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20 Prestigious Boarding Schools with Equestrian programs


An equestrian program is a type of program that focuses on horseback riding and horsemanship. It can cover everything from the fundamentals of riding to dressage or competitive show jumping. Equestrian programs are a common teaching tool used by military schools to instill discipline, focus, and teamwork. Equestrian programs frequently incorporate stable management and horse care in addition to riding instruction.

Your degree of horseback riding experience is one factor to take into account. Seek a program that gives beginner-friendly tuition if you’re a novice rider. If you’re a skilled rider, you might want to seek a program that provides an opportunity for more advanced riding. Aside from your riding abilities, you should also think about the school’s amenities and horse population.

There are different boarding schools with equestrian programs. Let’s look at some.

Top Boarding Schools with Equestrian Programs

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1. Applewild School

In Applewild School, students participate in challenging courses in English, math, and social studies. They study science through experiential work and collaborative experiments.

2. Asheville School

This school has a great academic reputation and is superb. The Asheville School offers academic programs in addition to a competitive equestrian program that teaches dressage, hunt seats and Western riding. Students from beginner to advanced experience levels are welcome to enroll in the program. They also provide customized instruction and competitive team activities.

3. Asia Pacific International School, Hawaii

APIS is situated in Hawaii’s Kapolei. This is a top-notch residential school with a robust extracurricular calendar that includes an equestrian program in addition to its robust academic offerings. Students of all skill levels are welcome to enroll in APIS’s equestrian program, which offers both Western and English riding. Situated on the stunning island of Oahu, it offers students the chance to learn and compete in an amazing environment.

4. Bishop’s College School

In Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, there is a residential school called Bishop’s College School (BCS). It has a long history of academic success and is among the best boarding schools in Canada. BCS provides students of all skill levels with an equestrian program in addition to their demanding academic curriculum. The school owns its riding facilities, which include a cross-country track and indoor riding arena.

5. The Brook Hill School

Brook Hill School is situated in Bullard, Texas. It is a private Christian residential school. The school provides an English and Western riding program for horses in addition to its demanding academic program. Both competitive and recreational riders can take advantage of the program, which is offered to individuals with varying levels of experience. A stable, an indoor arena, and an outdoor arena are among the equestrian amenities that Brook Hill offers.

6. Canterbury School

Canterbury is a private coeducational boarding school with an extensive extracurricular program in addition to an outstanding academic program. The equestrian program at the school is housed on a stunning site with over 100 acres of trails, an indoor arena, and an outdoor arena. Students of all skill levels are welcome to participate in the program, which offers both recreational and competitive opportunities.

7. Chatham Hall

Situated in Chatham, Virginia, it’s a private boarding school exclusively for females. One of Chatham Hall’s most well-liked programs is the equestrian one, which is available to students of all skill levels. The program has its own facilities, which include more than 100 acres of fields and trails, as well as an indoor and outdoor arena.

8. Christchurch School

Christchurch, Virginia, is home to Christchurch School, an Episcopal residential school for girls and boys. Students of all skill levels are welcome to enroll in the school’s equestrian program, which offers instruction in both English and Western riding. A range of activities is also provided by the program, such as trail riding, fox hunting, and horse shows. Christchurch School has a cross-country track, an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, and a stable.

9. Collège du Léman Sàrl

This international boarding school with an equestrian program is private, coeducational, and situated in Versoix, Switzerland. Students of all skill levels are welcome to participate in the school’s equestrian program, which is one of the extracurricular offerings. Students can participate in dressage, jumping, and leisure riding at the program’s neighboring equestrian center.

10. Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Colorado Rocky Mountain School is located in Carbondale, Colorado. This is a small, coed boarding institution that accepts students. Students can engage in various activities, including horseback riding, on the school’s operational ranch and farm. At the school ranch, students can engage in various agricultural activities such as cattle labor, horsemanship clinics, and horseback riding, apart from horseback riding.

