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7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

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I know how exciting it can be when you truly find true love. Someone you sincerely care and think about often and who holds a special place in your heart. You may randomly let out a smile or laugh out loud to show your excitement. At other times, you may unconsciously mutter some things about your last conversation with your crush and laugh even more.

Similarly, the same goes when someone is thinking about you. You may not even know but Signs someone is constantly thinking about you cannot be hidden. First, he calls so often and engages in lengthy conversations. Text often and remember important dates in your personal life. Also very excited and eager to see you, mimicking your actions. He also brings up your shared memories occasionally, pays extra attention to you, frequently showers you with gifts, and makes you feel loved.

However, being able to know when you are in someone’s heart is as important as knowing exactly who is thinking about you. That is why we bring you 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you as this will give you a clue when you notice any of these signs displayed by someone. Ok, let’s dive in.

7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

This feeling can be amazing but also confusing, especially if you don’t have any affection for the person. The focus of this article is to help you know these signs, and make a decision on time if you want them also in your life or not.

1. They Want To Get Attached To You

If you have a crush on someone and have an emotional connection with them, I will encourage you not to be in a rush to express how you feel. Step back and watch their reactions first. Do you see them showing the desire to be attached to you? If yes, then it is one of the 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you.

Sometimes the urge might be so strong that they become fond of you and like to share their substances with you. The feeling of being drawn to someone is believed to be a real myth. It is believed that when someone is thinking about you, they send some level of aura to you, which bonds their hearts to yours. So it doesn’t matter if you know they like you or not, they still don’t stop thinking of you. Hence, the desire to connect with you means they are thinking of you.

2. They Talk More About You

Honestly, even in our daily conversations with other people, we often spend more time talking about what we are thinking about. Even in the slightest of relationships, this sign shows that someone is constantly thinking about you.

Whatever your tongue speaks often about, is what you are bearing often in your heart. If someone is constantly thinking about you, they will always want to express their thoughts when the time is right. When someone likes you, they always tell their friends and family about you. These people will shower praise on you when telling a friend about you.

3. When They Remember Important Dates You Shared

Someone can be so attracted to you and still want to try and hide it from your notice. But there are cases when the person just doesn’t know how to express themselves, and in those instances, take note of these signs. Because although it might seem like a coincidence that they remember some important dates, it is a sign that you are frequently on their mind.

Concurrently, how often do you remember important dates from your time with someone? Not too often and that’s because they are not on your mind too often. It becomes apparent that they are thinking about you, day in, day out, when they remember these dates.

Yes, some people don’t have good memories and cannot retain tiny details for so long. But this is not the case with memory and the ability to remember details, but how much they love and care for you. It is because they love you, they won’t want to ever forget any date or event about you.

4. They Want To Always Make Eye Contact With You

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There is this saying, ‘The eye stares at what it likes’. Our eye is always attracted to what we admire and want most. When you see something and you are interested in it. You uncontrollably throw a second glance or get a fixed eye on that thing, it is an unconscious act.

Have you had this feeling, that someone is staring at you and when you decide to confirm, you discover that it is rather true? Have your eyes caught a glance at someone who was staring at you before that time? Did they continue staring at you and refuse to look away? Know that prolonged or frequent eye contact with you is a sign that he or she is infatuated with you.

Like the sense of touch, eye contact propels the release of oxytocin into the body, a hormone known as the love hormone. Which can only be released if there is a form of attraction or attachment between the parties. This is one of the 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you because it can tell a lot about a person’s interest in you.

5. They Text/Call You More Often Than Normal

Have you noticed how often this person calls you? Is it increasing from a casual to a more frequent basis? Or are the calls coming in a suspiciously surreal manner? Although checking on a friend frequently depicts concern and care, on the other hand, it reveals they are constantly thinking about you.

When you notice these frequent calls and how often a person wants to text you and keep in touch with you, know they are constantly thinking about you. By calling frequently, they are trying to let you know that you are already part of their daily routine. At times, these calls come late at night, but regardless, once their calls are more frequent than expected, know they are thinking about you.

6. When They Show Appreciation Alot

This sign can be tricky at times but it is a sure proof that they are thinking of you. When someone is thinking about you, they appreciate you for every little effort you put in. Consequently, they try to always show you how much they value whatever you do for them.

When they are the most appreciative of your efforts, don’t fail to tell others about what good you do, especially when it’s not so significant. This shows how much time they have spent thinking of you. The urge to take their appreciation as a show of falsehood might be there but, don’t jump to conclusions too soon. Because that is one of the 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you.

7. They are Extremely Excited Whenever They See You

This happens more often when the person has a strong affection for you, their mood lightens whenever they see you, and their body language shows that. You might not be the one to notice their immediate excitement or change in mood whenever you are around, but others can tell that this very person has you on his or her mind.

These are the first elements of a connection. You can see the joy and excitement they show whenever they meet with you. Like you have always been in their minds and they were eagerly expecting to see you

What To Do When Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You?

It feels good to know that someone is thinking about you. However, you have a part to play once you realize it. Try not to overlook any of these actions listed above, because these are signs that this person thinks often of you. He or she has an undeniable amount of love for you, and by using these signs to express it, they want you to know that they think of you.

It is important that you first have a deep thought about it and know how you feel about the person. Ask yourself questions like; Am I interested in them emotionally?” and Who is this person to me? They can be a family member, close friend, schoolmate, or relationship partner. Your answer to this question will determine your next line of action.

If you are interested in them emotionally, then it’s better to walk up to them. Air your feelings, and be ready to accept the outcome. Furthermore, if they are family members or beyond, it’s wise to create more time for them and reciprocate their feelings. Let them know how special they are to you. Don’t override their feelings because you are too familiar with them. Appreciate them in any little way.

Final Words

These 7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you are frequent signs you might have seen in your daily life. However, it is important to note that everyone expresses emotions differently, so don’t conclude yet until your doubts are well clarified. Lastly, always spare time to appreciate the person and ensure they know how much you value them.

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