What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute? 6 Sure Things

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A guy calls you cute and as a novice, the first question you ask yourself is what does it mean when a guy calls you cute?

A guy just called you cute. For a moment, you smile to yourself and bask in it, then suddenly you wonder why. Wait, what? Isn’t it cute what he calls his baby sister or his kitten at home? Even shoes!

Anyone can go, “Awww, so cute” on anything they think adorable or even goofy, right?

Well, well, your worry is necessary because the word “cute” is very flexible and versatile and can be used to mean different things, although that depends on how you see it.

This makes it super frustrating to figure out what it means when a guy calls you cute.

When a guy calls you cute, you could either expect to have a really good feeling, a neutral feeling, or a very bad feeling. Since there are several connotative meanings to it, it is pretty difficult to decipher what he really means.

He might just see you as an adorable, innocent person, and by being involved with you, he is trying to suggest that he is not interested in you romantically.

Cute may mean charming, admirable, goofy, etc. It may also mean something much more unexciting.

You may feel that it does not just fit into the desirable, romantically alluring category,y but isn’t that just your opinion?

It’s a good thing this article came in at this time, so you will know what does it mean when a guy calls you cute?

Understanding the meaning behind being called cute is important to decode a guy’s intentions and know how to respond to him.

Together, flirty, we will walk through various possible interpretations of what does it mean when a guy calls you cute?, from the good to the bad, to the goofy, to the flirty, and other categories.

You will have a wide range of possibilities to satisfy your curiosity.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute?


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Let’s quickly clear the air on this misconception that so many people fall for.

Many people have been bent on thinking that being called “cute” is reserved for babies, objects, or pets and conclude that it has nothing to do with romance, then feel slighted when a guy they are romantically interested in calls them cute.

However, “cute” is a word that goes beyond how you look. It is simply an adjective used to describe you in totality, not to state how pretty you are.

When a guy calls you cute, he is not referring to your physical looks. It can be about your personality or your character, which may just be a compliment.

Sadly, not everyone says the word cute in the adorable, innocent way that it sounds. The intentions behind a word matter, so you should be on the lookout for that too.

Here are a few meanings behind what does it mean when a guy calls you cute?:

1. He is genuinely attracted to you

This can easily translate to he likes you. If he called you cute it could also mean that he sees you as more than a friend. He is attracted to you on a deeper level so he has no intention of taking advantage of you.

His attraction to you supersedes your physical appearance so it is different from being called sexy or gorgeous which focuses on your looks.

Cute is a more rounded compliment which features both your looks and other aspects of your personality.

This could include your energy, your smile, your confidence, your uniqueness, your voice, your sense of humor, and your overall appeal.

In this context, it is a positive sign that he likes you and really wants to know you better and he is admitting that your characteristics play a huge role in his attraction to you.

Irene Matthews expresses her opinion on the matter, “I went out with this guy I had a crush on for the first time. He said, ‘your personality is so cute’, truly, I wasn’t expecting such a compliment. I would have preferred being called hot or sexy so I asked him “why cute?” He explained that my aura alone is enchanting and he thinks it’s something worth having. Well, I hoped to be called cute every day of my life after that.”

2. He thinks your actions are admirable

This observation from Ella Pitter is something that should be noted.

” So I’ve been told I have this look on my face whenever I’m amused or trying to figure something out. I’ve never really taken it seriously because it’s a reflex action. But on a date with this guy, he said something funny and I tried my best not to laugh and he was like, aww, you looked so cute with that expression. That alone made me feel connected because I felt he was paying attention to my body language.”

Many people have had this same experience as Ella. It is a positive sign because it shows that the man is paying attention to your actions and he finds it adorable.

A guy can call you cute based on certain characteristics you display.

For instance you have a certain smile for a certain mood, a unique expression for something amusing or disgusting, or he may like the way your eyes light up when you smile, how energetic you look when defending a cause you care about etc.

