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20 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands For Women

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Sustainability has become a fashion language in the United States over the years. Many women are now looking for the best sustainable clothing brands to patronize. But what is this sustainability really about?

What Is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable clothing is clothing that is eco-friendly, accessible, and lasts a long time before it wears out or fades out. Though there are ways to define sustainable clothing, these are primarily what it’s all about.

Research has it that, on average, every American wastes 82 pounds of textiles every year. That’s really a lot, isn’t it? We are obviously buying too much clothing, about twice as much as we did 10 years ago. What’s upsetting is that a whole lot of it ends up in the trash, thus polluting our world. If we all embrace sustainability, we can reduce waste to a minimum and save our planet from pollution.

Why buy clothing that doesn’t give you full value for your money? Buying sustainable clothing can save you from having to change your wardrobe every time. This is because these clothes are made organically, ethically, and slowly to last a long time while keeping quality and top-notch standards intact. If you are convinced you would like to know the best clothing brands for women out there, Sure, we have prepared a list of the 20 best sustainable clothing brands for women.

20 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands For Women In 2023

1. Wearwell

Looking forward to a market place to shop for all kinds of sustainable wear? Wearwell is your sure-fire option. The online ethical clothing market offers a wide variety of ethical clothing. They offer up to a 10% discount for good customers and free delivery to different locations in the United States. Buyers also have access to different stylists who can advise them on the style and type of clothing that suits them. If you want to have access to different brands of ethical clothing, WearWell is where you’ve got to be. They are one of the best sustainable clothing brands for women, men, and kids.

2. Tamga

Tamga offers beautifully designed and colored clothing for women. The Indonesia-made clothing brands pride themselves on using organic and ethically responsible materials like tencel, French linens, and others for their production. They have different kinds of clothing suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. Everything is made soft, comfy, beautifully designed, and colorful to make you stand out exceptionally well while maintaining sustainability and ethicality.

3. Pact

Pact is probably one of the most popular ethical clothing brands out there. It doesn’t end there at all; it’s completely one of the most affordable too. Their clothing is basically simple, comfy, and suitable for all seasons. All clothing, both for women and men, as well as for kids, is available on Pact. All of Pact’s clothing is made from purely organic cotton and other ethical materials, and it washes pretty well and is soft.

4. Girlfriend Collection


Girlfriend is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for women, and one special thing is that every size is taken into consideration. Whether you are slim, short, tall, fat, or chubby, they have your size. Most of the materials used are basically recycled waste. Bras, leggings, active wear, and sweatshirts all come in different designs and styles and are specially made to last a long time.

5. Armour Vert

though they are a little expensive. Amour verts make one of the best garments suitable for events and work. Their clothing has the sustainability that you are looking for, coupled with glam. They make well-designed clothes that are definitely worth the price.

6. Boody

For all lovers of bamboo-made clothing. Boody is a clothing brand that uses bamboo as its raw material. Many think of bamboo clothing as a very harsh material, but Boody is different. Their clothing is soft and comfortable. You can find items like underwear, swimwear, home wear, sports wear, and t-shirts very attractive. This brand is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for women, men, and kids alike.

7. Knickey

Knickey is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for women out there. The brand uses 95% organic cotton for its production in India. They also use fewer reactive chemicals and inks. Plus, the brand, in an effort to show its commitment to sustainability, partnered with an NGO to make use of recycled materials too. Knickey prides itself on making comfortable, sustainable, ethical, and quality wear. The brand is best known for its underwear and pants, which are actually some of the best.

8. Wolven

If what you love is clothing with unique prints and designs, Wolven is among the best sustainable clothing brands for women to choose from. When it comes to elegant and colorfully designed swimsuits, pants, and sportswear, they offer nice clothing that you will love. They are best known for their leggings. Wolven clothing speaks loudly about sustainability. They are produced from recycled plastic bottles. The brand also contributes up to 1% to the planet.

9. Honest Basic

Honest Basic is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for women. The brand is focused on offering sustainable clothing at its best and ensuring affordability. The brand makes use of 100% organic clothing and other less-impact materials for its production. They also ensure that their workers are paid well while maintaining a fair trade with the local farmer cultivating the cotton.

10. Kotn

Like Egyptian materials for clothing? The Canadian clothing brand Kotn produces some of the finest sustainable clothing using Egyptian materials, which are often regarded as some of the best for ethical clothing. It also ensures that the trade for the material is fair and that farmers are treated well as well as their workers, providing them with satisfactory wages and salaries. They produce for men, women, and kids too. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to go ethical with Kotn as your brand.

11. Parade


Parade is of the belief that human clothing that touches the skin must be as comfortable as possible. Which is why their product maintains comfort quality while also being ethical by using some of the best fabrics, like waffles, for production. Most of their materials are often sourced from regenerative, recycled, renewable, and ethical sources. If what you need is classic, elegant, colorful, and carefully designed clothes while maintaining ethics, Parade is one of your go-to channels to get that.

