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Love Letter To Husband On Anniversary

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Dear Husband,

Can you see how far we’ve come? It seems just like yesterday when we said ‘I do’ to each other. I know the journey hasn’t been so rosy despite the highs and lows; finding safety has never been an object of worry to me. With you, I feel safe. I’m grateful to God that I didn’t miss you in life. Three years down, and you’re still the man I’d want to keep loving. How you make me feel, I can’t explain. How you look at me makes me feel like a baby who’s assured of a father’s love. Your every touch makes me feel safe and welcome. Everything you do and how you do it makes me want to keep living because, with you, I find a genuine reason to live.

Honestly, I don’t know if any other man can tolerate my excesses like you do. The way you understand my silences, rantings,

Nagging and withdrawal periods just sometimes keep me in awe. I wonder how a man can be so accommodating to my unstable seasons. You make me feel comfortable, and I’m grateful. Babe, I don’t have the right words to say how grateful I am for all that you do for me. You’re a husband, friend, lover, teacher, and everything that qualifies a good man to me.

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I’m so sure that meeting you wasn’t a mere coincidence. I can boldly affirm that it was divinely orchestrated by God. Permit me to go down memory lane with you today.  I remember our first encounter being during an academy summit I had in school during my undergraduate studies. We’ve been informed that a past student who graduated with a perfect CGPA will be coming to talk to us. I knew I couldn’t miss such a program for anything. I wanted to meet such a high-flier and also tap into his academic excellence. As he was invited to the high table with a standing ovation from the audience, I saw him walk to the stage with poise and confidence. Everything about him exuded light, grace, life, and peace. Deep down, I wanted to be in space with this person. Something within me longed for more; I couldn’t place it. If it was the physical features that attracted me, I’d have spoken sternly to bring myself to order, but no, it was something beyond the normal. Before the program ended, his number was called out for those who might want to receive further counseling or mentoring for him. Sincerely, what I finally concluded was that perhaps he would have an important role to play in my academics, so I saved the number instantly as ‘My Mentor’, not knowing that ‘My Mentor’ would eventually become ‘My Lover’. That was the beginning of the beginning for us, even without my knowledge.

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When you later told me your intentions of marriage towards me, I was shocked and overwhelmed. I honestly have been trying not to cross the place of a mentee for you. I remember I cried profusely that night. I felt so undeserving of you because, ever since we started talking, you’ve consistently shown me genuine concern and love. I was simply overwhelmed by the fact that such love would also extend to a marital covenant. Boldly, I can say that saying ‘Yes’ to you remains one of my topmost achievements. I’ve never once regretted choosing you. You make it impossible to doubt your love. I don’t know how you do it. Sometimes, I’m forced to ask myself if you’re truly human because you’re indeed so special and uniquely different.

My sweet man, I love you so much. Thank you for being you. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for always believing in me. My number one cheerleader. You’re always rooting for me and assuring me that all my dreams are valid. Most of my achievements are simply because you were there for me. Your presence was and is still enough for me to achieve anything. In your presence, just knowing that I have you, I’m strengthened and assured that nothing can keep me down. Thank you, my love.

Love Letter To Husband On Anniversary

You know, sometimes mom just calls me to say ‘Thank you’. She’s always thankful that I married you because you make her a happier mother. Ever since I introduced you to her, she’s lived a happier life. I’m not surprised because that is who you are. You lighten your world. I feel lucky and privileged to be occupying one of the precious rooms in your world. My hero, I’m lost for words. None of these words can truly express my sincerest gratitude and love for you. It’s beyond what the ink can do to help me communicate. I hope you can listen to my heart because it has all the words my mouth or ink can’t express.

I see how you work hard to ensure that I live the best life you have always desired. You always sang it to my ears during our courtship period, and I’m not shocked because here I am living up to all the promises you told me. I’m not shocked because I knew you wouldn’t tell me a lie. I remember you promising to give me my dream car after my first baby. This is what you told me during our premarital stage. Sometimes it’s expected that sweet promises exude due to the ecstasy of such a period. But with you, every word you uttered wasn’t a cliche; you meant it, and I’ve seen you do it.

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Should I talk about your unflinching support during my first pregnancy? You were always there. Before then, I heard of stories where pregnant women were starved of support, care, and concern by their husbands. I’ve always prayed never to experience such things, and you made my desire possible. The way you cooked for me, washed my clothes, and massaged my body assured me that I wasn’t traveling alone. It spoke strongly to me that in my possession was everything I’d ever need. Is it the time when you’d deliberately leave the office on time so you could accompany me to the clinic for antenatal sessions? You were always there. You always made me feel loved. I’m becoming teary now. I’ve been trying to hold it since I started writing. I don’t know how I’d have coped if I hadn’t married you. You made everything easy, even down to the delivery. In the expected month of delivery, you took your annual leave from work so you could have enough time for me. When you came home and told me what you did—I don’t know if you can remember—I was moved to tears. I saw a man who would stop the whole world just for me. And on the day my water broke, you were there, and as I was ushered into the ward for the delivery session, you kept assuring me that I wasn’t alone. As I made every effort to push, I forgot the pain and thought of you all through. Your thoughts in my mind made the delivery an easy one for me. Babe, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve always brought me ease and joy.

When I look at our baby boy, I see a man who’d be exactly like his dad, and I’m content with that knowing. You make being a mother a beautiful one for me. And if I’m given the chance, I’d want to keep giving birth to your kind because I’m sure that with more of your kind on this earth, the world will be a better place. Is it the way you carry Joshua, bathe him, or sing him to sleep? You do it perfectly. Thank you so much, darling. I’m not worried about Joshua’s future a bit because, with you, I know he’ll be a responsible young man. Thank you for the privilege of being the mother of your kids. I count it a rare privilege. Thank you.

How you stand in the gap as our priest remains one thing that gives me safety. The way you place your hands on us and pray makes me fulfilled. Rest assured that I have a man who isn’t just traveling through life as a physical being but who has a spiritual root from the Almighty. I’m sure that with you, we’re safe. Thank you for being intentional about us.

Babe, if I’m given another chance to choose again, it’ll still be you. With you, I’m ‘optionless’. I’m so blessed to have a husband like you. Your love makes me a better wife. The love of my life, my crown, my number one, my hero, my lover, my teacher, my mentor, my priest, my brainy, my wise man, my comfort, my guardian angel, the father to my kids, the one who makes being a woman fulfilling, my everything. It has been an amazing journey of three years, and I can say that every second with you has been worth it. I wish us amazing years ahead. Let’s keep doing life together. Happy Anniversary, My darling husband.

Yours Forever,

Your Queen.

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