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Top Study Destinations for Indian Students

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India has seen the highest number of students travel abroad for studies. In the past year, 7,50,000 Indian students travelled abroad. The various opportunities and a better future are two of the most important reasons they chose international education. 

If you look around, the websites offering IELTS coaching online are always busy catering to pupils preparing for international education. It is necessary to learn the correct ways to ace standardized tests and confirm a seat at one of the prestigious universities. 

Websites like can help you find the right study abroad consultant and plan things properly. As more and more students are looking for international opportunities, it is essential to know about the top countries and plan well. 

The following are some of the top countries for Indian students:

1. Australia

The Land Down Under has emerged as one of the best places to study. Students from India can choose from a number of courses and apply to some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The country is home to 7 of the top universities listed under the QS world ranking system. Cultural diversity, quality of education and job opportunities make the country popular in India. The country also allows students to work part-time for 20 hours a week to manage their expenses. 

2. Canada

Canada has proved to be a popular country for international education among Indian students. The country is home to thousands of Indian students, and they are enrolled in some of the best Canadian universities. Students can choose from various courses, but medicine, engineering, MBA, cyber security and data science happen to be the most popular ones.

The country offers some of the best opportunities for students coming to study. Students have chosen the country as it is also regarded as the safest among all countries in the world. You need to find the right university and apply for a course of your choice to grab the right opportunities. 

3. The United Kingdom

The UK is known for its prestigious universities and their excellence in education. Students can choose from a lot of educational courses and specializations in line with the present demands. The country has also introduced post-study work visas to international students that allow them to stay and work in the country for two years.

Students also have the option of working part-time for 20 hours every week when they are in the country. However, the cost of studying is a bit high in the country. Students have the option of applying for scholarships and using the same to study in the country. You can ask an international education consultant from websites like to prepare for scholarships and pave your way to a bright future. 

4. Spain

Spain has come up with a new education system and awards internationally recognized degrees to all students. Indian students have the chance to study in one of the best countries and also learn the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish.

Further, the tuition fees in the country are the lowest in Europe and can be the best option for Indian students. You can avail part-time work opportunities to keep up with the expenses and have a smooth run in the country. There are quite a few universities ranked well by the QS world ranking system in Spain. You need to choose the right university for your education and secure your future. 

5. The Netherlands

If you are looking for world-class universities, you cannot keep the Netherlands out of your list. The country is home to some of the best universities in the world and is favored by Indian students for international education. You are allowed to work for 10 hours every week while you study in the country.

Fresh graduates have the option of applying for an orientation year visa to extend their stay for another year in the country. The country also offers quite a few scholarships to students coming from abroad that cover maximum expenses. Indian students must keep the country on their list when they prepare for international education. 

5. Germany

Many Indian students have chosen Germany as their study-abroad destination. The country has come out as one of the most affordable and for offering the best career opportunities. Further, the country is home to students from various cultures and that adds up to the reasons for choosing the country for international education.

The public universities in the country do not charge anything from students willing to study in the country. Even if you choose to study in private universities, you can be assured of getting the best education at affordable prices when compared to the US and the UK. The country’s universities focus on research and practical learning. You can apply to any of the high-ranking universities in the country and have a bright future. 

6. USA

There’s no way to keep the US out of this list. The country has proved to be the best in all aspects. With a massive number of international students applying to various universities in the US, there’s no way to ignore the significance of education in the country. Quality education, amazing opportunities and culture make the country one of the most desirable among Indian students.

The country has proved to be better than many others when it comes to education and other opportunities. The cost of studying and living in the US is high, but if you can get a scholarship, you can ease through the problems and strengthen your future in the country. 


The number of Indian students willing to study abroad has increased with time. However, many struggle to achieve their dream and are not able to find the right place to pursue their education. The countries listed above will give you a clear idea about the ones that have garnered a lot of accolades from Indian students and can be the best for you as well. 

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