Adriana Trigani Books in order: 10 Titles 

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Adriana Trigiani is a notable author, playwright and screenwriter. She is known for her interesting fiction and non-fiction  books, usually a mix of mystery and romance. Her works generally have the setting of a small town in America, which centers around an American Italian family.

She is a New York Times-selling author of more than 20 books; some of her books have been acted out in films; among them are Big Stone Gap (2000) and Very Valentine (2009)

Her books have continued to gain so much prominence among readers because they have exciting storylines. If you love fiction, you may consider Adrian Trigani’s collections. This is why we shall consider Adrian Trigani books in order.

Adrian Trigani Books in order: 10 Titles


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1. Big Stone Gap

Big Stone Gap is the first on the list of Adrian Trigani books in order. The book is a fictional romance with 304 pages and was published in 2000. The Big Stone Gap was the first novel written by Adriana Trigiani

 Summary of Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani 

Big Stone Gap is the story of a young girl who lives in a small town known as Big Stone Gap. The story is narrated using the first-person narrative technique, as the events of the story are told by Ave Maria, who is the main character in the story.

Ave Maria is a young pharmacist who is not engaged in any romantic relationship with any man. She lived a comfortable life and was hardly troubled or worried by anything until the whole event turned around when her mother died. She got an incredible revelation that was influenced by her mother’s secrets after her demise. She is not the person that she thought she was. This was the point where things took an interesting turn in the story.

2. Big Cherry Holler

This is second on the list of Adriana Trigani books in order. The book is a fictional contemporary romance that was published in May 2021. It has 304 pages and the book is a continuation of Big Stone Gap by Adrian Trigani as it continues to tell the story of female protagonist Ave Maria

The book presents us with the trials and challenges in the marriage of Ave Maria and Jack after they have been married for eight years. For instance, Jack lost his job in the mines and Ave Maria was also faced with the prospect of a new job. Will these affect their relationship or not? How were these two able to manage their situation so that it didn’t affect their relationship?

The book draws a connection to the first series of the book, which is Big Stone Gap, where we were able to learn more about the town and learn more about Ave Maria’s family in Italy.

3. Milk Glass Moon

Milk Glass Moon is a contemporary romance written and published by Adriana Trigiani in July 2002. The book has 304 pages and it is affordable and available for purchase on Amazon and other online stores. This book is a continuation of Adriana Trigiani’s Big Stone Gap series, which is a continuation of the story of the life of the female protagonist, Ave Maria Mulligan Macchesney.

Summary of Milk Glass Moon by Adriana Trigiani 

This book presents to us the continuation of the Ave Maria relationship, specifically emphasizing her relationship with her daughter, who is a very intelligent teenager, even though she gets into trouble sometimes. The book presents the differences in the lives of these two. The relationship between Etta MacChesney and her father is different from the kind of relationship Ave Maria had with her mother. The focus of this book centers on Etta and how her mother has to deal with her rebellious acts. These and many more are the things the book presents.

4. Lucia, Lucia

Lucia, Lucia is the fourth publication of Adriana Trigani books. It is a fictional romance. It was published in July 2003 and it has 336 pages. The story takes place in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1950.

Summary of Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani 

Lucia is a pretty 25-year-old lady and the only child of her parents. Lucia is an ambitious young girl who wants to be a doctor and lives in Greenwich Village, New York. She worked as a fashion designer.

Lucia wanted a life where she could make something work and do something meaningful. Lucia soon got engaged to her childhood boyfriend, Dante DeMartino; however, things took a turn around when Lucia met a young man who promised to give her the kind of life she desired.

Lucia is torn between deciding to remain with her boyfriend or going with her new lover, who has promised to give her the kind of life that she desires. What did Lucia do? Will she jeopardize her relationship to be with the new guy? How was Lucia able to manage these conflicting issues?

The major issue that Lucia had was that she found herself living in a conflicting world where she was living one life but desired another. The book sheds light on the life of Lucia and the scandal in her life.

5. The queen of the big time

The fifth in Adriana Trigiani books is the queen of the big time. This is a fictional story and contemporary romance fiction that was published in July 2004. It has 304 pages.

Summary of The Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani 

There is a female character known as Nella Castellucas, who is an Italian-American girl. The setting of the story took place in the 1900’s.

Bella Castellucas wants to be an educated person and wishes to take up the teaching profession but things didn’t turn out as she desired because she had to stop school to support her family when she was 15 years old.

At age 16, she was already working in a blouse factory, and she was very diligent in her work. She was eventually in love with Renato Lanzara, a fine man. It was unfortunate that their love affair could not stand the test of time, as Renato Lanzara had to leave her to pursue his dreams without informing her about his plans. This situation left Bella Castellucas heartbroken.

Things took an interesting turn four years later as Renato Lanzara suddenly returned just when she was about to get married to her fiance, Franco Zollenro.

6. My Great Bit Book Tour

This is another fiction book written by Adriana Trigiani. It is a contemporary romance that was published in October 2004. The book has 400 pages.

7. Rococo

Another lovely book on the list of Adriana Trigani’s books in order is Rococo. Rococo is one of Adriana Trigiani books, featuring a male character as the main character of the story. In most of her past written works, we have examined female lead characters. It belongs to the general fiction genre and was published in 2005. It has 283 pages.

Summary of Rococo by Adriana Trigiani 

In the book, we learn about a male character known as Bartolomeo di Crespi, who is an interior decorator. It has always been Bartolomeo’s wish to do the interior decoration of the church he attends. Our Lady of Fatima has been the only church he has attended all his life.

He was fortunate to get the opportunity that he desired, as he was to design Our Lady of Fatima, New Jersey. Bartolommeo was intentional about the design, as he was going to ensure that he did the best design for his church as he traveled widely. He would travel back and forth from New Jersey to New York to get inspiration and create a sophisticated design.

He employed the best hands for the design of the church, as he constantly recruited only the best artisans and artists. We learn more about the family of Bartolommeo and how he cares for his family, his faith and the impact that his decorations have on the church and city.

8. Cooking with my sisters

Cooking with my sisters is another fantastic book on the list of books by Adriana Trigana books in order is cooking with my sisters. The book has 192 pages and was published in September, 2006. It is a cookbook recipe by Adriana Trigani and her sister, Mary Yolanda Trigani. The book has more than 80 family recipes.

9. Home to Big Stone Gap Trilogy-4

The book is a contemporary romance novel that was published in November 2006. It has 320 pages and continues the story of Ave Maria and her life in Big Stone Gap.

10. Very Valentine

Very Valentine will be the last book we will examine in the books by Adriana Trigiani in order. It is a contemporary fiction novel. It has 401 pages. This is one of her books that has been adapted into a movie.


In conclusion, Adriana Trigani books are more than all the books mentioned in this article; these are just 10 books out of over 20 books written by Adriana Trigani. The features standard to Adriana Trigiani’s books are that most of her work is a fictional romance with a female lead character as the play’s protagonist. She knows how to use vivid descriptions in her books that make you feel present in the play. Her books have won many awards and many of her works have received positive reviews.


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