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What Does Chemistry Feel Like For A Man: 7 Perspective

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Have you ever wondered what chemistry feels like for a man? Can you even tell what chemistry is, or have you ever had chemistry in your relationships?

You may not have realized that chemistry is the one thing that keeps a relationship burning; it’s an intense feeling of connection, passion, and romance people share.

Chemistry is energy—physical, emotional, and sexual energy. That’s why women are curious about how men view chemistry and what they think and feel about it.

Every woman eager to please a man and build a stable relationship with him would usually ask this question: “What does chemistry feel like for a man?”

Men and women are very different in body physique, thinking patterns, and most especially in their view of chemistry. Men are known to hide their feelings and keep them all inside. It takes a lot, or less, to unravel a man or make him open up.

However, in all these things, deep inside a man lies unexplored emotions and deep affection that they may not express verbally, but in this case, we’ll have to hear from the horse’s mouth instead of speculating or stringing half truths along the way.

This article contains opinions and experiences from men about what chemistry feels like for them.

What does chemistry feel like for a man? Perspectives from a man’s point of view

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1. Chemistry feels like a shared magnetic pull

“I first learned about magnets and magnetic fields in elementary school. I remember being very intrigued by how two objects can “gum” together naturally. I was known to always play with magnets, and I enjoyed the sensation I felt with each pull.

Many years later, I felt that pull within me. She was in my physics class in college; she was smart and funny, and I couldn’t help but laugh along with her in my mind while I worked up the courage to approach her.

She often glances my way when I’m not looking; I’d catch her doing it.

I tried my best not to act immediately so as not to scare her away; I wanted to give it a bit of time. One day we just walked towards each other, asked each other out, and then burst into laughter.

My friends teased us for a long time, but I knew it was nothing but a magnetic pull. That’s what chemistry feels like for me; I knew the feeling and couldn’t deny it.” Kelvin, 26

2. Chemistry is more than just physical attraction

“A lot of my friends said chemistry is physical and sexual. I believed it, so I always looked out for a girl who I found physically attractive. I could say that was one of the greatest mistakes of my life because my partner was right before my eyes, but I didn’t notice.

She was physically attractive, but I didn’t feel the pull of her physique. Our first date did not go well because I was fixated on something else.

On our second date, she told me about her passion for life. I got captured; the way she spoke and her plans oozed intelligence, and I had this feeling I’ve never had. It was then, and there I knew she’s the one.

Our future dates gave me clarity; I saw more of her that I never knew existed because I thought chemistry was physical.

She shared most of my values and interests, which for me is what chemistry feels like.”  Harry, 24

3. Chemistry feels like a strong bond

“Many people have been curious as to how I met my wife because, even after 30 years, we still look at each other and giggle like kids. We met on Christmas Eve; she distributed blankets to children at a shelter, and I was the cook.

My eyes met hers from across the room, and that was it. We went on a date, and it felt like I’d known her forever. There was no awkwardness or queasy feeling. It felt like comfort, and I knew she was the one.” Knight, a 58-year-old farmer,.

Every relationship started somewhere, no doubt. At first, partners may feel awkward, so they try to keep up a certain front. This is the normal way most relationships work until they become comfortable enough in each other’s presence.

However, there are partners; they just click right away from her onset. They never had an awkward moment; this is what chemistry feels like for a man

4. It is like a warm blanket on a cold night

I remember taking the night shift at the hotel I was working at just to raise extra cash. I sat alone, thinking about my life and the options in store for me, when this beautiful woman walked by to check it out.

I was absentminded at first, but she brought me back with a warm smile. I think she could see the stress on my face; she cracked a joke that immediately lightened my mood, and that was that. We’re getting married in January.

I’d say chemistry feels like a warm blanket on a cold night because I was really in need of solace; she offered it; I felt seen and valued; we clicked, and we took it a step further.” Carlos, 29

panajiotis, pixabay

5. Chemistry is a communicative body language

“My wife and I have very strong body language. She can tell what’s going on in her mind just by my body language, and I can tell hers too. Most times, we say the same thing at the same time. My friends have often made this joke about us being twins connected by life and love.

She completes my sentences; she orders exactly what I want without asking. I must confess, I’ve been confused about how we got to this level of love, but I must say I won’t want it any other way. Chemistry for me is like twin body language.”  Dustin, 44

6. Chemistry fuels a burning desire

“I think the right chemistry fuels a burning desire. I’ve liked this lady from afar for a long time. I’ve always wished she’d turn my way and notice me so I could read what her eyes say.

It happened, and it was the best day of my life. She smiled, and I smiled. We walked towards each other and introduced ourselves, and the rest was history. She later told me she’d been in love with me for a long time, too. It felt like a fairy tale.” Explains 30-year-old Jackson.

7. It feels like comfort and peace

Jordan shares what chemistry feels like for him.

“Pura was my girlfriend for five years; I’m single now, but I don’t think I’ve had chemistry with anyone that comes close to hers. It was like a breath of fresh air for her.

I felt this calmness and security I’ve never had with anyone. I’ve always had issues keeping my calm, but her presence was like a dove—mild and comfortable.

We’d sit on a waterfront for hours, just watching the world go by. I could tell her anything; I was my best self with her.”


A click, a spark, a pull—whatever feeling you might have is actually a feeling of chemistry. Chemistry is an important ingredient in any relationship; it’s built on shared values, laughter, and communication.

This explains why chemistry feels so good; it can feel romantic and passionate and make us feel seen, heard, and understood.

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