8 Signs of a Fake Person

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In today’s post, we’ll be discussing eight signs of a fake person to help you identify them. A fake person is someone who pretends to be something they’re not. Sometimes identifying a fake person can be quite difficult. This is because fake people can pretend to be interested in your welfare, but in reality, they’re only using you. Sadly, the moment they’re no longer profiting from you, they dump you.

Have you ever had a fake friend or met someone who made you believe they had your back but ended up backstabbing you? You’re not alone on this! The scary truth is, while we’d all like to think it’s easy for us to spot a fake person, painfully, some people are just so good at pretending that you can’t help but fall for their deception.

Are you wondering how you can spot fake people around you? No worries at all! In this article, I’ll be sharing with you eight signs of a fake person. Read to the end to learn how you can easily spot them!

8 Signs of a Fake Person

How can you spot a fake person?

1. They’re Gossipers and Always Have Something to Say


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Fake people can be seen as gossipers who seek out drama and use others to get ahead instead of making their way. Sometimes, you just get that gut feeling about someone, but you can’t place your finger on it. Something about them just feels off. Well, a lot of times, our instincts may pick up on subtle signals from their body language.

We’ve all been around genuine people, and we know how they behave. But when someone’s words are all sweet but their body language is screaming ‘fake,’ if you want to quickly notice a fake person, start by tuning into their body language.

Do they pay attention when you’re talking, or are their eyes permanently glued to their phones? When they congratulate you on your latest win, do their expressions match their words, or do you spot a forced smile, a monotone voice, or a vacant look in their eyes?

Body language can be a powerful tool for detecting insincerity. But remember, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Always take into account their overall behavior and the nature of your relationship with them.

2. They’re Self-Centered

Another one of the eight signs of a fake person is that they are self-centered. Fake people are usually only around when there is something in it for them, be it money, influence, or fame. Suppose someone suddenly appears in your life but never offers anything besides their presence; in that case, chances are, they’re just after something.

This kind of person will disappear for a long time but suddenly want to hang out with you whenever they’re bored, have no one else to hang out with, or need you to perform a task for them. You can often spot a fake person based on their lack of effort to connect with you.

Sure, they might be charming and fun to be with, but that’s usually more about maintaining their image than anything else. A fake person doesn’t take the time to show their real selves or get to know the real you. And when the chips are down, don’t count on them to be there for you.

In the eyes of a fake person, you are just another pawn in their game, someone they can sway or use when they need something. Understandably, your friends won’t be available all the time, but no matter the situation, a fake person will never show up and will always use excuses to cover up.

3. They’re Inconsistent in their Words and Actions

Fake people often say one thing and do another. Their words and actions simply don’t match up. For example, they might tell you they care about you, but their actions will always be the opposite. They might even make big promises that they never follow through on.

If they’re freely dishing out nasty comments or spreading rumors about other people, you can bet your last money they’re probably doing the same to you. Furthermore, fake people are masters of the double game. They’re all sweet and acting nice to your face, but quick to stab you in the back when you turn around.

Why do they do this? Usually, because they’re insecure, upgrading themselves by pulling you down gives them this kind of peace in their hearts. Being around such people can be a real emotional drain because you’ll constantly be worried about what nasty things they might be saying about you the moment you’re out of sight.

4. They Have Negative Emotions and Intentions


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Fake people don’t have the capacity for genuine empathy and compassion. Instead, they use false sympathy and insincerity as a means of manipulation. They will often act as if they feel sorry for your situation or concerned for your problems when their only genuine concern is how all this affects them. They first feel sorry and mean the opposite inside because the physical sorry is to show that they align with the problem.

It’s like they’ve got this emotional iron curtain that they just won’t let down, probably because they’re scared of revealing their soft spots. So, when emotions come into play, they might get defensive or dodge the topic altogether.

Now, many of us struggle with expressing our feelings from time to time. But the thing with fake people is that they’re not interested in forming deep bonds with anyone. So they don’t bother to share their feelings or show their real selves. They know how to harbor a bunch of issues against other people, spreading rumors and misconstruing their actions.

Sometimes you feel all is well, and you just keep being that person that you are to them, but rather than talking to you about their concerns, they just let it spread. This reveals that fake people can’t handle their feelings in a healthy and relationship-building way.

5. They’re Too Materialistic

Being too materialistic is another one of the eight signs of a fake person. Fake people like wearing trending clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, hairstyles, etc., even if it requires borrowing or buying on credit. They aim to show off and prove that they too belong.

They’re lazy, dirty, pompous, and careless, and they just want a soft life but are not ready to work. Furthermore, fake people tend to behave in a manner that does not match their personalities. They go the extra mile to impress people and make them believe what they’re seeing is authentic. 

Fake people are all over social media today; you may even have come across some of them offline. They appear successful, showing off different pictures with a lifestyle that is not theirs. Whereas outside social media, they’re miserable and poor. 

6. They are Manipulative

Another sign of a fake person is that they never ask about you or seem interested in your discussions. A conversation with a fake person is often one-sided, whereby you’re the only one doing all the talking while they’re just sitting back and letting you navigate the relationship alone. This is because fake people only care about themselves and what they can get from you. 

They will look for all means through which their concerns will be addressed in a manipulative way. Through their conversation, they don’t find anything interesting other than their welfare. All other conversations become irritating and irrelevant unless they are centered on them.

7. They Brag a Lot

Fake people enjoy talking only about themselves. They’re always bragging about their achievements, looks, and possessions. They love an audience that will listen and admire them. This makes them find a way of masking their insecurities or getting help from others to build up their self-esteem, thereby making them more likely to look to others for recognition, attention, and praise.

A fake friend doesn’t care about your problems. They only want to talk about what’s going on in their lives. This often gives a negative impression, as they want to make a good name to show off their worth.

8. They are Backstabbers

A fake person acts nice and says good things about you to your face, but the moment you turn your back, they turn into a completely different person. They use their kindness to gain your trust and then stab you in the back by gossiping and spreading the secrets you’ve shared with them based on trust. Some of them may even talk ill about you behind your back just to get other people to like them more, especially those who aren’t exactly your biggest fans.

Also, fake people are experts at buttering you up and making you feel special, all to win your trust and make it easier to bend you to their will. Putting too much trust in a fake person can lead to loneliness. They are not likely to be there for you when you’re down or truly understand what you’re going through. Once they’ve gotten what they want or realize they can’t use you anymore, they might start acting like you’re invisible and even become downright rude.

Last Words

Genuine friends are treasures. They play multiple roles, including emotional support, love, companionship, encouragement, etc. Friendship is shared by two people who share similar values and feelings. You can meet many people along the way, but only a few will stay with you forever. 

A good friend will always share in your pain without expecting anything in return. They are always selfless and stand by whatever or whoever they believe in. True friends feel immense care and love for each other. A good friend will always be compassionate towards you, whether they agree or disagree with your situation in life. 

A true friend’s bond comprises love, care, loyalty, affection, respect, and faith. Real friends can help you celebrate the good times and provide support during the bad times. Friends prevent isolation and loneliness and give you a chance to offer needed companionship. If you have the opportunity to have someone who cares and loves unconditionally, hold onto them because they are always hard to come by.

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