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Sup Meaning in Chats: Sup Definition and Meaning

Sup, Sup Meaning in Chats, What's up

Sup Meaning in Chats: Are you new to social media or the English language in general? Then you should understand that in every language, there are usually code words, translated as slang, that are common to its speakers. Others are formed, coined, or shortened for easier pronunciation.

When it comes to chatting in English, one of the most used words is sup. It is used almost all the time between people before starting a conversation.

A non-English speaker may not understand the sup meaning in chats, especially if they are not good at this language.

This article will be helpful if you want to know what sup means in chats and how to use it generally, especially if you are new to the chatting world or you are a non-English speaker and need to learn a lot about its slang in order to fit in at school and in your neighborhood.

Different Sup Meaning in Chats and conversations

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We all know that words have several meanings depending on their etymology and usage. Therefore, sup may be slang, a shortened form of a word or even a word on its own.

But in this case, we are talking about the meaning of sup in chats; therefore, it  should not be confused with other meanings of Sup, like to take a sip of liquid, or the short for words like superior, superintendent, etc.

Sup is a procopic form of what’s up or, simply put, an English slang meaning what’s up.

Sup, meaning what’s up, is a simple way of catching up with your friend or loved ones

It is usually one of the first things one says when you see your friend first thing in the day. It can even substitute for good morning or asking about one’s health because sup is just like an umbrella term in which all greetings and questions fall under.

  • It is also the first word used in chats for instance


I’m good and you

I’m about to head out; are you coming?


  • It can be used to ask what one has been up to

Sup the stuff I told you about yesterday

I’m bringing it around now

I’m waiting

  • It can be used to ask what’s new

Hey, sup around town?

Nothing much

  • Greetings or asking questions

Sup is used either in greeting or asking a question. It is a pretty common expression used by native speakers to chat with or ask about each other.

It’s common translations, depending on context, are: What are you doing? How are you? How are you doing? What’s happening? What are you up to?

We can also use other shortened forms of what’s up, like wassup or whaddup, instead of saying sup.

One can give the following replies when asked sup:?

Good and you? Just hanging around? I’m chilling, you? Good. K (short for okay). Nuh’n (short for nothing)

  • Apart from being used in greetings

It can also be used in a threatening way, depending on the situation or the time and context in which it is used.

If sup is written or said in a certain tone, which obviously does not sound friendly, it can mean many things, like, Who are you? What are you doing? What’s your problem? Why are you in my space? Do you have an issue with me?

Let’s paint a picture here.

Someone was caught snooping around another person’s bag and the owner came around and said sup in an angry way. In this case, it is obviously not a greeting; the person means, What do you think you are doing?

Here’s another instance.

You saw someone’s wallet fall and you tapped the person to report the incident. The person turning to you asks, Sup.

In that context, it means, What’s the problem?


These are the few meanings of sup in chats and conversations, so feel free to use it and also pay attention to the tone and context in which it is used and you are good to go.

Here is a fun fact. Did you know that the popular social media platform WhatsApp was coined from what’s up? I bet you didn’t. Now you do.

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