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15 Subtle Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce (The Remedy)

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The key reason why God instituted marriage and brought two people together to form a lasting union is COMPANIONSHIP devoid of divorce. By companionship, we mean friendship, relationship, partnership, commitment, emotional bonding, and intimacy. Any relationship devoid of these might be a sign your marriage will end in divorce.

It takes two to make a marriage work. It takes two to build a home and form a formidable force. It becomes an issue if it’s one-sided. A quality marriage relationship is mutual and reciprocating.

There are principles guiding the marriage union. A marriage can end in divorce if the two parties involved do not practice the principles of a lasting marriage. If these two people can come back together to build and repair their faulty bridges and resolve the issues on ground, they will still enjoy a great marriage and won’t end up in divorce.

A valuable relationship doesn’t just fall from the sky. It takes a lot to build a solid relationship. It takes emotional intelligence, wisdom, mental maturity, commitment, personal character, etc. to build a great marriage.

A great home is built on wisdom. Ignorance is man’s greatest enemy. You can’t do well in an exam you didn’t study for or prepare for. Get the necessary wisdom, live by it, and enjoy a blissful home. Lack of proper preparation for the marriage itself, not just the wedding day, is what makes many marriages today end in divorce. They are so carried away with the wedding day that they forget about the most important thing—the marriage life.

Do you want to enjoy a lasting and blissful marriage? Do you want to know the signs?

Your marriage might end in divorce, and how can you avoid it? Here are 15 signs that your marriage will end in divorce that you should take note of and probably make a move to prevent that from happening.

15 Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce

1. Lack of Communication

Every great marriage thrives on communication. Communication is the engine of every marriage. That’s the only way your spouse will know what’s on your mind. A marriage that lacks communication can hit the rocks and end in divorce.

A marriage that has healthy communication will blossom. Here, each of the people involved talks freely and openly, feeling safe and comfortable sharing their personal thoughts, feelings, concerns, and minds, even in the face of offenses.

A great marriage is birthed by healthy communication and thrives on openness. If you don’t want to end in divorce, please don’t sweep issues under the carpet. It can lead to untreated anger and bottled emotions, which can lead to depression or make the aggrieved party spark up. That way, your marriage might end in divorce.

Be open and transparent with each other. Communication builds intimacy. Lack of it or the inability to resolve issues through communication can strain a marriage and be a sign that it will end in divorce. Talk about everything and shut your gate forever against divorce.

2. Lack of Trust

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Trust is the bedrock and foundation of every marriage. No marriage is perfect, but any Marriage that will last must be built on trust.

A marriage that lacks trust will surely break up with time and can be a sign that your marriage will end in divorce. It’s trust that makes you rely on your spouse, have confidence in them, feel safe with them, and believe that they will not hurt or betray you.

To have a very successful marriage, don’t let anything destroy the trust you have for each other. Be open, and honest, build integrity, and shun anything that will affect the joy of your home and can cause your marriage to end in divorce. Any relationship that will affect your marriage negatively should be cut off to avoid your marriage likely ending in divorce.

3. Lack of Sexual Intimacy

“And they twain shall be one flesh; so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. Mark 10:8 KJV.”

God was wise when He gave this command to the married. The day you both get married and consummate your love, you automatically become one. Sex in marriage is what makes two become one. Without sexual intimacy, you’re still not one, even when you’ve been joined at the altar. What seals that vow is the sexual intimacy between you two. The day you were joined, you had the legal and spiritual right to be intimate.

Enjoy yourself sexually; you’re free to have sex anytime as long as you both are very comfortable with it. You can have it as breakfast, even as brunch (that’s in-between breakfast and lunch), as lunch, or even as dinner. You have the full right, and even heaven smiles at you because you’re fulfilling God’s command.

Sex isn’t only for procreation. It’s also for fun and pleasure, as long as it’s within the marriage context with your spouse. It becomes ungodly when it’s done outside your marriage covenant.

It’s a covenant, and every intercourse is an exchange. It’s a time for intimate fellowship with your spouse. It’s time to be open and naked before each other. It’s so sad that singles now enjoy sex more, while couples that have moral and legal rights to sex starve each other.

Lack of sexual intimacy in marriage has destroyed many marriages. It’s also a sign that your marriage will end in divorce. It should be done without shame or reserve. It should be a time to glue together and be open.

Many couples get this satisfaction outside because their spouse refuses to have sex with them. Nobody should deny each other sexual intimacy in marriage, except in cases of health or spiritual affairs, which should be with consent and for a while. You’re disobeying God if you deny your spouse his or her conjugal rights. You’re calling for a divorce.

If there’s an issue you’ve had with your spouse that affects your mind about enjoying sex together, please find a way to resolve it and enjoy the blessings of sexual intimacy. With that, you’ll have nothing to do with divorce.

