personal brands, impacted customers’ buying decisions, and changed the algorithm of personal and organizational websites and other social media platforms. You need content that interests your audience to generate more likes, comments, and shares. It takes a professional digital content creator to achieve that.

You need that creator to create content that converts leads and gives your audience a second or third look. Content matters to influence marketing success. Contents take numerous forms:

  • Visual include video, Infographic, images, and photos.
  • Audio includes podcasting, voiceover, and music.
  • Texts come in the form of blogs or other written formats.

Digital content is on the increase as more people gain access to the internet. That has afforded many to access a lot of content online easily. Digital content creation involves using digital tools to create appealing and valuable content and making them available to your audience through digital formats or digital media.

Digital content creators now work as freelancers, and finding a full-time professional digital content creator on your team takes different processes.

Types Of Digital Content Creator And Their Services

Social Media Content Creator

A social media content creator produces and publishes copy that advertises your products, blogs, and web pages and promotes the brand on social media. They must be creative and able to engage their audience with their content

Website Content Writer/ Blogger

Bloggers create content for web-based digital content, and search engines use it to find out websites. The relevance of the blog posts will affect your website’s ranking when people search for content that your posts focus on.

Other content creators include SEO Content Writing/ Bloggers, Graphics Design, Photographers, editors, videographers, podcasters, and Voiceover artists.


Reasons You Need A Pro Digital Content Creator

  1. Increased Brand Awareness
  2. To increase your Social media following and presence
  3. You want to reach a wider range of audiences and shoppers
  4. You Desire More Digital Engagement
  5. You want to get more leads and increase sales:
  6. To Save Your Time

Finding The Pro Digital Content Creator

It can be stressful to satisfy your customers and stay consistent with yourself. Suppose you find it hectic to get your content creation job done yourself or your present team member is not satisfying your requirement. In that case, you should look for a professional and talented digital content creator.

Almost every Dick and Harry you find on social media calls themselves a content creator, but you don’t need the services of everyone. I know you are searching for a skilled person that will deliver quality and an excellent job for you. You are searching for credibility, and reliability.

Below is a guide that helps you find the professional content creator appropriate for your content creation:

Know Your Requirements

What goals do you have in mind for getting a content creator? What do you want to achieve? When looking for a pro digital content creator, you must ask yourself these questions.

Be clear on the form of content that is best for you. The kind of content you want to create will largely depend on how best you understand your buyer persona and the typical digital platform you will find them? What kind of content do your followers want to see?

Search By Niche

There are different content creators, but you need to find one specializing in the type of content you want. Niche determines the strength of the content creator. You can search for a content creator by their niche using certain topics or checking certain pages. You must be specific to make your search for content creators easier.


What To Consider When Looking For A Digital Content Creator

Finding a professional digital content creator is easy if you do it the right way. Ensure you consider these 3 criteria before hiring a professional digital content creator.

Relevant Skills

You will know a good content creator by the skill set they possess. You don’t want to waste your money hiring a content creator who lacks the competence for the kind of content you want to create.

Aside from competence, you also have to check for the individual’s time management and consistency. A professional content creator should be able to show up for your audience consistently.

Work Portfolio

The person should have a consistent record of creativity that matches your expectation. You should require the applicant or prospective content creator to send samples or links to their published works.

Experience And Qualifications

To fit into the role of a content creator and successfully produce and promote content, the individual must have experience with digital publishing and how to generate leads and traffic strategically.

A professional content creator should have hands-on experience with content management systems and search engine optimization tools.

Where To Find Professional Digital Content Creators Online

To find experts in a particular field, visit freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, CopyHackers, and CopyBlogger for professionals that offer content writing services and other digital content creation services.

You start by creating your job posting to find the best talent that fits the job and matches who you are looking for. This process differs when looking for a full-time team member on job search sites like “Indeed” and “Alongside”.

On Upwork and Fiverr, after you create your account, take some time to search for prospective professionals who you consider good enough to work with, whether as freelance video editors, graphics designers, SEO content writers, or social media content creators.

These sites have a collection of verified, certified, and approved content creators for you to work with.

Content creators promote their businesses on these platforms. You will find people that offer writing services on Medium, Videographers on YouTube, visual content creators on Instagram and Pinterest, Unsplash for Photographers, and Dribble for graphics designers. Other communities include Slack, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Quora, and Reddit.

How To Bargain With A Digital Content Creator

You won’t get a professional content creator to work on your project for free, except if the person is a volunteer digital content creator. However, money is a major drive to bring out the best in any professional digital content creator. A professional digital content creator would charge between $50 to $1000 or more, depending on the volume of the task and what is required.

You need to budget compensation when you want to hire a content creator based on how big the project is, the timing, number of words, the type of content, the skill, expertise, and portfolio of the person you want to hire.

The pricing of contract professional content creators varies. You can even beat the amount lower on freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Sometimes, the amount you pay will determine how much you will get. So, be ready to pay a premium if you want the premium job done.

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