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Tips and Tricks to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Escape Room


If you are fascinated by zombies, here is a little game for you. The zombie-apocalypse escape room game! For the thrill-seekers, the regular escape room players and the experts, have you tried out this game yet?

Zombie-apocalypse escape rooms are quickly becoming a popular game among escape room players. Like any other horror escape room, this theme also allows a mix of horror, strategy and teamwork.

Essential Tips and Tricks to Help you Survive a Zombie-Theme Escape Room

1. Observe the Scenario

There is unique storytelling in every escape room and based on it, there is a goal that you need to achieve within the timeframe. In the case of zombie escape rooms, you may need to find a cure or escape a zombie-infested building. Or you may have to rescue someone. However, the exact goal depends on the escape room.

Pay attention to the backstory and instructions given by the escape room host or gamemaster before you start the game. Knowing the story will help you search for clues and you will be able to better solve the room.

2. Work as a Team

When zombies are involved, teamwork is the way forward. Effectively communicate with your teammates by sharing ideas and actually listening to what others might have to say.

Escape rooms have never been about individual heroism but about working together to solve the puzzles and escape the room faster.

3. Keep Calm and Stay Focused

Zombie escape rooms are intense and scary. In the face of stress, stay calm. It is only a game and the elements are working together to delay your escape. Focus on the task at hand. Don’t panic. As it might lead to missed clues and hasty decisions.

However, if you cannot keep your calm, breathe deeply five times and get back to working again.

4. Manage Your Time Wisely

You always have a set time to escape an escape room. So every minute counts. Distribute your time wisely by asking teammates to look for clues throughout the room.

If you are stuck on a puzzle, move on and come back to it later. Work on the other puzzles left at hand.

5. Search Thoroughly

Clues are hidden anywhere inside an escape room. Inside books, pictures, photo frames, clothes—absolutely anywhere you can think of.

Be careful while you search the entire room. If a box is not moving, it is probably not going to move. Do not break things just because of your adrenaline rush.

6. Solve Puzzles Systematically

Keep track of all the puzzles you have found. Keep the solved ones separately. Solve the puzzles systematically. Look for patterns, locks or connections inside the escape room. Most of the time, escape rooms have clues that will be missed if you are not paying attention.

7. Embrace the Theme

Escape Room

Understand the zombie theme. Themes are there to make your life easier. The experience is heightened and you may as well find creative solutions to the puzzles.

8. Learn from Mistakes

Do not be disheartened if you fail to escape. Understand what went wrong and what you could have done differently. Every experience is a learning opportunity. You will only come back stronger!

9. Prioritize Objectives and Delegate Tasks

In any escape room experience, you have to find and solve multiple puzzles together. Hence, delegate roles to every team member. This will help you cover more ground effectively and efficiently.

Make sure you assign job roles according to their talents. If someone is good at solving locks, they can focus on solving locks.

10. Use All Senses of Escape Room

Engage all your senses. Do not just rely on your eyesight. Listen with your ears and smell with your nose. Everything adds up to the theme of the game and each thing is a potential clue to solve your escape room faster.

11. Don’t Ignore the Obvious

Most of the time, when we search for clues or puzzles, we try to go above and beyond to solve the rooms. Overthinking is not the key to solving escape rooms. Sometimes the simplest solution is the right one. It is right under your nose but you haven’t been able to spot it.

Test your wits, teamwork and nerves by solving an escape room game. Choose a zombie-themed room for extra effects and a better escape room experience.

But remember, this is just a game. Do not forget to enjoy. Enjoy your adrenaline rush with your team!

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Happy escaping!

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