4. Infidelity

Nobody wants to remain with a cheating spouse. Infidelity is a huge betrayal, a deal breaker, and a big sign that your marriage will end in divorce. It’s a piercing for the soul. One of the fastest ways to destroy your marriage and end in divorce is to engage in infidelity.

The day you took your wedding vows, you vowed to love, care for, and respect your union and not betray your spouse by lying with a stranger. The day you commit adultery, you’ve broken that vow, and for every vow broken, there’s a consequence waiting.

Life is all about principles. Whatever you sow, you reap. It takes two to tango. It takes two to remain faithful and build a home. You can actually use the same energy that you use to cheat outside to also be faithful to your spouse. What you’re looking for in another person is actually living with you and with your spouse. Why go outside? All apples are the same; the difference is just in the color.

Can you put fire in your bosom and expect it not to burn you? That’s exactly what happens when you cheat on your spouse. A man or woman who lacks self-discipline will not always be satisfied with their spouse.

Discipline yourself to remain faithful, and see how much better your life will be. Infidelity opens the door for the serpent to bite; it brings disunity, breaks a home, and opens the door to emotional troubles, instability, STDs, distractions, and retardation. It is time-consuming and a big sign your marriage will end in divorce.

It’s a breach of trust in a marriage and can damage it. It can also make it difficult to rebuild and regain trust. Only cowards cheat. To avoid ending in divorce, Focus on the spouse that God has blessed you with. Infidelity is one of the signs that your marriage will end in divorce.

5. Lack of commitment

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The truth is that getting married doesn’t prevent you from still seeing the beauty in others. With time, you’ll still see someone who’s more beautiful, handsome, intelligent, brilliant, smarter, and industrious than your spouse.

But the truth is that what keeps you focused on setting boundaries and averting divorce is COMMITMENT. The day you said I do, you’ve totally made a commitment to love, cherish, and hold your spouse against any other. You sealed that deal with your vow.

Breaking it attracts negative consequences and is a sign that your marriage can end in divorce. That’s why you still hear some married people say, ‘Where were you when I was searching?’ I wish I had met you before him or her.

Lack of commitment is one of the signs that your marriage will end in divorce. This is why it’s good to marry right so you won’t have issues remaining committed. You’re not just committing to your spouse; you’re committing to God, who brought you together. Do all you can to make your marriage work. I’m sure you didn’t go into that marriage expecting a divorce tomorrow.

6. Conflict and Unending Argument

No marriage is perfect and devoid of arguments. It’s not easy to live together for the rest of your life with someone you never knew before Adam. Even family members have conflicts. Conflict is normal in a marriage relationship, but it becomes an issue when it becomes unending and constant.

Emotional maturity and intelligence say that you always find a way to humbly resolve conflicts rather than always quarreling and even keeping records. It breaks a home and sends peace far away. It leaves no room for progress or unity.

Constant arguing, conflicts, and fighting can mean that you both aren’t compatible or have some irreconcilable differences, which is also a sign that your marriage can end in divorce.

Endless arguments and poor conflict resolution may take a toll on the relationship and lead couples to divorce.

The good news is that irrespective of differences, you can still find a solution. You can still disagree. Dialogue and deep communication can go a long way toward giving your home the peace it deserves without ending in divorce. Don’t forget to ask God for help when it seems everything has failed.

7. Lack of Emotional and Mental Maturity

Age doesn’t equal maturity in marriage. I’ve seen young ones do well in marriage and old ones fail, and vice versa. Most times, people fail in marriage because they have yet to gain the skills and maturity needed to run a successful home. It’s not just by age.

What do you know about marriage? How responsible are you to handle marriage affairs and challenges? You can actually learn and prepare yourself before saying I do. Whether you’re old or young, don’t go into marriage if you don’t have the adequate skills and knowledge to build a great marriage.

If you go into a marriage without building emotional and mental maturity, it is a great sign your marriage will end in divorce.

8. Stinginess

Love goes with giving, sacrifices, and compromises. A lack of these in a marriage can crash it. It’s a big sign that your marriage can end in divorce.

Giving to the one you love is natural. Nobody reminds you to give to your spouse because your heart is with him or her. Where your heart is, you give without compulsion. Not necessarily monetary gifts. It can be your quality time, counsel, help, companionship, money, or gifts. There must be something you have to give.

To have a successful home, you must give, compromise, and sacrifice. Great, healthy, and successful marriages also involve compromise and sacrifice.

There are times when it’s not convenient, but it’s necessary that you sacrifice and compromise.

Most times, the other person isn’t reciprocating as much as you want, but you still have to do it. Stinginess shows you’re not empathic, and this is one of the signs that your marriage will end in divorce.

9. Abuse

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This comes in many forms. It can be emotional, physical, verbal, etc. Anything abusive strains marriages and is a sign that it will end in divorce. That same energy you use to abuse each other can be sublimated into building a solid home.

