Top 10 Best Books About Attitude

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Books about attitude are a popular genre of self-help and personal development literature, aimed at helping individuals cultivate positive and empowering ways of thinking and approaching life. These books include practical counsel, real-life tales, and scientific insights into how ideas and beliefs impact your experiences.

They examine how self-talk and self-image shape your ideas and feelings. These books generally include exercises and activities to help readers develop a positive outlook and self-improvement habits.

Books about attitude may help you overcome personal challenges, enhance relationships, and succeed professionally. These books may help readers reach their full potential, transcend limiting ideas, and live a more meaningful life by providing a new perspective on life and the power of thinking and acting the right way.

Best Books About Attitude

These books help you overcome negative thinking habits, behave rightly, and become more optimistic, and resilient to life’s hardships. There are different books about attitude but we’ll be focusing on the top 10.

1. Attitude Is Everything — Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller is a motivational speaker and coach that will take you through a journey of controlling and unveiling your hidden potential through three steps –  THINK, SPEAK, and ACT. This book focuses on how you can change your negative mindset into a positive one by changing your attitude. The author emphasized the need for a clear and positive attitude as it creates more opportunities and brings you to a more optimistic life.

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Keller says “Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Actions, and Actions lead to Results. Keller develops this concept into “Words – Beliefs – Actions – Results”. In terms of thoughts, you should always flip negative thoughts into positive ones and visualize your success.

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2. Attitude Is Your SuperPower — Eduardo Clemente

Read this book to change your thinking and enhance your life. Eduardo does an excellent job of breaking down the importance of having a positive attitude and provides actionable tips for cultivating it.

The author sees attitude as how people view you, what people think of you, and their judgment of you as a result of your external display naturally or towards them.

On the other hand, the book talks about the importance of solving people’s problems. Eduardo said, “The way to get ahead is to be engaged in solving problems”.

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“Your attitude is key to unlocking your true potential and achieving success”.

Blake Randall

3. Closing The Attitude Gap — Baruti Kafele

This book about attitude is a great read for anybody interested in the impact that teachers have on their students’ lives.

Teacher attitudes affect student motivation, engagement, and accomplishment, Baruti says. He emphasizes the necessity of teachers being good role models and creating a development mindset, using classroom examples.

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The author also stressed the importance of instructors being in control of their emotions in the classroom. He lays out a plan for enhancing EQ and suggests methods for better managing one’s emotions in everyday life.

4. The Power Of Your Attitude — Stan Toler

Toler’s focus on the notion that our attitude is a choice is one of the book’s most remarkable features. The author argued that one’s reaction to events is entirely under their control and might have far-reaching consequences.

“The Power of Your Attitude” is a valuable resource that will help you assess your thinking and also deal with the root of negative attitudes and feelings that can destroy your peaceful and happy life which can hinder success in life.

For anyone looking to improve their outlook on life and cultivate a positive and proactive attitude, “The Power Of Your Attitude” is a must-read for you.

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“This book helped me to understand the thought process and how positive thoughts bring about a very positive outcome”.


5. Attitude Changes Everything — Sam Glenn

The author illustrates how a positive attitude can make a significant impact on one’s life. He exposes how having a positive attitude may assist you in overcoming challenges, finding pleasure in ordinary circumstances, and achieving your objectives. He also offers ways to stay positive in tough times.

This is the same Sam Glenn who wrote A Kick in the Attitude, The Gift of Attitude, Attitude is a choice and lots more. His book on attitude carries many of the same philosophies about a positive mindset, light-hearted approach, memorable quotes, affirmations, resilience, optimism, patience, joy, peace, encouragement, and empowerment.

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This book will teach you why and how your attitude affects your life.

6. Powerful Attitude For A Successful Life — Dr. Wayne Cordeiro

“Powerful Attitude for a Successful Life” is one of his popular books about attitude that focuses on the practical steps – well-aligned strategies to building the internal values and perspectives that will help you turn things around. Cordeiro emphasized how you can change the way you think more successfully and also how your attitude changes you positively or negatively.

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“The foundation of a successful life is related to our attitude. As you read you will be able to find out how your attitude is affecting your life in a positive and or negative way”.

Lomara M.

 7. Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude — Napoleon Hill

This book emphasizes the power of positive thinking and its impact on success. Hill affirms that a habitual positive mental attitude is essential for success and that individuals can cultivate this attitude through focused effort and consistent practice. He emphasizes human responsibility and how ideas and beliefs shape experiences and outcomes.

In the book, Hill focuses on the need to look at the radiant aspect of life and things, and possess confidence in positive outcomes even in the worst situations. He offers practical advice on cultivating a positive mindset and applying it to overcome challenges and succeed in life.

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Hill said, “Every failure is only a step in the direction toward a solution to problems”.

8. How To Win Friends And Influence People — Dale Carnegie

This masterpiece is a classic on building successful relationships and influence. It’s a #1 bestseller on Amazon and has a 4.7 review rating, with over 100k reviews. Each section of the book covers a different facet of human connection. Carnegie discusses how to win people over, persuade, and manage conflict.

The book’s main subject is showing genuine interest in others. Carnegie emphasizes the importance of showing empathy, understanding, and caring toward others. He also highlights the need to be a good listener, avoid criticism, and practice genuine compliments.

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Another valuable aspect of the book is its emphasis on the power of positivity. Carnegie encourages individuals to focus on the good qualities of others, rather than their shortcomings. He also stresses the importance of smiling, being enthusiastic, and maintaining a positive attitude in all interactions.

9. The Attitudes Of Success — Sarah J Collins

The Attitudes of Success discusses some of the most powerful habits you’d find in highly successful women. The book focuses on the importance of having a growth mindset. Sarah explains that success is not about innate talent or intelligence, but about hard work, determination, and a willingness to learn and grow. She provides practical tips for developing a growth mindset, such as embracing challenges, seeking feedback, and surrounding yourself with supportive and motivated people.

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Another aspect of the book that I found particularly useful is the focus on attitudes and behaviors that can sabotage success. Sarah provides a list of these “success-blockers” and offers strategies for overcoming them. She covers the importance of avoiding procrastination, managing self-doubt, and learning to say “no” to distractions.

10. Attitude For Gratitude Journal — Letus B Grateful

This book about attitude is an excellent tool for anyone looking to cultivate a more positive and grateful outlook on life. The notebook helps you reflect on your day and find things to be grateful for, which may boost happiness and well-being.

The stylish and attractive design of this journal is one of its distinguishing features. Each page features prompts and spaces for reflection, making writing down thoughts and observations easy. The prompts are thought-provoking and encourage users to look at their lives from different angles, making them a comprehensive tool for fostering gratitude.

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Another highlight of the “Attitude for Gratitude Journal” is its high-quality construction. The journal is well-made with a durable cover and high-quality paper that allows for easy writing and prevents ink from bleeding through to the next page.

Last Words

Books about attitude offer a wealth of knowledge and insights about the power of your thoughts and beliefs in shaping your experiences and outcomes in life. These books may inspire, empower, and guide anybody seeking to develop a positive and empowering attitude. By reading and implementing the lessons from these books, you can improve your attitudes, relationships, and overall well-being, and lead a more meaningful and purposeful life.

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