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Worst Day of the Week to Travel by Car in 2023

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Driving, or traveling by car can be a rejuvenating and fun experience. However, there are worse days of the week to travel by car that can be more frustrating and dangerous to the traveler than other days.

If you’re curious to know the worst day of the week to travel by car, then you are in the right place. This article will be discussing the worst days of the week to avoid hopping on the road except where unavoidable. This information will help you stay safe or better still, avoid traveling by car on such days.

1. All Saturdays of the Year

The worst day of the week to travel by car generally is any Saturday of the week. According to the NSC analysis of the NHTSA data, most fatal road accidents happen on Saturday Eve. Usually, from 8 pm – 12 midnight.

The reason is, most people with 9-5 jobs usually have Saturdays free. Wedding parties, old schoolmates association meetings, etc. are mostly held on Saturdays. In the evening, a large number of crowds troop into Local bars, restaurants, and football viewing centers for the weekend celebration.

Road Traffic on Saturdays is usually very hectic. The number of people traveling by car on Saturdays is typically always higher than on any other weekday. So Saturday is one of the worst days to travel by car.

If you must drive on Saturdays, try to avoid nightlife areas. If it’s necessary for you to travel through those areas or visit there, then it’s best you employ rideshare services for your road trip. Hiring an Uber can be helpful also. All these are necessary to ensure your safety.

2. Mondays

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Another worst day of the week to travel by car is Mondays. Monday is the beginning of the work day. People who work far from their places of residence get to travel on the road on Monday mornings back to work. Traffic that morning is always on the high side.

Schoolchildren also travel the road on Monday mornings in their numbers. It’s the first day at school for the week. Boarding students who went home for holidays return back to school on Monday mornings too.

Avoid traveling by car on Monday mornings. If you must, try leaving very early, so as not to be caught up by traffic, caused by the traveling school children. It can be really frustrating being in traffic for hours, or getting your car bashed, by an impatient driver.

3. Thursdays

Thursdays might be one of the worst days to travel by car. Studies have shown that people get involved in accidents when they are fatigued, due to stress. Stress levels on Thursdays are usually on the high side. As a result, the number of road accidents that happen on Thursdays is somewhat significant.

You should avoid traveling by car on Thursdays. Even though you deem yourself fit to drive, can you say that of other drivers and commuters? Know that one of the rules of driving on the road as – you drive for three people. The oncoming driver, the one at your back, and then You.

Any mistake from any of the three persons involved in driving can be fatal. When stressed, it is advised you stay off driving till you’re mentally fit to do so. Due to the presumed increase in stress levels and the stress-induced accidents likely to happen on Thursdays, it’s best to stay off the road on Fridays.

4. Friday Evenings


Fridays are basically the last working day of the week. In preparation for the weekend, people travel long distances from workplaces, colleges, etc. to their homes for the weekend celebrations. Traffic on Friday evenings is usually choky.

The number of drivers on the road increases drastically from about 4pm – 8 pm. Everyone is rushing home to reunite with family and friends. Traveling on Friday evenings might be the worst day to travel by car.

You might end up being in traffic for hours if you venture to hit the roads on Fridays, especially in the evening. So if you must travel on Fridays, try traveling before 3 pm.

5. A Day Before Christmas

Christmas holidays usually involve people traveling far distances and coming together to reconnect and celebrate with family and friends. This tradition has been age-long, and while it’s always a beautiful experience, it creates tons of tiring traffic.

Studies have shown that each year, more than 80 million Americans travel for  Christmas celebrations. Not only Americans, but all over the world. It’s advisable you refrain from traveling the day before Christmas (December 24).

6. The Day/Eve Before New Year

Another much-celebrated day is New Year’s Day. It does not pertain to any particular religion, race, or nativity. Its celebration is universal. People travel long distances to meet with their families and friends a day before the new year in preparation for the celebration.

The eve before the new year also involves people, club members, and peer groups engaging in drinking competitions. Local bars, restaurants, and entertainment centers usually have more than enough visitors trooping in and out of their premises. It’s often seen as a time to unwind and relieve oneself of the passing year’s stress.

It’s advisable you avoid traveling on the day before the new year. If you must travel by road that day, it’s preferable you do it before 3 p.m and avoid drunk driving. Traveling earlier will save you lots of stress from being in gridlocked traffic for hours.

7. Independence Day

Independence Day is a day of celebration, usually involving numerous social gatherings. People get together with family and friends, bake cakes, make grilled chicken, drink together, and be merry.

In some countries, gatherings could be held at a central location like the national stadium, theater, or other social recreational centers.

These large gatherings could lead to a stampede due to the number of people outside that day. Some shoot fireworks too, causing a distraction to the drivers, and could result in road accidents. This is exacerbated by the absurd number of drunk drivers on the road on such days.


For your safety and for the fun of traveling, try to avoid traveling on these worst days of the week to travel by car aforementioned. It’s debatable of course, but overall, we believe we’ve made some vital points on the worst day of the week to travel by car, and why you shouldn’t travel on such days.

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