11. Culver Academies

Culver, Indiana, is home to Culver Academies! This prestigious coed boarding institution has a strong track record of academic achievement. Numerous extracurricular activities are available at the school, with an excellent equestrian program among them.

The school’s equestrian center features cross-country and hunt-seat courses in addition to indoor and outdoor riding arenas. They also have a sizable herd of horses, which includes both advanced-performance horses and ponies suitable for beginners.

12. Dana Hall School

Wellesley, Massachusetts, is home to Dana Hall School! An all-girls residential school called Dana Hall is a boarding school with an equestrian program that aims to empower young women via academics, the arts, and athletics. Students have the option to learn horseback riding and equine care through the school’s equestrian program. The program offers access to fields and trails, in addition to an indoor and outdoor riding arena.

13. The Ethel Walker School

The address of the Ethel Walker School is in Simsbury, Connecticut! This is a private boarding school for girls only, with an extremely competitive riding program. All students are welcome to participate in the program, which puts the school’s equestrian squad through competitions at interscholastic horse shows. The school offers access to trails, a lovely indoor riding ring and outdoor riding grounds.

14. Forman School

The address of Forman School is in Litchfield, Connecticut! Forman School is a coeducational boarding school that provides a range of activities, such as an equestrian program, for students with learning disabilities. The course is held at a local riding facility and is intended for students with varying levels of competence. The facility features a cross-country track in addition to indoor and outdoor riding arenas.

15. Fountain Valley School of Colorado

In Colorado Springs, this private coeducational boarding school has a strong equestrian curriculum. Taking place in the school’s cutting-edge equestrian facility, the program is accessible to students with varying levels of experience. Along with trails, a cross-country course, and a full-service barn, the property features indoor and outdoor riding facilities. The school also has a renowned Western riding program.

16. Foxcroft School

Located in Middleburg, Virginia, this all-girls residential school provides a variety of experiences, including a robust equestrian program. Students of all skill levels are welcome to enroll in the school’s equestrian program, which features both indoor and outdoor riding venues. The school also offers miles of trails and a cross-country circuit.

17. George School

Newtown, Pennsylvania, is where George Schoon is situated! A well-liked equestrian program is among the many offerings of the Quaker boarding school, George School. All skill levels are welcome to enroll in the program, which teaches horsemanship, responsibility, and collaboration. The school features a cross-country track in addition to indoor and outdoor riding arenas.

18. Grier School

A well-established equestrian program is among the many activities offered by this all-girls boarding school in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. Accepting students with varying levels of experience, the school offers one of the best equestrian programs in the area. The school offers access to a cross-country course spanning over 100 acres, in addition to both outdoor and indoor riding arenas.

19. Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy

Offering an extensive array of academic, athletic, and creative activities, this private coed boarding school is located in Kamuela, Hawaii. Students of all skill levels are welcome to enroll in the school’s equestrian program, which offers a range of activities like dressage, trail riding, and jumping.

20. Kent School

This is a coed, private residential school with an excellent riding program. The school features an indoor riding ring in addition to more than 100 acres of pasture and trail space. Students can engage in cross-country, dressage, and show jumping, among other riding sports.


One sport that has a very lengthy history and high status is horseback riding. Numerous boarding schools are available that include horseback riding in their extracurricular activities. However, not all of them provide the level that truly pushes and develops potential.

The boarding schools with equestrian programs on our list above are some of the best in their category. Many boarding school alums who went to boarding schools with equestrian programs went on to pursue careers in equestrian sports.

Students will undoubtedly see a significant increase in their riding abilities, even if they choose not to pursue careers in professional equestrian sports. Furthermore, attending one of these boarding schools with equestrian programs and earning a good degree offers opportunities at prestigious colleges and training facilities.

Not just seasoned riders would benefit from attending boarding schools with equestrian programs. Beginners can also receive thorough instruction in subjects other than show jumping and dressage riding.

All of these boarding schools provide calm off-road rides, comprehensive theory, hands-on education on the correct handling and care of horses, and local and national tournaments. Students’ personalities are developed via riding instruction, teamwork, and animal responsibility.




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