Abby Jimenez Books in Order: 5 Titles

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Abby Jimenez is an American-based romance novelist. She is a best-selling author for the New York Times and many of her works have earned her many awards and recognitions.

If you love romance novels, you must have come across some of the works of Abby Jimenez. Abby Jimenez is known for her exciting romance novels and her books have gained so much popularity and won the hearts of many romance lovers.

One of the reasons many people are really into Abby Jimenez’s books is because the themes of her books center around contemporary issues; they are issues that readers can easily relate to. For example, one of her book titles, ‘The Friend Zone,’ is a story that discusses a prevalent concept known as the friend zone and the idea of being friends with benefits, which is a type of relationship that is now being practiced among many.

If you are looking for books on contemporary romance, here are the lists of Abby Jimenez books you can choose from.

Abby Jimenez Books in Order: 5 Titles


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1. The Friend Zone

The first book that we will consider on our list of Abby Jimenez books in order is ‘The Friend Zone.’

The Friend Zone is a contemporary romance novel by Abby Jimenez, published in 2019. The book consists of 384 pages. The book was among the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award nominees for best debut novel. The book is available in ebooks and audiobooks on Amazon at a very affordable price.

Summary of Abby Jimenez’s ‘The Friend Zone’

The Friend Zone is a story that shows the romantic escapades of a lady and how she had a kind of emotional connection with someone but was faced with some challenging issues that prevented her from pursuing her love interest; hence, she decided to friend zone her partner and only referred to their relationship as friendship.

Kristen and Josh are two characters in the novel who have both developed feelings for each other. However, Kristen was reluctant to admit her fondness for Josh at first because she was in a distant relationship with Tyler.

Secondly, she has an issue with her reproductive system, which may not allow Kristen to have children. Josh, on the other hand, wants to have children; in fact, he dreams of having a big family. Those are conflicts right there. How was this conflict resolved since Kristen and Josh see two people who like each other? Are you wondering if they eventually got back together or tried to make things work?

If you want to find answers to all of these questions, you can get your hands on this book and find out.  It’s going to be a great read.

2. The Happy Ever After Playlist

Secondly, among the Abby Jimenez books in order is the Happy Ever After Playlist. The book was published on April 14, 2010. It is a contemporary romance novel with an exciting storyline. Both the eBooks and audiobooks are available on Amazon for purchase.

Summary of the Happy Ever After playlist by Abby Jimenez

Sloan Monroe, a prominent female character in the novel, lost her boyfriend in an accident for two years; he was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. She was still heartbroken by the event.

One day, while she was on her way back from the grave of her late boyfriend, a dog that she almost hit jumped through her sunroof into her car. Sloan tried to reach out to its owner by dialing the number on the dog’s tag, which was on the dog’s neck, but the owner wouldn’t pick it up.

Jason Larsen is a famous song artist in the story and he was away in Australia for two weeks. He left his dog Tucker under the watch of his supposed girlfriend but obviously, she abandoned it until it ran into the hands of Sloan.

Jason eventually reached out to Sloan and Jason made a plan for Tucker to be kept with Jason until he arrived. Jason and Tucker began to talk to each other. At first, it was not intense; however, their conversation soon grew more intense.

When Jason was back in LA, Sloan was in love with Jason but how did this relationship turn out? Did Jason feel the same way,y considering Jason and Sloan are two people from different backgrounds? Sloan is just an artist who only earned enough to feed herself and get a roof over her head, while Jason is a famous musical artist. If you want to find out how the whole situation turned out, you should get the book and find out more.

3. Life’s too short

Another great story from the collections of Abby Jimenez is Life’s Too Short. This book was published in 2021. The book is classified as a romantic comedy and it has 384 pages.  The book was among the books nominated for the 2021 Goodreads Choice Award.

Summary of Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez

Vanessa is a young, promising and vibrant girl who has decided to live on her terms and enjoy every moment of her life like it’s her last.

She has built herself up to live this way because of the gene that runs in the family and usually prevents family members from living long. She believes that she could have ALS, which may cut her life short, as it has always been the history of her family.

However, things soon changed as she assumed the role of a mother or guardian because her half-sister had neglected her baby, so she had to be responsible for the young child.

Vanessa found herself in a situation she had never prepared for, as she soon found her neighbor, Adrian Copeland, attractive. What do you think will happen next? You’ll find a lot more on this in the book.

4. Part of your World

Another interesting read on the list of Abby Jimenez books in order is ‘Part of Your World.’ It is a contemporary romance novel which was published in 2022. It has 400 pages.

Summary of part of your world by baby Jimenez

Alexis Montgomery left her ex, who was an abusive man and went to a small town where she met a man known as Daniel Grant, who was a carpenter and also owned a bed and breakfast crib where Alexis usually went regularly.

Alexis became very close and the two got intimate initially without having any intent of establishing a relationship. However, these two began to develop a strong relationship with each other. Alexi’s relationship with Daniel Grant was not supported by her parents, who wanted her to be back with her abusive ex and wanted her to be a surgeon like them so that she could uphold their legacy.

Alexis and Daniel are two people from different backgrounds. While Alexis is from a wealthy and comfortable background, Daniel, on the other hand, is from a humble background. However, these two have their weaknesses and strengths.

Even though Alexis has a wealthy background, she doesn’t know how to be independent, while Daniel is an independent man who has failed to realize his full potential. Mhmm! It’s true what they say about opposites attracting. How then did these two work on their strengths and weaknesses?

5. Yours Truly

Another book on the list of Abby Jimenez books in order is Yours Truly, a contemporary romance novel. The book was published in April 2013 and has 416 pages.

Summary of Abby Jimenez’s Truly

Dr. Brianna Ortiz had just divorced her husband because she could not stand being married to someone who cheated on her. There is a new doctor at her place of work known as Dr. Death because he lost seven patients on his first day at work.

Dr. Brianna had tried to empathize with Dr. Jacob Maddox, the doctor who had lost seven patients in a day. However, Dr. Brianna’s empathy was greeted by rudeness by the new doctor; she did not pay so much attention to this attitude because she had so much going on in her life. It was as if her own life was tearing apart. Aside from the fact that she had issues in her marriage, her brother was also sick and in need of a kidney transplant.

The new doctor sent Brianna a letter, which shows the other side of him as not being the rude doctor he seemed to be on their first encounter. Brianna replied to his letter and these two were soon found exchanging letters. These letters soon became the highlight of her days.

She soon found the new doctor to be one of the sweetest people and could not resist him, mainly because he offered to donate his kidney to her brother, who needed one. Would you love to find out more about how things turned out between these two? You will find out more about this romance story in the book. The book is available on Amazon for a reasonable price.


These books by Abby Jimenez are listed according to the years of their release. One thing we find in common in the works of Abby Jimenez is the plot of romance, which always revolves around a girl who likes a guy, stating their love escapades and the complexities of their relationship, as we see that most of the connections are greeted with challenges. Abby Jimenez has found a way to illuminate some contemporary issues in our society, which are the realities of the things that go on around us.


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