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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Hosting an Escape Room


Escape rooms require participants to solve puzzles, riddles, and clues in a limited time. The goal is to uncover the mystery and escape a locked chamber in one hour. Although each game is distinct, there are tips, methods, and strategies to beat the chamber. These tips can be used to solve virtual or party places near me. Below are some methods to win escape rooms in under an hour, from watching the clock to organizing clues.

Top 10 Tips, Tactics and Hints for Escape Rooms

1. Choose puzzles strategically

If you get to choose the problem, pick an escape room theme that most of your group will enjoy. Most escape room tasks can be solved without knowing much about them, but knowing more about them can boost your confidence and help you find clues faster. Also, think about how complicated the room is. Members of a team may have different puzzle skills. Pick a level that is about averagely hard to make the trip fun for everyone.

2. List strengths before the game

While people are yelling and rushing, it’s harder to give them work to do. Review each player’s skills and abilities in a pre-game meeting. Tell them about your skills, such as wordplay, foreign languages, mental math, or picking locks, before you go into the room or start the clock. This chat can help keep things calm by telling everyone on the team what they should do during the game.

3. Watch the facilitators

Escape Room

Professional escape room facilitators lead groups through games. Professional actors may be in the room during the game or provide rules and setup before it starts. The guide often provides the group with riddle-solving tips. Sometimes, team members must directly request hints. Listening is vital because game makers sometimes bury information in scripts. Players should also follow the rules. Guides tell players not to touch outlets, peek at the ceiling, or break furniture to safeguard the room and players.

4. Talk to and listen to teammates

Solving escape rooms involves collaboration and communication. Team communication is a top escape room strategy. Talking or listening to teammates might save minutes as players race to complete the task. Announce every divide-and-conquer activity to avoid team members duplicating the effort. Watch your teammates’ announcements. As tempting as it is to focus on the work, tuning out your teammates might cause you to overlook critical facts.

5. Check the clock

Time passes fast in escape rooms, especially when groups solve riddles. If you don’t monitor the time, a problem may take 20 minutes before the guide screams a five-minute warning. Escape rooms are timed, so watch the minutes. Assign a group member to maintain time or set frequent alerts.

6. Maintain composure

Escape Room

Keep cool under pressure—one of the most vital escape room tips. Most innovative and skilled experts sometimes panic under game pressure and time restrictions. People may stop, give up, or seem disorganised when compelled to make hasty judgments. Winning escape rooms requires staying calm. Time passes anyway, and not departing the room only damages dignity. Keeping a cool head and avoiding arguments can help you find solutions and make the game fun.

7. Avoid over-focusing on one method.

The proverb “If at first you do not succeed, then try, try again” does not apply to escape rooms. Although tenacity might help you solve a challenge, escape rooms have time limits. Gamemasters seldom create riddles that take an hour to solve. Inventing and testing the solution may take time, but completing the work should be swift. It’s uncommon that a lock unlocks after 10 minutes of picking. If the latch stays closed, try another key or combination. If the clues are not consecutive, you can bypass complex challenges and return to the riddle later. Sometimes, you may solve the puzzle without unlocking every secret message, and focusing on one piece can hinder you from uncovering other crucial clues.

8. Record numbers, letters and symbols

Note that escape room puzzles typically use numbers, letters, and symbols. These things often need to be put in the right place, but gamemasters may merge numbers and letters in trickier escape rooms to make the game harder. While the letters, numbers, and pictures may not solve the present clue, you may need them later in the game. Take a mental or physical note to remember to return to these things during the game. You can also try some Perth Activities in our escape rooms.

9. Gather keys

Locks and keys are typical escape room hints. The essential collection is a popular escape room suggestion. The game masters may hide or provide extra keys to confound the group. Every key found should be announced for optimal results. Gather many keys in one place. One key seldom unlocks many locks; retain it in the lock after freeing a latch to avoid confusion, losing it, or using the wrong key in subsequent locks.

10. Watch for strange items.

Gamemasters attempt to make hints difficult and possible. Many essentials stand out in a subtle but crucial way. Example: an unusual object, a distinctive paint color or something worn. Designers may add arrows, modify fonts, or adjust details in paintings or books. You can identify essential things and hints with great attention.


Entering the escape room with a plan and system might make it more fun and satisfying to win. Strategic escape room play teaches skills you may use in your personal and professional life, such as staying calm under pressure, solving difficulties, and working together.


Q1. What’s an escape game?

For an hour, you and your teammates must solve codes, riddles, puzzles, and clues to escape a room in escape games. The game is based on Toshimitsu Takagi’s 2005 Escape the Room games from Japan.

Q2. How challenging are escape rooms?

You decide and it depends on how good you are at these games. Escape rooms don’t limit the number of hints you can ask for. By using clues, you can make the game harder or easier.

Q3. Must I bring something to escape?

Only friends and a winning spirit! Only room hints will help you escape. Before your game, please sign a brief waiver.


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