12. Thoughts

Thought is a brand that believes in elegance, simplicity, and comfort. Their clothes are ethically made with sustainable materials. From one you can wear to the next, which include pyjamas, underwear, socks, and so on, Organic cotton with no plastics either for manufacturing or packaging is what thought’s clothing is made of. And their clothes are designed to suit your everyday clothing needs, as provision is made for that.

13. Colorful Standard

Want sustainable American clothing? The colorful standard has what you need. The variety of the collection includes a lot of colorful colors, great designs, and comfortability. All their clothing is made from organic materials that pose less harm to the ecosystem. Both cottons and the dyes they use.

14. Kent

Kent is a US-based clothing brand that produces mostly underwear, though they are also into other things. Kent underwear is not made to last that long. It becomes compost after 90 days, thus adding nutrients to the soil and helping bring more trees to life. One thing to know about Kent is that their underwear is comfy and fittingly perfect.

15. Harvest and Mill

When we talk of brands that use ethically sourced and direct clothing materials for production, Harvest and Milling are two of the best. All their materials are sourced from local farmers in the United States. The brand also supports them in every way possible. Their clothing is made with zero dyes, purely organic cotton, no bleach, and also uses less water. Their clothing is focused on simplicity, 100% safety, and sustainability at its highest. If you love it fully ethical and simple, harvest and mill speak your language.

16. The R Collective


The R Collective is a clothing brand that uses recycled materials from popular brands in its production. They ensure to use less impactful materials, chemicals, and materials that use less water for production. The R collective produces nice clothing with special designs, simplicity, and uniqueness. The brand also prioritizes paying its workers appropriately and adequately.

17. Able

Able is a sustainable female clothing brand aimed at reducing or ending poverty entirely. Each piece of their different clothing is made to last a long time. Quality wear is made from real organic cotton and less reactive chemicals and dyes. Also, almost all their clothing is very affordable, which represents their struggle to ultimately end poverty. If you want to save yourself some money and the stress of changing your wardrobe every year, Able has everything that can last you a long time yet still maintain its quality and elegance over time.

18. Happy Earth

20- best-sustainable-clothing-brands

Happy Earth is among the best sustainable clothing brands for women. The brand is so dedicated to battling climate change because it is built so much around building an eco-friendly planet. For every product they sell, they contribute positively to the environment by planting trees and removing refuse and waste from the environment. They also prioritize using mainly organic and less reactive materials for their production, as well as ensuring fair trade and adequate and good payment for their workers.

19. Made trade

Made in America is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for women in the United States. The brands speak sustainability, us-made, and fair trade. Every production activity is ethical. They produce pretty nice clothes with great designs, elegance, and color. If you are strictly a sustainability-inclined person, Made Trade is a brand for you to get all of your clothing from.

20. Tentree

Tentree is another clothing brand that focuses so much on sustainability, simplicity, and uniqueness. Their apparel is made ethically while paying attention to sustainability. Their clothing is made of 100% organic cotton, TENCEL, polyester, and hemp. Their clothing is pretty cheap and affordable, despite the standard and exclusive designs. The brand also contributes to the earth by planting a lot of trees in places where materials are sourced. Want to go fully ethical? Tentree should be your go-to.

How To Choose A Sustainable Clothing Brand

For consumers who want to purchase apparel from firms that create sustainably, sustainability is crucial. In the US, almost 80% of textile wastes end up in the landfill. Millions of tons per year, then. Is that going too far?

It’s time to put less emphasis on pricey, flashy clothing and more on sustainable options. to at least cut down on waste. Recycling should be promoted as well in order to lessen the harm that clothes manufacture causes to the environment.

Choose durable apparel rather than frequently replacing your wardrobe because some of your garments fade out quite quickly. The question most a time is; “how can I identify a clothes line that is sustainable?”
The following are some of the things to watch out for when selecting one.

Basic components

It is frequently determined by the materials an item is composed of. Most of the top sustainable clothing companies for men utilize eco-friendly materials because they naturally last longer than synthetic ones.

The greatest materials for sustainability are thought to be linen, TENCEL, hemp wool, ethical wool, organic cotton, and wool.

Alternative materials include polyester and recycled nylons. Although they are not truly natural, using them helps to decrease plastic waste and breathe new life into an already existent substance.

Labor and production methods

Although materials are more significant than labor practices, they are still quite vital.

Human rights violations are frequently a result of certain labor practices. The finest brands are those that run openly, look after their employees, and pay them fairly.


In the fashion world, Women are frequently mentioned while discussing issues with body image. Men, however, are not exempt. Embrace apparel manufacturers that cater to all body types and sizes (chubby, slim, tall,  and short).


It’s wise to select companies who practice sustainable production methods, product recycling, low or no carbon emissions, and minimal plastic product packaging.

Final Thoughts On The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands For Women

Sustainability is key in every industry. We need to reduce the effect of CO2 on our planet. Embracing sustainable clothing is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone should contribute to that. The amount of clothing waste is already too much, and landfills are filled up. Instead of using clothing that doesn’t stand the test of time, sustainable clothing should be made a priority. The impact caused by production activities by some of these fast-fashion clothing brands is already negatively affecting our climate. Go for sustainable clothing today; let’s save our planet!

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