It’s wrong to abuse your spouse in any form. Marriage has made you two. Abusing each other is also abusing yourself. This can come as intimidation, manipulation, or constant blaming of another.

No marriage will last in the face of any kind of abuse. Such marriages already have the trait of ending in divorce. If you can’t abuse your smartphone for misbehaving, why do you abuse your spouse at the slightest provocation? Seek psychological and mental help if the need arises. Abuse of any kind is a threat to your marriage and a sign that your marriage will end in divorce.

10. Negative Influence

One of the signs that your marriage will end in divorce is listening to strangers. It’s wrong to run your home based on advice from strangers. It is disrespectful to choose others above your spouse. It can end your marriage.

Learn to stick with your spouse and work things out. I’m not saying you shouldn’t seek a third party’s advice if need be. But not to the detriment of your home. You must be wise enough to handle issues in a mature way, as seeking help from the wrong places can hurt your marriage and likely end in divorce.

11. Lack of Financial Plans

Failing to plan is also equal to failure. It’s a risk not to have a financial plan in your marriage. It’s one of the signs that your marriage will end in divorce. You can’t just make money and lavish it as you want. A day comes when you’ll not have such an opportunity again. What will you fall back on? Hard times will surely come.

Living with a spouse who overspends will cause stress in a marriage, as the load will fall back on one, and if not well managed, it’s an indicator that your marriage will end in divorce. Don’t just live; plan. Get a professional to help you plan. Learn how to manage your finances, and you’ll say goodbye to divorce in your relationship.

12. Religious Differences

Every one of us is a product of our belief system. It forms the basis of our lifestyles. It’s good to also marry someone with the same belief system unless you’re ready to marry someone of the opposite religion and won’t interfere with other beliefs.

“If you and your partner have different values, it can be tough to find common ground,” says Ogle

Imagine your spouse ridicules or demeans your religion or tries to convert you away despite your expressed disinterest; this may be an indicator of a conflict, and this alone can end your marriage in divorce.

It’s ideal to marry someone of the same religion. It saves you a lot of stress and also gives you satisfaction. Ignoring this is one of the signs that your marriage will end in divorce.

13. Unrealistic Expectations

Assumption is the mother of frustration. When you have high hopes for what you expect from your spouse and don’t get it, it can break a home and end a marriage in divorce. It is wrong to place so much hope on your spouse because she is a human.

Unrealistic expectations like how the family will run, the location to live, the fantasy of how you’ll be treated, and whether your spouse can afford that or not are some of the top reasons for divorce today.

While it’s good to have expectations, it’s also wrong to have unrealistic hopes. Grow together, live, and allow things to unfold each day as you become better. Failure to observe this can end your marriage through divorce.

14. Distant Relationship

When spouses are separated because of work, business, careers, etc., it can cause a serious vacuum in the marriage if not handled well, and it is one of the signs that your marriage will end in divorce.

Nature abhors vacuums, and once they’re created, anything else can fill it in. That’s why the Bible says, What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mark 10:9 KJV Let not distance, job, put asunder.

You need each other’s companionship. Living apart can cause serious glitches in the marriage and can introduce different negative lifestyles and a sense of incompatibility, and these alone can lead your marriage to divorce.

No matter how tough it is, find a way to be together; even if there’s a reason to be apart, it should be for a while, and you come back together to avoid giving Satan the room to penetrate. Your spouse is still a human.

15. Lack of love, support, and respect

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Mutual respect and love are fundamental for a marriage to work. The evident lack of respect and love for each other in the relationship is one of the signs your marriage will end in divorce.

Even though marriage makes you one, you must respect each other’s boundaries in general. This also transcends to supporting each other’s growth in their careers, dreams, personal growth, businesses, and jobs.

To enjoy a happy home, you should support each other to grow, irrespective of your fields. Prioritize each other’s happiness.

Disrespect can lead to a breakdown in the marital bond and be a sign that a marriage will end in divorce too. Check carefully to see if you’re not the one pulling down your marriage. You owe each other respect, love, and support so as to enjoy a healthy home and avoid divorce.

Recognizing the signs above does not automatically mean that a divorce is inevitable. Seeking professional help, such as couples’ therapy, can often provide guidance and assistance in navigating these challenges and potentially saving the marriage.

Remember, every marriage is unique, and it’s important to find strategies that work specifically for you and your partner. Patience, commitment, and a willingness to invest time and effort into the relationship can go a long way in averting divorce and building a strong and fulfilling marriage.

Keep the romance alive. Show that you really want your marriage to be alive.

Get books on marriage and gain new insights and skills. Goodness alone can’t sustain a marriage. To your goodness, add the necessary skills. Taking note of all these and practicalizing them will give you the edge you need to enjoy a blissful home devoid of divorce.

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