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How To Know When A Girl Likes You – 18 Sure Tips

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How to know when a girl likes you, is usually discovered through the way she acts towards you and treats you as a guy

Girls may be able to pretend, but they are not perfect concealers of their feelings. The reason is that it is easy for you, as a guy, to know when a girl likes you. You will know it from the way she relates to you, from her actions, and from her speech.

When a girl likes you, the evidence and the green light are all before you. It is usually a challenge for women to express how they feel about a guy.

It’s not a big deal if a girl who likes you tells you that she likes you, but only a few girls have the boldness to profess their true feelings and affection for a guy. It only takes a few girls with boldness to express their feelings to a guy.

Society expects the man to be the one who does the chasing or takes the first move. This is why a girl will prefer to communicate her feelings indirectly through her actions and words.

She will do things that will make you know how special she thinks you are, and if the feeling is mutual, the guy can then go on to shoot his shot. Below are the 18 possible ways to know when a girl likes you.

How To Know When A Girl Likes You

1. She is touchy when she is around you


One of the ways to know when a girl likes you is that she likes to touch you when she is around you or maybe talking to you. She wants to hold your hands, lean on your shoulder, and sit down very close to you.

She will do everything to initiate physical contact with you. If you happen to find yourself with a girl who does this every time she is around you, it only shows that she likes you. This is how to know when a girl likes you.

2. She finds everything you say funny

When a girl smiles often when she is around you, it means that she likes you. You will know this if you notice that she is always smiling whenever she is around you, even at things that are not funny.

She even finds your dry jokes funny. This is not because you are a comedian, but because she is just always happy and cheerful when she is around you. After all, you are someone that she likes.

3. She replies your chat very quickly

This is one of the reasons why I said it is easy to find out when a girl likes you, because if she likes you, she will take no time in responding to your messages. She wants you to know that your message is very important to her and that she is happy to chat with you.

That same girl who wastes no time responding to your chats has other people’s messages in her DM unreplied for days. It means she likes you if she replies to your messages on time.

4. She remembers the little details about you

A girl who likes you will hardly forget anything you tell her, especially if it is something that pertains to you. You might even be surprised that she still remembers and takes note of those things that might not even count to you.

The reason why she does not forget things about you is because she has the eagerness to know you and she holds on to every piece of information that she gets from you. She also does not forget the important dates in your life. You will just know that she is intentional about the things that concern you. This is also how to know when a girl likes you.

5. She asks you personal questions


If you ever meet a girl who likes you, she will be willing to get to know you more. She wants to know what you like and what you detest. This allows her to know how she can relate to you better. She can also learn how to avoid getting into trouble with you by avoiding the things you do not like.

6. She tells her friends about you

Girls gist and talk a lot. When a girl likes a guy, she is so excited about it that she just wants to tell her friends how she feels about you since she cannot say it directly to you. She will tell her friends the things she likes about you and every good quality that you possess.

You might not know if she told her friends about you if you have not met them, but if you eventually meet her friends and they get introduced to you, they will tell you that they have heard a lot about you. This means that she has been talking to her friends about you, which simply means that she likes you.

7. She buys you gifts

Gifting is a love language. If a girl likes you, she can buy you gifts. She buys you these things because she thinks you will like them. She can consider buying you gifts tailored to your interests.

For instance, if you are the type that likes games, she can decide to buy you a video game. Buying you gifts is a way of showing you that she has you on her mind or is thinking of you. If she buys you gifts, then that girl likes you.

8. She tells you she is single

A girl who likes you will tell you about her relationship status. She will tell you that she has no boyfriend just to let you know that she is available if you ever have plans of ask her out. A girl doesn’t bother to tell you she is single if she doesn’t like you.

9. She confides in you

She will tell you things because she believes in you. This is one of the things that a girl who likes you will do. She even tells you things she would not tell other people. The reason she can trust you is because she likes you, not because she does not have other people in her life she can talk to. A girl likes you if she can confide in you.

