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Lonely Wife’s Letter to Husband

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Couples can experience loneliness from time to time, especially in circumstances beyond their control. Circumstances like job , sickness, financial lack, etc. This mostly occurs among new couples or even older ones.

I remember being distant from my husband in the early period of our marriage because of our jobs. It was immediately after our wedding. We were in different states and only saw seasonally. It was a very rough season for us then, as we were just new.

I would cry and be moody. We could talk for a long time and exchange texts. Those weren’t enough to compare to the physical intimacy. It was a very hard time, but just after 6 months, we reconnected back together. Loneliness can be a strain in a marriage, especially for the wife. It can be as depressing as wanting that cuddle and lying on his chest. Gisting with him and playing together.

Every married couple has trying times and challenging periods. It’s normal, but it becomes an issue if the loneliness becomes persistent and you feel lonely all the time, even in the presence of your husband. You should be concerned when you feel you can’t fix it or that you’re stuck forever. Then it’s time to find a solution, and that includes writing a letter to your husband expressing your feelings. One of the best reasons for marriage is companionship.

Being in such a lonely situation, one of the best ways to cope and get a solution is to write a letter to your husband expressing how lonely you feel.

Here are some things to keep in mind while writing a lovely letter to your husband.

  • Let your communication be positive with the right words. Words can make or mar a situation. Getting the best of a situation depends on the kind of words you use.
  • Be concise. In stating your feelings to your husband, make it brief and concise. Don’t overwhelm him with too many details, as men aren’t always patient enough to read long epistles.
  • State each of your feelings one by one. Kindly pen them down discreetly.
  • Be specific about the areas where he makes you feel lonely.
  • Validate your husband’s needs. Don’t just make it look as if you’re the only one who is lonely and in need of a companion. Let him know he also misses being far from you.
  • Express exactly what you need from him.
  • Take your time to go through the letter after writing it before sending it.

Having considered the above points, let’s look at a sample of a lonely wife’s letter to her husband.

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My Dearest [Husband’s Name],

My dear, lovely husband, it feels so beautiful to write to you at this time to communicate how I feel. I hope you don’t find the content of this letter weird, expressing how lonely I am, even when you’re home with me in a few days. This is the only way I can actually express myself in detailed form. Sitting here and writing this letter brings back memories. Memories of when we were into each other, emotionally connected, and the laughter we shared together even in the face of challenges. The dreams and visions we shared together. It was a heavenly experience being in your arms and listening to your heartbeat.

But somehow along the line, something shifted, and we started growing apart. The conversations and laughter became shorter. The play reduced and the gap between us widened daily with each sting of pain. If I may ask, what has happened to us? What has happened to our once-beautiful home and relationship? In this moment, I feel so lonely and surrounded by the silence of our home, a deep weight of loneliness settles upon me. I feel the emptiness that echoes in every room, a glaring reminder of the connection we both once shared.

We have been married for years, but lately you feel like a stranger to me and treat me as one. My dear husband, what has happened to our love, romance and the deep connection we both once shared?

My sunshine, I know that life isn’t always rosy and easy; it definitely comes with challenges and responsibilities that can distract us and demand our attention, but unity is strength. Together, we can pull through. It’s certain you’ve got reasons to treat me this way, but the constant feeling of loneliness even when you’re physically with me is ripping my heart apart.

I miss the days of physical intimacy, quality time, warmth, touch,  emotional bond and support, communication rapor. I remember when we used to spend hours having intellectual conversations and debates and you told me how intelligent and smart I am? We shared incredible chemistry. What has happened?

I look into your face these days and it seems like I can’t find the man I married. It’s been a while since we’ve been together intimately. You act as if you don’t desire or want me again, not even my body or soul. You treat me as if I’m no longer your priority. My husband, what has changed? Does it mean I’m no longer desirable or attracted to you as a younger wife? Or is there something more or deeper to it?

Did my words or actions offend you? Did it drive you away? I’m so sorry if my words or actions offended you. I’m so sorry if I make you feel unloved or unworthy. I’m not perfect, but I’ll never intentionally hurt you, my love. I’m on the journey of learning and upgrading myself daily. Please don’t give up on me or push me away. Don’t break my heart more or cause me more broken hearts.

I’m not writing this letter with resentment, anger to judge or blame you, but with a yearning heart for more understanding to reconnect with you. I miss and crave your attention, your physical and emotional presence. I long for your heartbeat and our long intellectual conversations, shared laughter, plays, joy and feelings of being loved and cherished.

Have you forgotten how you told me we were soulmates and meant to be together forever? But today, I feel so lonely. Please come back to me, my darling and be my best friend again. Don’t make it look as if I’m hard to love.

It feels too sad to come home after a busy day and no one to chat with or give a hug. You don’t even look at me or care to know how my day went. You just keep staring at your phone and surfing the net. You don’t smile at me again or tell me how beautiful I am. No jokes or pillow fights anymore. If I may ask, are you still the same lovely man I married? It hurts, especially when I would want to tell you how my day went, but you don’t look my way. It widens the gap between us. And that makes me keep asking myself, “Is this how marriage is?” Is this exactly what other married couples are experiencing?

My dear husband, I love you and still love you. You abandoned me when I needed you the most. Even when you’re with me physically, I don’t feel your presence because we are minds apart. My dear husband, you don’t know how much I love and miss you. Please come back to me. You made a promise to me—to stand with me forever and to love me forever. Where’s that, love? If we continue like this, what will happen to us when our children are grown and leave the home for just us? I’m a human and tired of bearing this pain. I’m lonely and need you back as mine. You’re the love of my life and I’m in this union to spend the rest of my life with you.

It’s obvious that we both need to put in efforts to bridge this gap that has formed between us. I’m willing to make things work. I’m open to corrections. I also expect you to do the same. Let’s create our beautiful home again, bring back our sparks, and keep our fire burning.


In summary, all I need from you is commitment, quality time, sacrifice, compromise, physical touch and affection, open communication, forgiveness, transparency, intimacy, support, encouragement, appreciation, and gratitude. All these might not be easy, as they will require effort, compromise, and a willingness to be vulnerable, but I believe that together, in our love, and the strength of our bond, we will overcome this challenge.

Please, my love, let’s not allow loneliness and irrelevant issues tear us apart. Let’s choose each other again. Together, we can build our home again in peace, joy and love

I miss you my love

I miss you my honey.

With love and joy,

Sincerely from your lovely wife

Your lonely lovely wife

[Your Name]





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