Best Romantic Things to Do in Kashmir Beyond Shikara’s and Houseboats

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Srinagar is the crown jewel of the stunning Kashmir Valley. A Srinagar Kashmir honeymoon trip will take newly weds to a dreamy trip of romance. Srinagar has long been linked with the ideal images of shikaras gliding on serene lakes.

It further offers the romantic stays on lavish houseboats. These experiences no doubt contribute to the charm of a Kashmir Surat honeymoon in Srinagar. There’s a wealth of hidden treasures waiting to be seen by couples. As they can meanwhile seek a more diverse and enriching journey.

The Srinagar Kashmir honeymoon trip extend far beyond the unique shikaras and houseboats. It offers a unique and joyful honeymoon trip for couples coming from Surat. In this blog post, we will further reveal the layers of Srinagar.

1. Gondola Ride to Apharwat Peak

The allure of shikara rides on the charming Dal Lake is undeniable. But consider adding an element of thrill to your Srinagar honeymoon by taking a gondola ride. It will take you to the Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg.

The Gulmarg Gondola is not just a means of transport but it is a thrilling journey. It further takes you to dizzying heights. After that, you get stunning views of the nearby snow capped peaks and lush valleys.

Firstly, you and your partner ascend the cable car. The rush of thrill will be matched only by the stunning vistas that unfold before you.

Its snowy landscape against the azure sky creates a canvas of natural beauty. Moreover, it is perfect for creating joyful memories.

2. Mughal Gardens, Stroll Through Romance

The Mughal Gardens of Srinagar are well known. They hold a romantic charm that goes beyond the usual tourist experience.

The Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Chashme Shahi gardens further offer a unique chance. You can take a stroll amidst falling terraces, vibrant flowerbeds, and serene water features.

These gardens were built during the Mughal era by the emperors. They further serve as a testament to the opulence and building finesse of that time.

Spent a lazy afternoon spent hand in hand amidst the mix of nature and history. It is a perfect recipe for a romantic day on your honeymoon.

3. Eating Delights Kashmiri Cuisine

No honeymoon is complete without having the local cuisine. Kashmiri cuisine is a hidden gem meanwhile waiting to be gone through.

Beyond the unique wazwan spread, couples can delve into the rich flavors of Kashmiri dishes. You can further have the aromatic spices of Rogan Josh to the comforting flavors of Yakhni. With the yummy Dum Aloo, each dish carries a story of Kashmir’s cultural aspect.

Don’t miss out on trying Kahwa, a local Kashmiri tea infused with saffron, cardamom, and almonds. It offers a pleasant fusion of flavors.

However, sharing a cooking tour with each other adds a new dimension to your honeymoon. It further allows you to savor the essence of the region through its flavors.

4. Zabarwan Range Trekking, Amidst Romance

For couples seeking adventure and the thrill of exploration, trek in the Zabarwan Range. It can be an ideal addition to your honeymoon tour. The trek to the Shankaracharya Temple, perched atop a hill, offers stunning views of Srinagar. You will further come across the views of the nearby landscapes.

Also, get a chance to share moments of triumph. Both of you, traverse the scenic trails and reach the temple hand in hand. The sense of accomplishment and the shared experiences will deepen your bond. It will meanwhile create joys that will last a lifetime.

5. Handicraft Shopping at Lal Chowk

Explore the local markets is a must on any honeymoon. So, the experience in Srinagar goes beyond the ordinary. Lal Chowk, a bustling market, is a treasure trove of Kashmiri handicrafts and textiles. Instead of settling for usual souvenirs, couples can explore the hand designed Pashmina shawls.

You can also buy embroidered garments, and unique papier mâché items. These items also bear the hallmark of Kashmir’s artistry. Each piece is a reflection of the region’s culture and craftsmanship. All this make it a pleasant memory of your time in Srinagar.

Wrapping Up

A Srinagar honeymoon from Surat can be a journey of discovery. It takes you beyond the postcard perfect images of shikaras and houseboats. However, you both can delve into the lesser explored aspects of this unique region.

In this way, you have the chance to create a honeymoon experience that is uniquely yours. It meanwhile offers you the thrill of a gondola ride to the heights of Apharwat Peak. You can further take romantic strolls through Mughal Gardens. The journey extends beyond the common, adding layers of adventure and cultural learning.

As you venture beyond the clichés, You will uncover the heart and soul of Srinagar. It is a place where romance, exploration, and real experiences merge to create memories. These moments will be cherished for a life time.

So, pack your bags and embark on a journey that offers not just a honeymoon. It will be an exciting chapter in the story of your love. The Srinagar honeymoon tour transcends shikara’s and houseboats, and delves into the essence of this region. Above all, you will go through the attractions waiting to be explored.

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