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Will A Guy Avoid You if He is Developing Strong Feelings? 

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Will A Guy Avoid You if He is Developing Strong Feelings? Do you know that a guy’s reason for avoiding a girl does not necessarily have to be that he detests her? Sometimes the reason a guy avoids a girl is because he has feelings for her.

Many girls may refer to this act as strange, but what they may not understand is that a guy who avoids a girl because he has strong feelings has his reasons.

A guy who used to have a good relationship with you but suddenly withdraws might have a strong desire for you.

You may even start to wonder what you ever did wrong to deserve such cold treatment from him.

A strong feeling of love for a girl may put a guy in a state of emotional instability where he battles with his feelings.

He may decide to take a step back to analyze and figure out what his true feelings are and if they are something he is ready to explore with the girl. There is this thing people will often say: Love alone is not enough.

A lot of things come into play in making a relationship work out because feelings alone cannot sustain that relationship. What happens if this guy who has feelings is emotionally not prepared for the relationship, or maybe he lacks other qualities that may qualify him to be with the girl?

There are a lot of reasons why a guy will avoid a girl even when he has feelings for her, aside from being emotionally unprepared to be committed to any serious relationship with her.

If you are wondering if a guy will avoid you if he is developing strong feelings for you, the answer is yes, and here are some of the possible reasons below:

Will A Guy Avoid You if He is Developing Strong Feelings?

StockSnap, Pixabay

StockSnap, Pixabay

1. He feels like you are not compatible

There is actually more to a relationship than just strong feelings. Two people who are not compatible cannot make a relationship work. If they decide to be together, it may look as though they are wasting their time.

Compatibility involves so many things; it may be two people with different beliefs and values. Partners who have unsimilar beliefs may always have problems because what seems wrong to one person might be very acceptable to the other.

Compatibility also extends to the health implications of being with a person; for example, two people who are of the same AS genotype know they are not compatible medically.

When two people who are not compatible try to be in a relationship, it is like fixing a square peg in a round hole. What this tells you is that no matter how much they make it work out, it will always be a waste of time and effort.

The moment a guy notices that he is developing feelings for you and knows the implications of being in a relationship with you, he may take a step back and withdraw from you.

This may be hard for the guy, but it is something he has to do because it is what it is and he has no power over it.

2. He needs to focus

A lot of time, emotion, and resources are invested in a relationship. A guy may avoid you if he feels that he needs to focus, even when he is aware that he has strong feelings for you.

At the time, the guy may have other priorities that he thinks he needs to be more focused on. Guys know that being in a relationship can sometimes be difficult.

If he decides to be with a girl at that moment when he needs to devote more of his attention to other things, two things may happen, it is either he loses focus on the other thing that needs his attention or he does not give enough attention to the girl in question.

This may make a guy avoid you when he is developing strong feelings.

3. He is scared of being rejected

Some people are bad at handling rejections. It is true that nobody feels good when they are rejected, but we need to understand that rejection is part of life.

A guy who notices that he is developing a strong feeling for you might avoid you because he is unsure if his proposal will be accepted when he makes it known to you.

4. He does not want to be committed.

Some guys are not ready to commit because they are not ready to be accountable or responsible to their partners. They think that being committed to a lady will take away the chance of being with other girls. He does not want to be involved in anything serious.

For instance, a guy who is not thinking of marriage because he still enjoys the freedom and independence that come with being single might notice that he is already developing strong feelings for a girl whom he only wants to be friends with.

He knows that if he does not find a way to put a stop to those feelings, he may be getting himself into something he did not plan for. If he decides to be with any girl when he knows he is not ready to stay committed in any relationship, he may end up hurting the girl because he is not emotionally prepared and available.

A guy will avoid you if he notices that he is developing strong feelings for you and is not ready to be committed to you.

5. He has not healed from his past relationship

A guy may truly have a strong feelings for you, but maybe he still has not moved on from the trauma of his last relationship. Some guys may find it difficult to be in a relationship because of their past experiences with their ex-partner.

The unpleasant relationship experiences that they may have had in the past may have made them fear having anything to do with a lady.

They are scared that they may have to experience the same heartbreak they experienced in their past relationship again, and so they may be trying to prevent this from happening to them again.

When a guy is developing a strong relationship with a girl and he has not healed from his past trauma, he can avoid making the same mistake he made in the past again.

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6. He is trying to figure out his true feelings for you

A guy might have to avoid you when he believes he is developing a strong feeling for you to discover what his true feeling for you is.

A strong feeling might not necessarily be a feeling of love; maybe it is just that there is something about you that he finds so impressive, or maybe it is infatuation, or maybe he is just crushing on you.

There could be just so many things he is thinking in his head that he does not know what his exact feelings for you are. This guy can decide to give you a break to figure out his feelings.

7. He feels like he does not deserve you

He may avoid you because he feels like you do not deserve him. He feels unworthy of being with you. This is usually an issue of inferiority complex, where the guy is already condemned as not being enough or not meeting the criteria to be your boyfriend.

This might be because he feels like he is below your class or standard. He feels like you deserve someone who is better than him. He will not even think of expressing himself because he has concluded in his mind that it is impossible.

This feeling of inferiority that makes him feel like he does not stand a chance in your life can make him deny his feelings for you, and this may make him avoid you even when he has strong feelings for you.

8. He lacks the financial means to meet your needs

Here is one of the reasons why I said guys consider a lot of things before entering into a relationship. It is not just about his strong feelings; other things, such as his financial status, count.

Men will usually not want to be in a relationship with a guy when they know they lack the financial means to take care of the girl. He may feel very bad if he cannot render much support when the girl needs little financial support.

This can make the guy give up on his feelings for a girl and start avoiding her.


In conclusion, When a guy is developing strong feelings for you, he may avoid you. The reasons that have been considered all emphasize how a guy’s personal experience, values, beliefs, goals, and set priorities can affect their decisions, even when it comes to a relationship with a lady. So it is possible that a guy avoids you even when he has strong feelings for you.

A guy is always calculative and has to consider how his decisions affect his life. The fear of meeting expectations in a relationship plays a major part in his life.

Society expects a man to be able to meet certain expectations and take responsibility for his actions and decisions. If a man finds himself lacking or unable to meet those expectations, he may consider it good to avoid you instead of chasing unrealistic dreams.

Men tend to listen more to their heads than their hearts; this is why a guy will rather avoid a girl even if he has strong feelings for her than pursue a relationship he clearly knows can not work or is not ready for.

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