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Social Media Content Creator: Everything You Need to Know

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Content creation is at the center of every digital marketing exercise or strategy. There is so much competition among brands. The choice of content and quality determines whether they will beat the competition.

Contents are created to serve different purposes, which include increasing brand traffic, increasing and converting leads, generating brand awareness, and increasing ROI. It is one of the primary ways brands implore to distinguish between competitors.

It is often said that content is king. That is why choosing a brand social media (SM) content creator is vital in achieving digital marketing goals. Hence the increasing demand for professional social media content creators.

So, if you are considering taking on this path as a social media content creator, you may need to get your notepad and pen, as you are on the right page with the right information to get started. Without much ado, let’s dive in.

Facts About Social Media (SM)


Data reportal‘s January 2022 reports show that 58.4% of the global population is on social media, while the average SM daily time usage for an average American is 2 hours 27 minutes. That explains why brands position their businesses on social media platforms to reach their target audience.

With over 4.95 million social media users worldwide in 2024 and the influx of businesses into the social media space, you are limitless. However, proper social media content is the hook to achieving digital marketing goals on social media. A proper understanding of these matrixes will guide you to the right person brands are looking for.

Individuals or companies specifically create social media content for social media platforms. And irrelevant content can make more than half of your social media followers unfollow a brand. Reports state that 50% of social media users follow various brands on social media to learn about new products and services in the industry. These contents can be educative, informative, or entertaining—all to achieve the brand’s digital marketing goals.

Social Media Content Creator

A social media content creator is an individual tasked with the responsibility of creating and uploading content on social media platforms. He is also tasked with responding to users and followers. He can do this across various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

How to Find Social Media Content Creators for Your Projects

Many platforms host quality social media content creators that can solve your social media needs. Examples of such platforms are, Indeed, LinkedIn, Freelancer, and even Facebook.  Hop onto these platforms and hunt for talents. Upwork and Freelancer social media content creators can charge as low as $20 per article.

You just want to make sure you find the right person that will deliver because some of these platforms house inferior content creators that will end up ruining your experience.

Types Of Social Media Content

Social media content exists in various forms and serves different purposes. Also, each one is better suited for different platforms than the other. They can be classified into written, visual, audio, and audio-visual content.

They include;

  1. Written posts
  2. E-books
  3. Links to external contents
  4. Images
  5. Infographics
  6. Videos
  7. Reels
  8. Reviews and testimonials
  9. Announcements
  10. Contests

Various Forms Of Social Media Content And Its Advantages

  • Written Posts: This content involves using texts or articles to explain a brand’s product or services. It could be educative, entertaining, or informative.
  • Links: This kind of content involves using links to connect relevant posts outside the social media space. It could be a brand’s blog or e-commerce website.
  • Images: The quality of your images can draw potential customers or followers to your brand or repel them. As a social media content creator, this is why you must be particular about quality and eye-catching images. You don’t have to be a graphics designer. Canva is a handy tool to use. Research shows that visual content is more engaging than written content.
  • Videos: Videos are highly engaging. This includes creating videos that are engaging; and may take the form of how-to videos of a brand’s product or video testimonials.
  • Infographics: This involves using visuals to aid the explanation of written content. It also includes the use of statistics to explain written content.
  • Testimonials: This involves sharing customers’ experiences with positive feedback from using a brand’s product. It could be in written form or videos.

How To Know The Right Kind Of Content For Each Platform


To stand out as a pro, you must understand that different kind of content works better on different social media platforms. Don’t fall into the trap of posting the same content across a brand’s social platforms.

Audiences vary across different social platforms; you need to know which kind of content is best suited for each platform to achieve the brands’ digital marketing goals.

That does not entirely mean you create new content across their profiles, but knowing which is the best means to convey the same message. Tailoring your message to the style of each platform is what works the magic.

Facebook: Facebook as a social platform favors all kinds of content. However, remember that video content will have the highest reach and engagement.

Pinterest: This platform works well with informative, educational, and inspirational posts. Infographics, carousels, and images are the kind of content that stands out on this platform.

