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6 Top Military Schools in Atlanta

military schools

To assist in educating and preparing students for college or a future in the military, military schools are located throughout the United States. There are a few options available in Georgia for middle and high school education, as well as college-level coursework, for parents and prospective students. Military schools in Atlanta, a vast metropolis, provide a wide range of extracurricular and academic opportunities.

If you are a parent, you are probably confused about the many stories you have heard about military schools in Atlanta. I’m sure you may have some questions, like, Do these military schools in Atlanta resemble boot camps? Are these schools for teenagers who cause trouble? Do they serve as a front for recruiting into the military? Well, let’s give you some answers to these questions.

Introduction to Military Schools in Atlanta

Military schools in  Atlanta are essentially boarding institutions with a military background. This implies that even though many of these institutions have no formal relationship with the US military, they nevertheless employ a military system in the manner in which they are set up and interact with students.

Most of these military academies have ranking structures derived from military structures. Students gain greater rights and obligations as they go through the program and gain a higher rank. Living on these campuses gives students the possibility to form close-knit relationships with their friends, something that is not possible in typical high schools.

These schools are quite regimented and focused on discipline, but they are typically not the greatest option for troublesome teenagers. High academic standards are expected of students and the ultimate goal is to get them ready for the demands of elite colleges. For the majority of academically brilliant students, military schools in Atlanta offer the ideal environment needed to set them apart from their peers.

Some Of the Best Military Schools in Atlanta

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1. Riverside Military Academy

2001 Riverside Drive

Gainesville, GA 30501

(800) 462-2338

Recognized as one of the top military college preparatory schools for boys in grades seven through twelve. It was founded in 1907 and is based in Gainesville. The institution is committed to offering a full, holistic experience, emphasizing character development, leadership training, extracurricular activities, athletic competition and more.  In addition to a top-notch academic program. Conveniently located near Lake Lanier in the foothills of North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, this lovely 206-acre property has everything needed.

There are about 540 cadets enrolled each academic year, and 96% of them make use of the on-campus boarding option. The cadets can engage with professors and other students in a friendly yet demanding environment because the classes are small and varied.

Consistency and organization have helped the students understand the virtues of honor, nationalism, and selflessness. In the classroom, when they are fully employed and in life as a whole, cadets learn how to succeed. Since the school’s foundation more than a century ago, RMA has provided countless young men with an all-encompassing and incredibly fulfilling experience that has transformed their lives.

2. Brandon Hall School

1701 Brandon Hall Drive

Atlanta, GA 30350

(770) 394-8177

Brandon Hall is the only international boarding and day school in Atlanta. It is situated on a stunning 24-acre campus in Sandy Springs with a view of the Chattahoochee River. When the school was first established in 1959, it was a boys’ institution. But Brandon Hall has changed a lot over the years, and it’s now a flourishing coeducational school committed to teaching students from many backgrounds how to live leadership, academic, and service-oriented lives.

Brandon Hall Schools is home to 140 international students in grades six through twelve who get a solid education leading up to college. The curriculum of the school covers all the fundamental subjects, including science, social studies, math and English. In addition to modern languages, the fine arts, and physical education.

In addition, Brandon Hall provides access to over 20 community service partnerships, a student-led Leadership and Diversity Council, a Model UN chapter, and immersive summer programs. Which are offered by the Center for Global Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurial Studies.

All of this is offered on a campus that offers something for every student, coupled with a strong residential life program. The boarding community at Brandon Hall is a place where all students are inspired and trained to become successful, civic-minded global citizens with the social skills necessary to thrive in the modern world.

3. Georgia Military College (Milledgeville)

For anyone looking to attend a military college close to Atlanta, Georgia Military College is an excellent choice. The college is the oldest military junior college in the nation, having been established in 1879.

Associate’s, bachelor’s, and postgraduate degrees are available at Georgia Military College. The college is well known for its ability to prepare students for military service.

4. Georgia Military Institute (Marietta)

Georgia Military Institute is a military institution that accepts both genders and is situated in Marietta, Georgia. The school is well-known for its excellent JROTC program and solid academics.

One of the best military boarding schools in the nation is GMI. Situated on 200 acres of picturesque grounds, the college is easily accessible from Atlanta with a short drive.

 5. The Lovett School (Atlanta)

For those in Atlanta seeking military schools in Atlanta, the Lovett School is a great choice. Though Lovett isn’t a military school per se, it does have a demanding academic program and a JROTC.

The school is among the best private schools in the Atlanta region and has a long history of excellence. The college is near several of Atlanta’s most popular attractions because it is situated in Buckhead.

6. Woodward Academy (College Park)

Situated near Atlanta in College Park, Georgia, Woodward Academy is a private coeducational school. With a strong emphasis on academics and character development, the school offers a Junior ROTC program.

Sports, music, and the arts are just a few of the amazing extracurricular activities that Woodward Academy offers in addition to its top-notch academic programs.

Other Military Schools in Atlanta include:

  • Darlington School (Rome, GA)
  • Georgia Military Academy (Atlanta)
  • Southern Preparatory Academy (Newnan, GA)
  • Stratford Academy (Macon, GA)

These are just a few of the many military schools in the Atlanta area.

Myths About Military Schools in Atlanta

A common misperception among parents is that military schools cater to teenagers who are having difficulties in either a private or traditional school setting. Perhaps they are getting out of control, behaving out at home, turning stubborn, abusing drugs, hanging out with bad friends, or becoming uncontrollably aggressive. Sadly, the idea that military schools are a good alternative for problematic teenagers is untrue.

Most military schools require special permission to enroll. There could be a few that will take your at-risk teen, but bear in mind that most of them have behavioral standards in place that are not all that different from the school you are leaving. One distinction is that you will very certainly lose your tuition if and when your child is asked to leave or is expelled.

A teen may have more going on with them emotionally (inside) than what Military School could handle if they are acting aggressively, stubborn, lacking motivation, losing interest in their favorite activities, switching friends, or withdrawing or becoming reticent.

Teens dealing with mental health concerns cannot receive clinical or emotional growth support at military schools.  They are unable to assist your child with the issues resulting in this dangerous or undesirable behavior.  Instead of pushing them to a military school, book a date with a counselor, teen coach, or therapist. They’ll know how best to help your teen.


In this article, we’ve talked about the different military schools in Atlanta. I know some parents may ask, Are military schools in Atlanta competitive?

Well, the majority of military schools in Atlanta are renowned for their demanding academic requirements. These aren’t programs for academic rehabilitation. Rather, the goal of these schools is to push your child and prepare them to fulfill the entrance standards of the nation’s best colleges.

In addition, the way that schoolwork is taught is military in nature, emphasizing organization and discipline above all else. This is essential since it lays the groundwork for study habits that will help your adolescent succeed in college as well as get them into a reputable university.

Though historically the majority of military schools have focused on recruitment into the military, this isn’t always the case nowadays. Your child is not required to enlist in the military, even though it is a frequent and occasionally encouraged choice after graduating from military school.

Finally, the discipline and training provided in a military environment may be quite beneficial in a variety of disciplines. Graduates from military schools generally have greater success than graduates from more conventional high schools in a variety of fields, including business, politics, and entrepreneurship. Discipline, honesty, communication, teamwork, and leadership are all stressed in military schools, and it turns out that they are highly desirable qualities in almost any field of study or career.




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