Best Way to Plan Skiing and Snowboarding Activities: Kullu Manali Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon is a time to enjoy your love and embark on a joyful journey. So what is better than a Kullu Manali honeymoon trip to do adventures together? While seeking a blend of romance and thrill, plan a trip to Kullu Manali from Chennai. It also offers you skiing and snowboarding sports.

They are nestled amidst the snow-capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Kullu Manali offers breathtaking landscapes, cozy stays, and winter sports. We will walk through the best Manali Kullu honeymoon packages from Chennai in this guide. Further making sure to give a perfect blend of romance and adventure.

1. Choose the Right Time to Visit

Winter is the ideal time to plan your Kullu Manali honeymoon with skiing and snowboarding. During the winter months, from December to February, it attracts tourists.

This period further offers the perfect snow conditions for indulging in these thrilling sports. Before finalizing your travel dates, check the local weather forecasts. Also, make sure that the slopes are open for skiing and snowboarding.

2. Book Flights and Accommodation

Begin your planning process by booking your flights from Chennai to either Chandigarh or Delhi. In other words, these are the nearest airports to Kullu Manali. You can further choose a direct flight or a connecting one based on your budget.

Once you arrive at the airport, you can hire a taxi or opt for a road trip. That will further take you to Kullu Manali hill stations. The road trip allows you to soak in the views coming along the way.

In terms of stays, Kullu Manali offers many options to suit every budget and preference. You can further consider staying at a romantic resort, a cozy cottage, or a lavish hotel.

You can choose accommodation with stunning mountain views. Make sure to book your stay well in advance to secure your preferred choice.

3. Include Skiing and Snowboarding Activities in Your Itinerary

If you want to enjoy the thrill of skiing and snowboarding in Kullu Manali, It’s essential to further include these activities in your honeymoon plan.

The Solang Valley and the Rohtang Pass are the two most famous places for these activities. They are like heaven for winter sports in the region.

Solang Valley

Located about 14 km from Manali, the Solang Valley offers an array of adventures. The thrilling activities, for example, skiing and snowboarding are famous ones. The valley boasts gentle slopes for beginners as well as challenging terrains for trained skiiers.

Engage the services of professional instructors who can guide you through the basics. He will further ensure your safety on the slopes. Rent the needed equipment, like skis, snowboards, boots, and helmets. You can rent them from the many rental shops in this area.

Rohtang Pass

Situated at an elevation of 3978 meters, the Rohtang Pass is a breathtaking mountain pass. The Rohtang Pass further connects Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys. It offers stunning views and is an excellent spot for skiing and snowboarding.

However, note that access to Rohtang Pass is subject to weather conditions. Above all, it requires obtaining permits from the local authorities. Meanwhile, plan properly and arrange for the needed permits well in advance.

4. Explore Romantic Destinations

While skiing and snowboarding activities add thrill to your honeymoon. But you should not miss the chance to explore Kullu Manali’s romantic side. Here are some must-visit spots that will enhance your romantic experience.

Hadimba Temple

Located in the midst of dense Deodar forests in Manali. The Hadimba Temple is a serene and scenic spot.

Dedicated to the goddess Hadimba, this ancient temple showcases unique architecture. It is all over surrounded by lush greenery. Meanwhile, take a walk with your partner in the temple complex and absorb the peaceful ambiance.

Rahala Falls

Situated on the way to Rohtang Pass, the Rahala Falls is a mesmerizing waterfall. The Rahala Falls comes from a height of about 100 feet.

The sight of the gushing water amidst the snowy landscape is truly enchanting. You can further spend some quality time here. Meanwhile, enjoying the beauty of nature and capturing nice moments.

Beas River

Take a romantic stroll along the banks of the Beas River, which flows through Kullu and Manali. The serene climate and sound of the flowing water create a tranquil setting for you.

You and your partner can further enjoy moments of togetherness. Meanwhile, pack a picnic and find a quiet spot by river to relax and unwind.

Mall Road

After that, indulge in some shopping and walks along Mall Road in Manali. This bustling street is lined with shops offering local handicrafts, woolen garments, and souvenirs. Explore the vibrant markets, savor local dishes, and immerse in its lively ambiance.

5. Immerse in Local Culture and Cuisine

To truly feel the essence of Kullu Manali, immerse in the local culture and cuisine. You can further visit the old villages nearby the Kullu Manali region.

Meanwhile, interact with the friendly locals to gain insights into their way of life. You can also witness folk dances and cultural shows that show its rich heritage.

When it comes to food, don’t miss the chance to savor the local cuisine. You can try real dishes for example Siddu, Dham, and Madra. Meanwhile, indulge in the flavors and aromas of these dishes and a diverse range of cuisine.

6. Safety Precautions

While engaging in thrilling sports for example skiing and snowboarding, ensure your safety. Follow your instructor, wear safety gear, and further be mindful of your body limits.

The slopes can be challenging, so you needed to ski or snowboard within your comfort. Above all, check the weather and be on alert for sudden changes.

It’s also good to take travel insurance that covers thrilling sports. It further adds peace of mind during your honeymoon.


Planning a Kullu Manali honeymoon from Chennai offers a blend of romance and adventure. As this tour offers you skiing and snowboarding along with it. You should further choose the best time to visit, and book your flights and stays in advance.

Above all, include skiing and snowboarding in your schedule. Explore the romantic places, immerse in the local culture, and savor its local cuisine. With proper planning and assuring safety, you can create joyful moments. Embark on a honeymoon filled with love, thrill, and vistas in the landscapes of Kullu Manali.


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