Instagram: At a glance at the platform, one would notice that Instagram favors images and videos. As a social media creator, posting content would involve more images, carousels, photos, videos, and reels.

LinkedIn: Links and written posts drive more engagement on this platform.

YouTube: This is your best bet if you are into video creation, and want to get your content before millions of YouTube daily visitors. YouTube is a powerful tool for video content creators. Most social media users will spend more time watching YouTube videos; with over 1 billion daily views.

Powerful Tools For Social Media Content Creation

Your effectiveness as a social media content creator depends on your skill and on employing the right tools to work. Here are the right tools and their purposes.

  • Tools for Videos: Lumen5, BIGVU, Teleprompter, Animoto, Rocketium.
  • Tools for Audios: Anchor.
  • Tools for Images; Canva, Crello, Adebo Creator Cloud Express, Designer.
  • Tools for Infographics: Piktochart, Infogram.
  • Tools for Product mocks Placeit, Canva.
  • Tools for Content Ideas and Inspiration: EmbedFeed, Forecast, Feedly.
  • Tools for Social Media Strategy and Management: Later, Buffer, Hootsuite, SEMrush.
  • Content Planning and Research Tools: Buzzsumo, IFTTT (If This Then That), AnswerThePublic.
  • Tools for Hashtags: IQHashtags, Metricool, Keyhole.
  • Tools for Landing Pages: Convert Kit.
  • Tools for Stories: In short, Story Art, Unfold.

How To Niche Down As A Social Media Content Creator


As you start on your journey, Niching down as a Social Media Content Creator is an important factor to consider. It helps brands easily identify you as a creator and tell if you have the necessary skill set and experiences for their businesses. Over time, if you decide to niche down as a social media content creator for fitness brands, you’d have gathered the knowledge and experience and better understand the industry.

While it may appear difficult to find your niche as a beginner, here are some quick tricks to apply;

Your Passion

Your passion as a creator is an indicator of which area to niche down. That is what you love; creating content around what you love should come easily while combining your skillset—positioning yourself as a creator in a niche where your passion lies would make it easy to stand out among other creators.

Your Skillset

Different kinds of content require different skills. The skills you have at your disposal should serve as a pointer to the area to niche down. If you will succeed as a creator on Instagram who favors the use of images and reels, know how to use tools for creating videos and images.

Do Your Research

Proper research about different niches for creators would give you a clue on a niche to settle for. Choosing a niche boils down to focus and desire.

Important Traits Of Successful Social Media Content Creators


Tailors Content To Target Audience

Successful social media content creators understand their audience’s needs. Every social media content creator needs the ability to tailor their content according to their audience. Every brand has a target audience. Hence, the social media content creator must understand the target audience if he must create the right kind of content.


To stand out as a social media content creator, you must put your creative juices to work. Your uniqueness is in your creativity. Do not sound like every other content creator. You have that unique voice in you that you have to identify and harness. That will enable you to convey a brand’s message amidst several competitions uniquely.

A Good Content Strategy

It doesn’t tell well of you to be caught stuck and lacking ideas for your posts. That can be avoided by having a well-mapped-out content creation strategy for your brand’s social profiles. Know when to use pictures, videos, or infographics to pass your message to your audience.

Time Management

Proper time management is key to achieving a brand’s digital marketing goals as a creator. Create schedules for your campaigns and content publications; stick to them. Make your audience hungry for new posts and keep them engaged.

Last Words

Note that social media content is distinct from every other kind of content in the digital space. Not all content can qualify for use on various social media platforms, whether Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This understanding will help you to gear towards professionalism and stand out.

With the right tools, skills, and training you can become a social media content creator, however, you have to work hard in the industry to stand out from the crowd.

Most people might assume that there is nothing tasking about creating content for social media platforms. Anyone can do it, so no expertise is needed. It requires a lot of time, skill, and strategy. When done correctly, social media content creation can produce dramatic results for brands. And keep you afloat in the competition.

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