10. She always compliments you

A girl who likes you will constantly throw random compliments your way. She appreciates you for every little thing you do and praises your abilities. She will always have something good to say about you.

She always sees the good in you and always finds desirable qualities in you.  She can even indirectly tell you she likes you through those compliments by using words like; ‘ I like the way you…’ This is a sign that she is into you.

11.She is conscious of herself around you

When a girl is conscious of herself around you as a guy, she is intentional about not embarrassing herself in front of you. She takes note of her actions and her words; she chooses the way she talks and does things when she is around you.

She wants to be classy when she is around you; she doesn’t want you to notice her flaws or weaknesses when she is around you. This can even make her shy when she is around you. This happens when a girl likes you.

If a girl does not like a guy, she would not even care about how the guy sees her, so she has no reason to become conscious of herself when she is around a guy.

12. She always comments on your pictures

A girl who is all over your social media page likes you. This is how you will know she likes you, because she will always comment anytime you upload a picture on social media. Her likes and comments are all over your posts and pictures on social media.

Even when you have few reactions to your post, her reaction will always be part of the few reactions you get.

13. She pays attention to you always

A girl who likes you will always give you her attention. Her attention is not divided when she is with you. She is always interested in everything you have to tell her. She listens and is always eager to hear from you.

Giving your attention also includes being observant about the way you feel. She notices when there is a little change in her mood. It means that she takes you seriously and you are important to her.

14. She is jealous when you talk to other girls

When a girl likes you, she won’t like it when you are around other girls. Anytime she sees you talking to another girl, her mood immediately changes. She may even appear sad or feel offended, and you will keep wondering if you offended her.

Her insecurity is because she likes you and sees other girls who come too close to you as rivals. She is scared of losing you to another girl because she doesn’t want you to like any girl more than you like her. It is not her fault that she gets jealous when you talk to other girls because she likes you.

15. She tries to look good every time she is around you

A lady will try to look her best whenever she is with a guy she likes. The moment she knows she will meet you or get to see you, she does her best to look good. She is intentional about her clothes, she might even do a little makeup to compliment her looks. A girl wants you to see her as a very beautiful girl, Maybe when you see her as a beautiful girl, you will become interested in her.

16. She sends you her pictures even when you don’t ask

All the signs you need to know when a girl likes you are very obvious. What explanation do you have to give as to why a girl will send her pictures to you even when you don’t ask her?

The reason she sends you her picture is because she wants you to see how beautiful she looks. She will even take the time to carefully select her best pictures to send to you. She might even give the picture some editing so that it looks bright.

A girl who sends you her pictures is not sending them to you so that you can just comment on how the picture looks, but because she likes you and is giving you the go-ahead to ask her out if the feeling is mutual.

17. She asks you what qualities you like in a woman

You see, when a girl likes you, she will want to know what qualities a woman you like must have. Do you know why she wants to know?

She wants to know because she is trying to see if they are qualities she has. She is trying to see if she is your type or someone who stands a chance of being in a relationship with you. When you tell her the qualities you want in a woman, she might try to indicate that she has some of those qualities.

For instance, if you tell her you like a woman who knows how to cook, she can respond by saying that she likes cooking. What she is trying to do is tell you that she has all the qualities you are looking for in a woman. This is how to know when a girl likes you.

18. She calls and messages first

A girl who likes you will always call you. She will always call and message you because she always wants to talk to you and hear from you. Even when you don’t call her back, she is going to always be the first to call.

In conclusion, All the things that have been discussed above are possible signs a girl is likely to show when she likes you. Once you notice these signs and decide you do not want to have a relationship with her, maybe because you do not like her or because you are in a relationship. It is better that you immediately draw the line by telling her that you like her as a friend.

Also, you should not make her feel bad for the way she feels about you. You should be thankful that she likes you. Make sure you do not take advantage of her feelings for you if you have no intention of being committed to her or having anything serious with her.

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