When he highlights these certain areas he finds cute, it shows he is drawn to your actions and enjoys your approach and ideas.

3. He does not want to sound too forward

This can be interpreted as;

He secretly likes you and is scared of letting you know

He is not attracted to you and does not want you to feel like he is attracted to you.

The first notion can be because he is shy, he might have a low self-esteem or just a quiet personality so he tries to hide his feelings.

He would think that calling you “cute” seems low-key compared to calling you “beautiful” so he opts for cute because it sounds more neutral.

Inwardly, he is calculating his steps, hoping that you would see the subtle hints he is trying to drop and fill in the gap.

The second notion is that he sees you as just a friend. Maybe he thinks that you are attracted to him and does not want to raise your hopes since he doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Calling you “cute” would be his way of debunking any feelings you have since “cute” is a versatile word. There is not much meaning in it for you to hold on to so he feels safe from thinking that he would lead you on when he is not interested.

4. He is just being playful

When a guy calls you cute in a playful or teasing manner, it means he likes you but not necessarily in a romantic way. He may just be joking around and trying to make you laugh or lose tension.

He may also be flirting with you. Normally, not every flirt is serious, they might just be trying to get your reaction to their actions.

However, this behavior can be deeply confusing because you don’t know what to feel or expect. On this note, you should pay attention to his other expressions to gauge the exact meaning behind all these joke teasing.

Take this cue from Marie Jane:

” My friend from high school kept calling me cute in this goofy way and it was really fun to listen to. Oftentimes I look forward to it because it helps me stay lightheaded when I’m feeling down. I thought he was interested in me so I kept waiting for him to come out and say it. But paying attention to his vibe told me otherwise, he was more interested in making me laugh.”

5. He is taking advantage of you

What if he called you cute to get on your good side or try to take advantage of you?

Because in a normal setting, people are called cute based on their persona more than their looks.

So he might have studied you and saw that you are kind, easy going, loving and cheerful and decided that he needs someone like you to put up with his excesses.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. There are several guys like this out there whose lifestyle is to go all out finding people that would be easy to manipulate.

These guys are called narcissists and they are more self-centered than any other person.

He may not necessarily feel anything for you but keeps complimenting you with “cute”  because he figured out how it makes you feel and uses it to keep you around.

Guys like this prefer hold on to women who raise their self-esteem, who better than you whose expression he feels is “cute”

6. He is using you to boost his ego

This concept can be explained in two ways.

You may have low self-esteem, or you never have been complimented in a charming way before and a guy calls you cute, it makes you feel good and wanted. You automatically will want him to keep complimenting you.

Most times you won’t know when you lose yourself to such compliments but you can’t have it any other way.

In that case, he thinks that you can’t do without his compliments so he feels a sense of accomplishment especially if that was his plan all along.

If he’s the one with a low self-esteem, he would compliment you so much that you feel suffocated or overwhelmed, and won’t be able to put a stop to it right away.

That is a warning sign of narcissism. It boosts his ego to see you reliant on his praises and flattering, he is not being sincere but is using you to score a point.

Men like this would use you to boost their ego especially if they notice that calling you cute makes you happy, it makes them feel good about themselves.

Guys like this don’t care about you, they only care about the way you make them feel so once you notice any sign of narcissism, be sure to take the next route.


Conclusively, if a guy calls you cute, and you think that is a degrading statement for someone like you, you need to have a rethink.

Like it was explained earlier, being called cute isn’t like being called gorgeous or pretty where all the focus is on how you look physically. Rather, being cute is a compliment that encompasses everything you are!

The bottom line here is that being called cute really isn’t a bad thing, after all, a person’s personality is the first thing you often notice when you meet someone and if he thinks you’re cute, there is nothing you can do about it.

If you are still at odds of what it means, you can just ask him about it. Communication is the key to any relationship that seeks to thrive.

When he explains himself, you will get a clear sign of what he really wants, whether he is just being friendly or polite, or if he has feelings for you or if he is trying to take advantage of you.

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